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Convergence: RAISE: Linking the adaptive dynamics of plankton with emergent global ocean biogeochemistry

Adam Martiny
Due to their sheer abundance and high activity, microorganisms have the potential to greatly influence how ecosystems are affected by changes in their environment. However, descriptions of microbial physiology and diversity are local and highly complex and thus rarely considered in Earth System Models. Thus, the researchers focus on a convergence research framework that can qualitatively and quantitatively integrate eco-evolutionary changes in microorganisms with global biogeochemistry. Here, the investigators will develop an approach that integrates...

Changes in Avian Populations from 1991-2021 at the Burns Piñon Ridge Reserve in the Mojave Desert, California

Vanessa Montellano
Climate change is a severe threat exacerbating the global biodiversity emergency. Of the many taxa threatened by climate change, birds are an excellent study subject as they are both sensitive to climate change and are effective markers of ecological change because they are highly migrant, responsive, and often noticeable. The goal of our project is to examine changes in avian populations through time using 30 years of bird banding collected at the Burns Piñon Ridge...

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  • 2021
  • 2020

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  • University of California, Irvine