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Development of SVA and FMD mRNA vaccines and expression of FMD structural proteins in an SVA infectious clone

Pablo Pineyro
The introduction of FMDV to the United States poses the single largest risk to the United States agricultural sector. The estimated 10-year impact on the United States economy following FMDV introduction is over $128 billion for the beef and pork sectors, $44 billion for the corn sector, $25 billion for the soybean sector, and a loss of approximately 1.5 million jobs40. Due to the high-risk wild-type, FMDV poses to the United States, wild-type FMDV work...

Balancing crop and ecosystem service production in the U.S. Corn Belt through spatially targeted conservation

Ellen Audia
This master's thesis tests and provides data and methodologies for spatially targeting conservation in the Corn Belt region of the U.S.

Establishing the role of light intensity as a factor for disease forecasting systems

Suzanne Slack
This is an ARDP applied research (single-function) project with a request of $301,732 funds. The use of antibiotics and biologically derived pesticides (biopesticides) are essential to producing high quality specialty crops. With biopesticides are becoming more widely adapted, best application timings for integrative disease forecasting systems need updated. For fire blight, the disease models only use streptomycin data, which outperforms other registered antibiotics and biopesticides. A study by the grant submitters found that the major...

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