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UAM:Ento:142986 - Caurinus tlagu

Sea-Bird SBE 52MP

The SBE 52-MP is a Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (pressure) sensor, designed for moored profiling applications in which measurements are made from from a device that travels vertically beneath a buoy, or from a buoyant package that is winched up and down from a bottom-mounted platform.

HIAPER Cloud Radar (HCR)

The HIAPER cloud radar (HCR) is an airborne, polarimetric, millimeter-wavelength radar that will serve the atmospheric science community by providing cloud remote sensing capabilities to the NSF/NCAR G-V (HIAPER) aircraft.

MVZ:Mamm:190382 - Oligoryzomys microtis

James L. Patton

NCAR GPS Advanced Upper-Air Sounding System (GAUS)

GAUS is a balloon-borne rawinsonde sounding system. Through GPS technology, the GAUS measures high vertical resolution of temperature, humidity and winds at locations around the world. Each system includes a meteorological observing station to record thermodynamic data at the surface and the infrastructure to provide local data processing, display and communications. Data from GAUS can be transferred by phone, Internet or the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) to scientists at universities, other research institutions and operational...

Three-View Cloud Particle Imager (3V-CPI) for HIAPER

Paul Lawson &
The Three-View Cloud Particle Imager (3V-CPI) is a combination of three imaging instruments. Two of them comprise a 2D-S instrument, in which two 2D probes image particles as they pass through beams that are oriented orthogonally to each other and the airflow. If particles also lie in the intersection of the sensitive areas of the two beams, they are seen by both 2D probes. In that case, the CPI is triggered to take a high-resolution...

GNSS Instrument System for Multi-static and Occultation Sensing (GISMOS) for HIAPER

James Garrison, Jennifer Haase &
The Purdue GPS multistatic and occultation instrument for atmospheric, land, and ocean remote sensing (GISMOS) is an instrument to measure the water vapor distribution in the troposphere by inversion of the bending angle profile produced during occultation of a GPS satellite by the limb of the Earth. The instrument also uses GPS signals reflected from land or ocean to determine properties of those surfaces (soil moisture and surface roughness, respectively). Occultation samples represent distances of...

Time-of-Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (ToF-AMS) for HIAPER

Jose Jimenez &
This is a version of the Aerodyname Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS), with time-of-flight (TOF) capability, built and certified for operation on the NSF/NCAR GV (HIAPER). It is based on the original quadrupole design, but the addition of TOF capability increases the sensitivity and time (hence spatial) resolution and enables characterization of single particles. The basic measurement is size-resolved determination of the chemical composition of sub-micrometer non-refractory particles with spatial resolution typically less than 1 km.

Autonomous Airborne Ozone Photometer for HIAPER

W. Terry Rawlins, Michael Proffitt &
The HIAPER GV dual-beam, ultraviolet absorption ozone photometer is designed to measure atmospheric ozone mixing ratios in flight by ultraviolet absorption of a flowing air sample in a dual-beam, temperature-controlled sample cell. It is configured for either autonomous or interactive operation within the cabin of the HIAPER GV aircraft. Graphical user interface software provides real-time and post-flight data processing and analysis capabilities for rapid data evaluation and archival. The instrument has been fully inte grated...

KNWR:Herb:10340 - Leucopaxillus gentianeus

Matt Bowser

KNWR:Ento:10283 - Ligyrocoris sylvestris

Matt Bowser

UAM:Ento:123920 - Eriocampa ovata

Dominique M. Collet

UAM:Ento:123918 - Eriocampa ovata

Dominique M. Collet

KNWR:Ento:6674 - Phalangium opilio

Matt Bowser

KNWR:Ento:7035 - Dendrobaena octaedra

Matt Bowser

KNWR:Ento:10288 - Dendrobaena octaedra

Matt Bowser

KNWR:Ento:7193 - Pheosia rimosa

Matt Bowser

KNWR:Ento:8612 - Lumbricus terrestris

Todd Eskelin

KNWR:Ento:10494 - Furcula

Matt Bowser

KNWR:Ento:7470 - Hydrellia sp. IV

Matt Bowser

KNWR:Ento:8923 - Cixius meridionalis

Matt Bowser

KNWR:Ento:8963 - Cixius meridionalis

Matt Bowser

KNWR:Ento:8913 - Cixius meridionalis

Matt Bowser

KNWR:Ento:8940 - Cixius meridionalis

Matt Bowser

KNWR:Ento:8989 - Cixius meridionalis

Matt Bowser

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