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Sea-Bird SBE 52MP

The SBE 52-MP is a Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (pressure) sensor, designed for moored profiling applications in which measurements are made from from a device that travels vertically beneath a buoy, or from a buoyant package that is winched up and down from a bottom-mounted platform.

Cadherin-linked molecular mechanisms governing the terminal differentiation of human trophoblastic cells in vitro

York Hunt Ng
Background: The formation of the multinucleated syncytial trophoblast of the human placenta is a critical step in pregnancy, which is prone to failure. In these studies, I have examined the role of TWIST, a transcription factor identified as a key repressor of E-cad expression in normal and cancer cells of diverse origins, in the differentiation of human trophoblastic cells in vitro. The invasion of extravillous cytotrophoblasts (EVTs) into the underlying maternal tissues and vasculature is...

How concerns of death affect scientific views : the existential underpinnings of support for intelligent design and discomfort with evolution

Jason Peter Martens
Intelligent design theory (IDT) has received support from the general public, educators, elected officials, and a minority of scientists, who advocate that it be taught alongside evolutionary theory (ET) in high school science classes. Correspondingly, ET has faced considerable opposition from these groups. Given the tremendous amount of scientific evidence supporting ET and the fact that IDT is inherently unscientific (AAAS, 2006) and lacks any empirical support, it is important to understand the underlying psychological...

Collapsing fibres under Kähler Ricci flow on Hirzebruch manifolds

Kael Dixon
In this article we study the Kähler Ricci flow on a class of ℂℙ¹ bundles over ℂℙⁿ⁻¹ known as Hirzebruch manifolds. These are defined by ℙ(Hⁱ⊕ℂ-1), where H is the canonical line bundle, ℂ is the trivial line bundle, and n,i∈ℕ. We follow the work by Song and Weinkove, who study solutions to the Kähler Ricci flow for a Calabi symmetric Kähler metrics on Hirzebruch manifolds. They were able to show that, depending on the...

The politics of protection : conceptualizing climatic displacement and a global protection regime

Megan Aageson-Morlock
Climate change is anticipated to drive millions of people from their homes this century. Estimates indicate that between 200 and 250 million people may be displaced because of rising sea levels, desertification, and increased storm surges working in concert. At present, however, there is no protection regime, institutional mandate, or legal architecture capable of responding to the plight of climatically displaced persons (CDPs). Since 2007, a number of legal regimes have been proposed to provide...

Cardiovascular capacity in individuals with cervical spinal cord injury

Amira Tawashy
Background: The prevalence of cardiovascular disease in individuals with cervical spinal cord injury (SCI) is high, yet research surrounding the improvement of cardiovascular fitness in this population is lacking. Purpose: 1) To systematically review the published literature to assess the effects of exercise modality, time since injury, injury severity, and training on VO₂peak values in individuals with cervical SCI; 2) to develop an aerobic exercise program to enhance aerobic capacity in a patient undergoing primary...

Forecasts of tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures by neural networks and support vector regression

Silvestre Aguilar-Martinez
Nonlinear and linear regression models were developed to forecast the sea surface temperature anomalies (SSTA) across the tropical Pacific ocean. The methods used were, Bayesian neural networks (BNN), support vector machines for regression (SVR) and linear regression (LR). The predictors of the models were a particular combination of the principal components of sea level pressure (SLP) and sea surface temperature (SST) data at lead times ranging from 3 to 15 months. Two data sets corresponding...

Identification of a novel candidate receptor for human respiratory syncytial virus subgroup A

Farnoosh Tayyari
Introduction: Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is an important pathogen, especially in children, the elderly, and immunocompromised individuals. Despite RSV being discovered decades ago, there is still no good treatment or prevention for RSV disease. The cell surface receptor for RSV is not known and identification of RSV receptor(s) will provide improved opportunities for understanding the pathogenesis of the viral disease and potential for discovering novel antiviral agents. Hypothesis: RSV infects cells via attachment to cell...

Involvement of mitogen-activated protein kinase signalling in plant microtubule function

Ankit Walia
Plants have developed sophisticated signalling networks that are involved in mediating developmental transitions and environmental signals. Mitogen-activated protein kinases (MPKs) are a class of signalling proteins that are involved in cellular processes that help plants to detect and initiate appropriate responses to numerous development and environmental inputs. The microtubule cytoskeleton plays a pivotal role in plant development and morphogenesis, although the mechanisms that regulate the microtubule-associated proteins and microtubule functions in plant cells are not...

Construction of template-assembled pyrimidine-based quartets and quadruplexes

Benjamin Wei Qiang Hui
Pyrimidine-based quartets and quadruplexes are unstable and thus are rarely encountered in nature. Uracil (U) and thymine (T) quartets in the solution state have only been found as part of pre-existing G-quadruplex scaffolds and the corresponding quadruplexes have not been reported. Studies on such systems might shed light on their role in nucleic acid topology and stability. This thesis describes the assembly and structural characterization of these motifs in vitro as a result of grafting...

An examination of nurses’ practical judgments about the cognitive function of hospitalized older people

Elaine Marie Moody
Nurses’ understandings of older patients’ cognitive function are central to how they determine and enact nursing care of older people in hospital, however, it remains unclear how nurses develop these understandings. The nursing literature concerned with how nurses determine actions in practice has begun to shift from instrumental views of reasoning to recognition that judgments are based on complex knowledge and are embedded in the particular context of nurses’ work. This study aimed to make...

Listening with the heart : learner and facilitator perspectives on intercultural training

Rhonda L. Margolis
This study explores the effects of intercultural training from the perspectives of learners and facilitators. Three central questions are addressed: How does participation in an intercultural studies program affect the way learners approach intercultural interactions? How do learners engage learning between the educational and practice contexts? What are the implications for program planning? In-depth interviews were conducted with eleven learners and eight facilitators from a certificate program in intercultural studies at a Canadian university. The...

Learning to leave : the irony of schooling in a coastal community

Michael John Corbett
The connection between education and migration from rural areas is one that has been made since Western democracies began keeping statistics. While there has been considerable work done on the migration experiences of rural Canadians, there has been little research done on how the educational experience of rural people actually figures in migration decisions and experience. Education is typically understood as a modernising and a disembedding force facilitating the transition of societies and individuals from...

Effects of headings on the written recall and organization of expository text in grades 5 through 10 with emphasis on grades 7 and 8

Cynthia Marilyn King
This study investigated the effects of headings and text organization on grade 5 through 10 students' written recall of expository prose passages written in a classification/description mode. Emphasis was placed on the results from students in grades 7 and 8. This study was a component of a three part study. The other two parallel studies emphasized grades 5 and 6 (Stables, 1985) and 9 and 10 (Gibbs, 1985). Each subject read and recalled two passages:...

Breakfast habits of adolescents : towards meaningful lessons

Lynn Engelsjord
Purpose: This study examines the influences and reasons that contribute to the breakfast habits of adolescents, aged 13-14 years. Methodology: Eighty-two boys and seventy-one girls completed a questionnaire that inquired about their breakfast eating habits. Statistical analysis was conducted to find frequency counts and cross tabulations between factors that influence eating habits. From this group of 153 students, seventeen students participated in individual taperecorded interviews that discussed their typical breakfast habits. Influences and reasons for...

Supporting teachers in their implementation of mathematics instruction for understanding : the intermediate mathematics teachers’ inquiry group

Janet Martin
Current reform ideas in mathematics education recommend that instruction focus on teaching all students to learn and understand mathematics, and make connections within mathematics and applications of mathematics. Implementation of these ideas requires teachers to make use of teaching practice that, for most of them, is different from their previous experience in teaching mathematics. Past attempts to implement lasting change in education through the legislation of new curriculum have not proven successful. In addition, professional...

Urban development of central Vancouver Island

Elizabeth Anne Marshall Forrester
The thesis is a study of the urban development of Central Vancouver Island, an area which lacks economic homogeneity. Throughout the period of settlement, agriculture has been second in importance to coal mining and later to the forest industry. Much of the settlement in the region has been as a result of the utilization of three natural resources - coal, forest and land suitable for cultivation. Access to a means of transport was the early...

A versatile digital-to-analog function generator and multiplier.

Laszlo Tamas Lovas
This work describes the design, construction, and testing of a digital-to-analog function generator and multiplier for analog computation and non-linear system simulation. The unit consists of two separate channels each of which is fed by a punched paper tape. Functions (of time) are represented on the tapes in binary code and are read into the machine photoelectrically. In one channel, voltage sources of constant value but of either polarity are switched into the parallel branches...

La poesia de Carlos Bousono

Maria Giovanna Tomsich
Este trabajo se abre con un breve cap ítulo en que perfilamos las características de la generación a que pertenece Bousoño. Para este encuadre generacional partimos de la teoría de Ortega y Gasset y nos apoyamos en las afirmaciones hechas por V. Aleixandre, Torrente Ballester y Bousoño. Empezamos el análisis de su poesia con el estudio temático. El tenia fundamental es un complejo de elemento de luz con valor simbólico, cuya trayectoria va de la...

Block cave mine infrastructure reliability applied to production planning

Enrique Rubio
The production promise of a mine should reflect the fundamental models that sustain the mining system. Commonly this promise is formalized by the production schedule of a mine which is a bankable document that supports the decision of whether or not to pursue (or continue to pursue) the mining venture. Currently there are several computer based applications that enable mining engineers to compute a production schedule for a block cave operation. However, several operational upsets...

The Detection of alpha particles with superconducting tunnel junctions

Gordon Harvey Wood
A superconducting thin film tunnel junction (Sn-Sn0₂ -Sn) of total thickness 4000 Å, area 7 x 10ˉ⁴ cm² and normal (4.2 K) resistance 77 mΩ was prepared on a glass substrate. When cooled to 1.2 K the junction was biased at 0.3 mV where, the Josephson supercurrent having been suppressed with a magnetic field, the junction dynamic resistance had its maximum value of 9.3Ω . The junction was then bombarded with 5.1 MeV alpha particles...

Isotope effect on the Neel temperature of hydrated manganese chloride crystals

Chung Leung Yue
The Néel temperatures of both the hydrated and 96% deuterated single crystal specimen of antiferromagnetic manganese chloride, have been compared. The sample was placed in the tank circuit of a radio-frequency oscillator; the inductance of the coil and hence the frequency of oscillation thus depended on the susceptibility of the specimen. As the crystal in the liquid helium bath was warmed through the Neel temperature, the oscillation frequency was monitored by a frequency counter. By...

An EPR study of order and molecular orientation in liquid crystals

Alexander Lloyd MacKay
Using EPR, the temperature dependence of the effective order parameter of the molecule vanadyl acetylacetonate in the nematic liquid crystal 4-methoxy benzylidene-n-butyl aniline was studied. In the resulting data, a discontinuity in slope of the curve of effective order parameter versus temperature was found, indicating a change to a more restricted type of motion at lower temperatures. Similar results were obtained from NMR T₁ measurements on the pure liquid crystal. The discontinuity cannot be interpreted...

Spin-transfer measurement for the [pi] d --> pp reaction at energies spanning [delta] resonance

Andrew G. Feltham
We describe the first spin-transfer experiment performed for the π to pp reaction. Three spin-transfer parameters were measured: K’LS'; K'ss'; and K'NN each, at a single angle for a number of energies spanning the Δ resonance of this system. The apparatus employed in this experiment consisted of established systems, including a dynamically polarized deuteron target and a proton polarimeter which utilized the well known proton-carbon analyzing powers. Two arms of detectors were used to minimize...

The politics of state formation in India : the case of Uttarakhand

Sangeeta Mishra
The recently ratified new states in India have profound implications for understanding the capability of federations globally to accommodate the increasing number of autonomy demands. Granting state status to regions seeking autonomy seems to be one solution to achieving greater stability and unity in a state. However, before fully embracing this as a solution to possible fragmenting tendencies and ultimate cases of dis-unification, it becomes necessary to examine in what context regions are given state...

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