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BOVM-1: Bovine Muscle Certified Reference Material for Trace Metals and other Constituents

Scott Willie, Patricia Grinberg, Juris Meija, Christine Scriver & Zoltan Mester
BOVM-1 is a Certified Reference Material prepared from Canada Grade A beef. Certified, reference and information quantity values are provided for trace metals and other constituents.

ANGII-1: Certified reference material of angiotensin II

Jeremy Melanson, Marie-Pier Thibeault, Bradley Stocks, Donald Leek, Garnet McRae, Patricia Grinberg, Zoltan Mester & Juris Meija
Certified, reference, and information values for mass fraction of the synthetic peptide angiotensin II (DRVYIHPF), trifluoroacetic acid (TFA), water, and related peptide impurities have been established for this certified reference material (CRM). These values are listed in the tables below.

SWCNT-1: Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Certified Reference Material

Patricia Grinberg, Ralph Sturgeon, Indu Pihillagawa Gedara, Juris Meija & Scott Willie
This Certified Reference Material is primarily intended for use in the validation of procedures and development of methods for the determination of trace metals in carbon nanotubes or those of a similar matrix.

OSIS-1: Isotopic Certified Reference Material of natural osmium

Lu Yang, Zuhao Zhu, Tong Shuoyun, Patricia Grinberg, Zoltan Mester & Juris Meija
Certified values for isotope amount ratios, isotope abundances and atomic weight of osmium have been established for this isotopic reference material (OSIS-1).

VITA-1: Low-level Multivitamin Certified Reference Material for Minerals and Vitamins

Patricia Grinberg, Lucia D'ulivo, Kenny Nadeau, Indu Pihillagawa, Lu Yang, Kelly LeBlanc, Ovi Mihai, Mayumi Kawamoto, Rodrigo M. Pereira, Marcia F. Mesko, Donald M. Leek, Marie-Pier Thibeault, Juris Meija & Zoltan Mester
VITA-1 is part of a suite of multivitamin Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). VITA-1 is a low-level multivitamin CRM that is certified for minerals and vitamins. Each unit of VITA-1 consists of 20 individually packed tablets. In conjunction with VITB-1, this CRM is intended for the calibration of procedures and the development of methods for the determination of minerals and vitamins in multivitamin materials or similar matrices.

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  • 2018
  • 2019

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