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Chld’s play : a children’s theatre at Vanier Park

Brian Laing Billingsley
The design of a children's theatre at Vanier Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, is loosely based upon the model and philosophical underpinnings of the Vancouver Children's Festival. The theatre is situated in the present site of the Children's Festival, designed to provide children with year round access to the arts. A liaison between school children or a venue for professional travelling troupes, the theatre is designed to accommodate any size of performance. The integration of...

Foam separation of kraft mill effluents.

Donald Wayne Herchmiller
A laboratory investigation into foam separation processes, as applied to kraft pulping and bleaching effluents is described. Two methods, foam fractionation and ion flotation were tested in the laboratory. The procedures developed concentrated primarily on the removal of effluent colour because this property lent itself most readily to the available analytical methods, and because effluent colour removal presents one of the greatest waste water treatment problems facing the industry today. The foam fractionation technique was...

The development and evaluation of a nutrition education program for the third and fourth grades

Joyce Elizabeth MacKay
A nutrition education program for the third and fourth grade levels was developed within a sound educational structure, namely a systematic approach involving the five dimensions of motivation, concepts and generalizations, behavioral objectives, learning experiences and evaluation. To test the effectiveness of the nutrition education program, 117 children in two Vancouver schools participated in an experimental program. Fifty eight of these children were treated as two control groups, one group from each school. The other...

Gene expression in and development of trisomies of Drosophila melanogaster

Robert Harry Devlin
Drosophila melanoqaster individuals trisomic for an entire chromosome arm can survive to late stages of pupal development. To examine gene expression in these hyperploids, the levels of five enzymes whose structural genes are located on the left arm of chromosome two have been examined both in aneuploid and in diploid strains. Elevated levels of enzyme activity were observed in larvae possessing small segmental duplications for these genes. However, in 2L trisomies, the three distally mapping...

Investigating reduced rate of nitrogen application and delayed harvest of orchardgrass as a means of reducing the amount and altering the form of nitrogen ingested by lactating dairy cattle

Pierre Sebastiaan Groenenboom
Rations for lactating dairy cattle should supply adequate amounts of rumen undegradable protein without oversupplying rumen degradable protein. As forage grasses can supply too much rumen degradable protein to the ration, it is beneficial to produce forage grasses with higher proportions of rumen undegradable protein while maintaining acceptable yields and fibre levels. Forage grasses have many different types of protein with differing ability to withstand ruminal degradation. Non-protein nitrogen is very rapidly degraded in the...

Social interactions, wellbeing and health in the oldest old: what can we learn from daily life approaches?

Laura Marie Booi
Canada, like many Western societies, has an aging population. Past research indicates that social interactions are meaningfully associated with physical and mental health. Unfortunately, very few studies have included individuals older than 85 years. This is important because the Oldest Old are the fastest growing segment of the Canadian population. This study is based on a subsample of the Berlin Aging Study (N = 83; Mean age = 81.1 years) who participated in an intensive,...

Characterization of the MOS4-associated complex in plant defense signaling

Jacqueline Monaghan
The plant immune system is governed in part by Resistance (R) proteins that recognize pathogenic microorganisms and initiate enduring defense responses. While the terminal outputs of R protein activation are fairly well understood, information about signaling components involved in plant immunity is scarce. We previously showed that MODIFIER OF SNC1, 4 (MOS4) associates with the transcription factor AtCDC5 and the WD-40 protein PRL1 in vivo, forming the MOS4-Associated Complex (MAC). The MAC is required for...

Synthesis and properties of gold(I) and Ruthenium(II) complexes of beta-substituted oligothiophenes

Angela Maria Kuchison
Oligothiophenes functionalized in the beta-position with ethynyl and aryl phosphine groups (57 – 59) are reported. Compounds 57 and 59 are used as bridging ligands with Au(I) (80 – 82, 93 – 95), while compounds 57 and 58 are used as tridentate ligands with Ru(II) (104 – 112). The optical and electronic properties of these compounds were studied with absorption and emission spectroscopy, transient absorption spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, and electrochemistry. The lowest energy absorption bands...

The politics of protection : conceptualizing climatic displacement and a global protection regime

Megan Aageson-Morlock
Climate change is anticipated to drive millions of people from their homes this century. Estimates indicate that between 200 and 250 million people may be displaced because of rising sea levels, desertification, and increased storm surges working in concert. At present, however, there is no protection regime, institutional mandate, or legal architecture capable of responding to the plight of climatically displaced persons (CDPs). Since 2007, a number of legal regimes have been proposed to provide...

Control of the function of the heart in teleost fish

Glenda Ruth Bennion
The purpose of this study was to elucidate some of the mechanisms involved in the control of the function of the fish heart. In vitro experiments were conducted to determine the effect of varying input pressure, temperature, and epinephrine concentration on the isolated, perfused, trout heart. In vivo experiments were conducted with chronically implanted flow probes to determine the effect of increased blood epinephrine levels on the activity of the heart of the lingcod. Five...

Initial characterization of a new histone and role of methionine in protamine biosynthesis in trout testis

Donald Theodore Wigle
Histones are the basic proteins complexed with DNA in the chromosomes of eukaryotic organisms. A previously undescribed histone (histone T.) was discovered in chromatin prepared from rainbow trout (Salmo gairdnerii) testes. Histone T was purified by selective extraction and ion-exchange chromatography on CM-cellulose. The homogeneity of this protein was examined by polyacrylamide disc gel electrophoresis, SDS disc gel electrophoresis, urea starch gel electrophoresis and gel filtration chromatography. Histone T was homogeneous as judged by the...

Influences of weather and temperature on disease : implications for the population dynamics of western tent caterpillars

Leonardo Frid
Studies on insect population outbreaks have failed to identify a single, general cause for population cycles. However, few studies have considered how various factors may together cause periodic outbreaks. Here I consider how disease and weather might interact to cause population cycles of western tent caterpillars, Malacosoma californicum pluviale (Dyar). A multiple regression analysis indicates that nuclearpolyhedrovirus (NPV) prevalence in western tent caterpillar populations increases with both host density and hours of sunshine during the...

New methods for rapid radiohalogen labelling of organic molecules

Julius Alexander Balatoni
The aim of this study was to develop new and rapid procedures for the incorporation of short-lived radiobromine and radioiodine isotopes into organic compounds. This was accomplished by the electrophilic cleavage of tin-carbon bonds with BrCl and ICl generated in-situ from bromide and iodide, respectively, in the presence of an oxidizing agent. The vinyl-tin derivatives, [4], [8], [12], [17], [18] and [19], were prepared by treatment of the corresponding acetylenic compounds with tri-n-butyltin hydride, in...

Real time coding of hand drawn curves

Richard Stephen Szeliski
This thesis examines some techniques for the real-time coding of hand drawn curves. These curves are drawn on a data tablet or other graphical input device. As they are drawn, they are coded for transmission over a digital link and reconstructed at a receiving terminal. The real time requirement allows this system to be used for instant graphical communications. One possible application is as a sketchpad facility to aid telephone conferencing. The techniques examined involve...

Social values and educational change : a study of those values said to be ’traditional’ in Chilean society, their change in historical time and the reflection of change in Chilean education

David De Vescovi
The present study deals with Social Values and educational change in Chile. An investigation of those values said to be "traditional" in Chilean society, their change in historical time and the reflection of change in Chilean education. The comparative method was explored and found to be an advanced procedure of investigation that requires careful planning together with a substantial amount of relevant description. The descriptive approach was found to be a relatively simple method that...

Electron spin resonance studies of small free radicals trapped in inert matrices at 4.2 degrees K

Michael Charles Lewis Gerry
Small free radicals trapped in solid argon, krypton and carbon tetrachloride at 4.2°K have been studied using electron spin resonance (ESR). An attempt was made to determine whether the methylene radical, produced by the photolysis of diazomethane and ketene trapped in the solid matrix, has a triplet ground state. No signal definitely attributable to the methylene radical was observed. It is postulated that the zero field splitting due to the spin-spin coupling of the unpaired...

Government bureaucracy in action : a history of cinema in Canada 1896-1941

Juliet Thelma Pollard
If film is seen as a powerful cultural agent which has transformed society from the outside, it would be a mistake to underplay the counter-valent influences in which social, political, and cultural concerns, the very fabric of human reality, have shaped the history of film. "Government Bureaucracy in Action: A History of Cinema in Canada," examines those forces, especially that of government, which shaped the film industry from its initiation in Canada to the creation...

Analysis of KCS2 : a gene encoding a new condensing enzyme for the elongation of very long chain fatty acids in Arabidopsis thaliana

Rosa Amelia Scherson
Condensing enzymes for very long chain fatty acid (VLCFA) synthesis catalyze the first of a series of four reactions that elongate the growing acyl chain by two carbons at a time. It has been shown that the activity of the condensing enzyme determines the amount and acyl chain length of the VLCFAs produced by a fatty acid elongation system. My research project focused on the characterization of KCS2, a new putative condensing enzyme of Arabidopsis...

Molecular modulation of the lymphohaemopoietic system

Amanda Tomlinson Jones
The immune system has evolved to enable recognition of a huge variety of antigens with high specificity via the production of large quantities of reactive antibody. The ability to direct both the specifities and the quantity of antibody production to derive antibodies with high affinities and pre-determined specificities has been an important advance in our exploration of the functions of the lymphohaemopoietic system. This thesis details two separate projects which have as their common theme...

Receipt from Black Jack Quartz Mining Co., Barkerville

John S. Keenlyside
Receipt issued to Indian Charley for his labour in the amount of $1.50.

Young children’s historical understanding

Stella Rose Weinert
This study investigated young children's historical understanding, as little research has been done in this area. It described and analyzed first and second grade children's historical understanding before and after they were involved in a local history project. Specifically, it looked at how primary children understand history and what historians do; their understanding of the historical elements of evidence, interpretation and empathy and how the teaching of these concepts can develop their thinking. This information...

Breakfast habits of adolescents : towards meaningful lessons

Lynn Engelsjord
Purpose: This study examines the influences and reasons that contribute to the breakfast habits of adolescents, aged 13-14 years. Methodology: Eighty-two boys and seventy-one girls completed a questionnaire that inquired about their breakfast eating habits. Statistical analysis was conducted to find frequency counts and cross tabulations between factors that influence eating habits. From this group of 153 students, seventeen students participated in individual taperecorded interviews that discussed their typical breakfast habits. Influences and reasons for...

Social justice pedagogy and teacher-student activism : a collaborative study of school-based projects

Darren E. Lund
This research seeks a clearer understanding of the field of social justice education in Canada. Informed by multicultural and antiracist pedagogy, I explore the theoretical underpinnings and practical realities of this work among 11 activist Alberta teachers and students. Collaborative interviews with these participants reveal portraits of current activism in voluntary coalitions in secondary schools. Through guided critical self-reflection, fellow activists and I examine forming and sustaining ongoing projects. I present guiding hypotheses and assumptions...

Tapestry of resilient lives : socio-cultural explorations of ten Vietnamese inner-city youths

Tan Thi Phan
Traditional psychological research on resilience has focused on individual traits and abilities and minimized the role of cultural and socio-political contexts in its analyses. In this tapestry, I use a narrative framework to learn about ten Vietnamese refugee youths, who have received university scholarships to attend university, but whose life chances would otherwise be considered, at high risk of failure because of their race, ethnic, and income status. I also interviewed their parents. Their narratives...

Hands across the divide : finding spaces for student-centered pedagogy in the undergraduate science classroom

Lesley Spier-Dance
This study explored college science students’ and instructors’ experiences with student-generated and performed analogies. The objectives of the study were to determine whether the use of student-generated analogies could provide students with opportunities to develop robust understanding of difficult science concepts, and to examine students’ and instructors’ perspectives on the utilization of these analogies. To address my objectives, I carried out a case study at a university-college in British Columbia. I examined the use of...

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