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Integrating goods delivery with electrical surface transit networks : the Trum strategy for urban freight transport in Vancouver and elsewhere

Simon L'Allier
This thesis examines a way to integrate goods movement with Light Rail Transit (LRT) and trolleybus networks used for public transit. In essence, this implies the use of a new concept vehicle to deliver goods within urban areas, named the Trum, for its hybrid nature between a truck and a tramway, that connects with electrical infrastructure also used to power surface transit vehicles. The approach taken in this research is exploratory as its main objectives...

Studies related to: bark extractives of western white pine; and synthesis of indole alkaloids

Günter Klaus Eigendorf
Part I of this thesis describes the structural elucidation of eleven triterpenes isolated from the benzene extract of Western white pine (Pinus monticbla Dougl.) bark. Chemical and detailed spectroscopic investigations revealed the presence of a common tetracyclic A9(ll)-lanostene skeleton in all of the investigated materials. Structural variations were found at the C3 position and in the side chain at C17. The following assignments have been made: compound I, 33~methoxy-5a-lanost-9(ll)-en-24S,25-diol (43); compound II, the corresponding 33-hydroxy...

Numerical model of wave effects on permeable vertical barriers above the seabed

Gang Yang
This thesis describes a numerical model used to predict the interaction of a regular small amplitude wave train with a thin permeable vertical barrier extending from the water surface to some distance above the seabed. The case of wave interactions with a pair of such barriers is also treated. The approach used is based on an eigenfunction expansion method and utilizes a boundary condition at the barrier surface which accounts for energy dissipation within the...

The integration of housing and economic activites: a case study of low-income settlements in Kumasi, Ghana

Samuel K. Afrane
This dissertation is concerned with the appropriateness of the conventional urban land use segregation concept which separates people's residence from their place of work. The empirical research is focused on the creative processes by which households in four low income settlements in Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana, integrate their economic survival strategies into the design and use of their housing. The study analyses the extent to which income, settlement type (i.e., informal or...

Enforcing justice : the influence of norms on the efficacy of international criminal tribunals

Azurondel Stankovic
The increase in the creation of International Criminal Tribunals (ICTs) in recent years has spawned a growing literature regarding the use of such tribunals in situations of violent conflict. This literature is divided between proponents of the use of ICTs as a means to secure the resolution of conflict through the upholding norms of justice and holding the actors in a conflict accused of committing war crimes accountable for these actions, and sceptics who question...

Mature white spruce stands in the Mid-Boreal Upland Ecoregion of Saskatchewan

Sharon Margaret Hope
A three-stage approach was used to investigate mature white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss) stand types in Saskatchewan. The approach involved: 1) identification of potential stand types in a conceptual model, 2) description and quantification of stand structure and forest floor processes in selected representative stand types and 3) simulation of two stand types using the ecosystem management model, FORECAST. The computer model explored the role of nitrogen fixation in succession patterns under different disturbance...

Winston Churchill’s The Second World War : metanarrative, markets, and the politics of memory

David J. Gossen
The potency of memoirs to shape collective memory makes it important to seek a critical understanding of their political and historical functions. Memoirs offer insights into the character, motives, and influence of political leaders, yet many scholars question this genre's ability to produce accurate history, insightful political analysis, or literature of merit. However, to the extent that memoirs contribute to our knowledge and understanding of the past they deserve closer study. Memoirs mediate remembrance of...

"Now look, the picture shows" : the visualization of disordered eating in Victorian children’s literature

Lisa Brocklebank
This thesis explores the myriad ways in which the apparently unrelated discourses of medicine, fiction and photography intertwine in the depiction of disordered eating. It examines the medical literature of the physician William Withey Gull, who first diagnosed anorexia nervosa as a discrete disease in 1874, alongside select works of Victorian children's fiction. In analysing Gull's "Anorexia Nervosa (Apepsia Hysterica, Anorexia Hysterica)" (1874) and "Anorexia Nervosa" (1888), Mary De Morgan's "A Toy Princess" (1877), Dr....

The Caenorhabditis elegans homologue of huntingtin interacting protein 1 has multiple roles in development

Jodey Alexander Parker
Endocytosis is an essential process in all eukaryotes and is involved in biological processes such as nutrient uptake and neurotransmitter recycling. Mammalian cell culture and yeast genetic studies have implicated the HIP1/SLA2 family of genes in linking the actin cytoskeleton to endocytosis. The contribution of the cytoskeleton to endocytic events is not well understood. Human HIP1 is of medical importance as it has been shown to interact with huntingtin, and may be important to the...

Effects of forest loss and fragmentation with urbanization on bird communities in Vancouver

Kenneth Boon Hwee Er
Habitat modification with urbanization encompasses the processes of habitat loss and fragmentation. In line with the urban wildlife management goal of maximizing species diversity at the landscape and within-patch scales, it is important to understand the effects of these two processes on wildlife communities. Using Vancouver in British Columbia as the study area, I tested the hypotheses that (1) loss in forest area in the landscape with urbanization results in bird extirpations as expressed by...


Siaw Kin Lee
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Graduate recitals

Janice Mae Jensen
Vier ernste Gesange, Op. 121 (Four Serious Songs) by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) displays a breathtaking motivic concentration and subtlety. To take just one example, the desolate falling thirds that open the third song are transformed by inversion into assuaging rising sixths at death's final welcoming 'O Tod, wie wohl tust du:' one fundamental idea contemplated from two diametrically opposed standpoints. Concerto written in 1961 by Robert A. Spillman (1948-) was composed while on faculty at...

The new writers in occupied Shanghai, 1941-1945

Yi-Chen Chen
This thesis is focused on the new writers who appeared in Shanghai during the Japanese Occupation between December 1941 and August 1945. The rise of these new writers to fame and their subsequent disappearance from the literary scene were consistent with the fall and liberation o f Shanghai. In the meantime, their appearance and disappearance were parallel with the success and decline of magazines published in Shanghai during that period as well. Both the magazines...

Liposome encapsulation enhances the anti-inflammatory activity of an ICAM-1 antisense oligonucleotide

Sandra K. Klimuk
Antisense oligonucleotides are designed to specifically bind to a variety of DNA and RNA targets to inhibit the translation of the genetic code into protein. By targeting disease-associated proteins this technology offers the potential for rapid design of highly specific drugs. However, the development of antisense molecules as a novel class of therapeutics has been slowed because of the undesirable pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characteristics of these molecules. For example, antisense oligonucleotides cannot readily penetrate cells,...

Literary modernity : Studies in Lu Xun and Shen Congwen

Maorong Cheng
Being an integral part of cultural modernity, literary modernity is an on-going, self-negating, and self-rejuvenating process. It has always been engaged in a dialectical relationship with tradition and is inseparable from the quest for reality based on artistic autonomy and communicative intersubjectivity. In the first half of my thesis, I attempt to show how and why literary tradition has played a decisive role in the process of literary modernity, how and why the Chinese literary...

Maya seats and Maya seats-of-authority

Sandra Eleanor Noble
Interpretation of Maya social organization through material remains has long been a subject of speculation. The gap between data and interpretation inevitably involves the concerns and conditions of the society producing such interpretive discourse, and diverging interests and modes of analysis continue to result in alternative and often conflicting interpretations of ancient Maya society, often involving suppositions of systemic weakness that led to the collapse of its centralized or dynastic authorities in the ninth century....

The hormonal regulation of cadherin-11 expression in the human endometrium

George Tzer-Chou Chen
The human endometrium undergoes cyclic proliferation, differentiation, and shedding in response to 17R-estradiol and progesterone. To date, the cellular mechanisms by which these gonadal steroids regulate the formation and organisation of this dynamic tissue remain poorly understood. We have recently determined that cadherin-11, a type 2 classical cadherin, is spatiotemporally expressed in the human endometrium during the menstrual cycle. In particular, cadherin-11 is first detected in the endometrial stroma during the secretory phase of the...

Sectioning the tower: a mixed-use building exploration in downtown Vancouver

Andrew Derrick Furman
The contemporary city is driven by private interests, leaving the public spaces as a weakly woven system. In such a system public space making is usually the left-over in the composition. By shaping the publicly accessible spaces through the section of the tower, a series of relationships of public/ private occur. Elevating the public ground throughout the city through remedial and new developments brings the public space to a more direct confrontation with the typology...

I remind until I fall: an examination of space, memory and experience at the Coqualeetza Residential School and Indian hospital

Jody Woods
Through a theoretical and practical examination of how space is socially constructed and perceived, this study hypothesizes that the monolithically negative portrayal in the media and academic literature of the Indian residential school experience does not adequately reflect the full range of the experiences of all children at such institutions. A typology of spaces is constructed which establishes that concepts of gender, race and age impact the ways that institutions and institutional spaces are organized...

An infill housing project in an existing Vancouver neighborhood

David Nathaniel Kay
My graduation project is intended to investigate an alternative to the high density and medium density dwelling projects, as discussed in the Directed Study, which demonstrate little or no connection to the city, the ground plane or amenity space. I have elected to consider the problem of urban medium density dwelling and will focus on fostering a superior relationship between the medium density dwelling and the city. This exercise will be directed towards understanding the...

Molecular studies of the LysR-type regulator, mexT and its regulation of the outer membrane porin protein OprD

Matthew Patrick McCusker
Pseudomonas aeruginosa OprD is a specific porin which facilitates the uptake of basic amino acids and imipenem, a carbepenem antibiotic with high potency against P.aeruginosa. Resistance to imipenem occurs frequently during antibiotic therapy of patients with P.aeruginosa infections. This study was initiated to investigate the regulatory mechanisms in P.aeruginosa for the regulation of oprD. A putative LysR-type regulator, designated mexT, was cloned on a 1.2 kb PCR fragment. DNA sequencing predicted a 304 amino acid...

The role of OprH in the uptake of antibiotics across the outer membrane of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Michele Louise Young
The oprH gene of Pseudomonas aeruginosa was mutated by inserting a 1.4 kilobase pair fragment, encoding tetracycline resistance, into the cloned gene followed by homologous recombination into the P. aeruginosa chromosome. Growth of the resultant oprH

A history of the West Kootenay district in British Columbia

Mollie Esther Cottingham
Throughout this intensive examination of development in the West Kootenay area the writer has done her best to give a true historical picture of these mountain valleys, rich in their rugged beauty. As far as modern research permits, the story and the customs of the aboriginal Indians have been described. For a century and a half, we have accompanied fur-traders, and surveyors, priests and prospectors, engineers and industrialists, tradesmen and fruit farmers in all their...

Neuronal NADPH-diaphorase is a nitric oxide synthase

Bruce Thomas Hope
The enzyme responsible for the neuronal NADPH-diaphorase histochemical reaction was identified in rat brain by employing a variety of histochemical and biochemical techniques. The histochemical reaction catalyzes the NADPH-dependent reduction of tetrazolium dyes to colored insoluble formazans. Although the histochemical reaction has been widely employed in neuroanatomical and neuropathological studies, the identity of the enzyme responsible for the reaction has been unknown. Previous attempts to determine the identity of the enzyme have failed due to...

HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and indoor commercial sex workers : application of social network analysis to assess the potential for diasese propagation

Valencia Paulette Remple
Keywords: Social network analysis, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, commercial sex workers Objectives: The study objectives were: (a) to determine the structure and characteristics of the sexual networks of the indoor commercial sex industry and (b) to determine the potential for sexually transmitted infection (STI) transmission to the general population. Methods: In-person, structured interviews were conducted with 49 indoor female sex workers (FSW) from seven indoor sex establishments in the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Interviews elicited...

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