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Sea-Bird SBE 52MP

The SBE 52-MP is a Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (pressure) sensor, designed for moored profiling applications in which measurements are made from from a device that travels vertically beneath a buoy, or from a buoyant package that is winched up and down from a bottom-mounted platform.

Pioneer (Central Inshore). CP02PMCI, Coastal Profiler Mooring

Platform assembly containing data collection instruments/sensors on the Pioneer Array, a network of platforms and sensors operating on the continental shelf and slope south of New England in the Atlantic Ocean.The Pioneer Central Inshore Profiler Mooring is located at the Continental Shelf-Slope Break approximately 130 meters deep. The Continental Shelf-Slope area off the New England coast is a highly productive area and one that is located at a dynamic intersection where ocean currents meet in...

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  • 2015

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