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Promises and challenges of internal dispute resolution in the corporate workplace

Lori Charvat
This thesis examines the promises and challenges of internal dispute resolution (IDR) in the corporate workplace of Canada and the United States. The focus of inquiry is twofold: a theoretical and socio-historical study of the corporation followed by a practical analysis of dispute resolution of human or civil rights. The examination of the role of the corporation begins with a review of the statutory and jurisprudential underpinnings of the "corporate person," which have legitimized the...

Gnomes of the Oresteia : lyrical reflection and its dramatic relevance

Craig Richard Cooper
One of the most distinctive features of Aeschylus' poetic style is the choral odes. The odes can generally be divided into two parts: lyrical narrative and lyrical reflection. The narrative sections motivate the main action of the drama, often relating past events and causes. The lyrical reflection is distinguished from the narrative parts by its overt moralizing that lift the dramatic action from the particular to the universal. Within these sections of the ode, are...

In the presence of each other : a pedagogy of storytelling

Johanna Claudia Kuyvenhoven
During a day in school, many stories are shared orally between children and their teacher. In order to learn about what happens during storytelling and better understand its role in classroom learning life, I took a seat in a grade 4/5 classroom from September 2002 until February 2003. In my ethnographic study, I learned about one teacher, Linda Stender's intentional use of storytelling to teach. It included times during which children told and heard stories...

Las novelas cortas de Emilia Pardo Bazán

Felisa Rosso Kimball
Toward the end of her career as a novelist, Emilia Pardo Bazán showed a preference for the short story and the short novel. The latter have been rather neglected by the critics whose attention has been drawn mainly by her novels of the so-called naturalistic period. The present thesis deals with Pardo Bazán's short novels written between 188^ and 1921, the majority of which appear in the first two decades of our century, coinciding with...

Nuclear magnetic resonance in single crystals of tin and cadmium.

Surendra Nath Sharma
A systematic study of the Knight shift parameters has been carried out on single crystal specimens of tin and cadmium over a range from 1⁰ K to just below the melting points. The line widths observed in cadmium are approximately half the widths quoted by other workers, enabling more precise measurements to be made. These measurements show that the anisotropy of the Knight shift in cadmium changes sign between 4⁰ K and 77⁰ K. Pronounced...

Cardiovascular capacity in individuals with cervical spinal cord injury

Amira Tawashy
Background: The prevalence of cardiovascular disease in individuals with cervical spinal cord injury (SCI) is high, yet research surrounding the improvement of cardiovascular fitness in this population is lacking. Purpose: 1) To systematically review the published literature to assess the effects of exercise modality, time since injury, injury severity, and training on VO₂peak values in individuals with cervical SCI; 2) to develop an aerobic exercise program to enhance aerobic capacity in a patient undergoing primary...

Flocculation, hydrophobic agglomeration and filtration of ultrafine coal

Zhimin Yu
In coal preparation plant circuits, fine coal particles are aggregated either by oil agglomeration or by flocculation. In a new hydrophobic agglomeration process, recently developed hydrophobic latices are utilized. While the selectivity of such aggregation processes determines the beneficiation results, the degree of aggregation has a strong effect on fine coal filtration. The aim of this research was to study the fundamentals and analyze the common grounds for these processes, including the potential effect of...

Spin-transfer measurement for the [pi] d --> pp reaction at energies spanning [delta] resonance

Andrew G. Feltham
We describe the first spin-transfer experiment performed for the π to pp reaction. Three spin-transfer parameters were measured: K’LS'; K'ss'; and K'NN each, at a single angle for a number of energies spanning the Δ resonance of this system. The apparatus employed in this experiment consisted of established systems, including a dynamically polarized deuteron target and a proton polarimeter which utilized the well known proton-carbon analyzing powers. Two arms of detectors were used to minimize...

Optimum turnout spacing on forest haul roads

Dennis Ivar Anderson
Mathematical models are developed to determine the optimum spacing of turnouts and to predict the time lost due to the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle and the time the vehicle spends in the. turnout. Previous articles have not completely defined a method of deriving or measuring the delay in the turnout attributable to turnout spacing. The concept of the expected F-factor, a measurement of the expected delay in the turnout, is introduced. The expected...

Criteria-based content analysis : an experimental investigation with children

Risha D. Joffe
The aim of the present study was to experimentally test the Undeutsch Hypothesis, which holds that children's statements based on self-experienced events are qualitatively and quantitatively different from statements based on coaching. Specifically, this study tested the validity of Criteria-Based Content Analysis (CBCA, a system for assessing the credibility of eyewitness reports) for discriminating between credible and non credible eyewitness reports by children. As well, two other tests of the quantitative and qualitative differences between...

Passing the buck: federalism and Canadian environmental policy

Kathryn J. Harrison
This thesis examines how the current division of federal and provincial responsibilities for environmental policy in Canada evolved, and the implications of that arrangement for protection of the environment. At a theoretical level, the example of environmental protection is used to explore the relationship between federalism and public policy more generally. It is accepted wisdom that governments seek both to claim credit and avoid blame. However, to date, students of Canadian federalism have been much...

The technology and economics of water-borne transportation systems in Roman Britain

Roderick J. O. Millar
The thesis examines a number of questions concerning the design, construction, costs and use of Romano-British seagoing and inland waters shipping. In the first part the reasons for the methods of construction for seagoing and coastal vessels, such as the Blackfriars Ship 1, the St. Peter Port Ship and the Barland's Farm Boat, have been investigated. The constructional characteristics of the two ships are massive floors and frames, with the planking fastened only to the...

An examination of nurses’ practical judgments about the cognitive function of hospitalized older people

Elaine Marie Moody
Nurses’ understandings of older patients’ cognitive function are central to how they determine and enact nursing care of older people in hospital, however, it remains unclear how nurses develop these understandings. The nursing literature concerned with how nurses determine actions in practice has begun to shift from instrumental views of reasoning to recognition that judgments are based on complex knowledge and are embedded in the particular context of nurses’ work. This study aimed to make...

L’archetype du voyage dans l’oeuvre de Georges Bugnet

Claire Annette Vallée
A study of Georges Bugnet's work reveals that in each of his novels there is an example of at least one voyage. Leading critics suggest that the voyage must not be read solely as a physical journey, but rather, they maintain that the horizontal journey is symbolic of a vertical journey towards the "centre" of our being. The introduction outlines the possibility of using this type of interpretation in the study of Georges Bugnet's novels....

Consuming visions : pop art, mass culture, and the American dream, 1962-65

Sandra Elizabeth Gillespie
Between 1962 and 1965 pop art received a phenomenal amount of exposure in mass-market magazines such as Time, Life, Esquire, Ladies Home Journal, Business Week, House and Garden and Reader's Digest. While coverage of art in non-art publications was in itself not unusual, the rapidity, prevalence, extensiveness, and ambiguity of pop coverage were unique. In the writings of most pop art historians this phenomenon is either overlooked or explained away as yet another instance of...

The dynamics of iceberg drift

Jean-Gerard Pascal Napoleoni
This thesis presents numerical models constructed for the prediction of iceberg drift,. The need for such models arises primarily from the need to protect drilling vessels offshore Labrador from the risk of collision with drifting icebergs. A discussion of the different possible drift models is presented. After commenting on the numerical results obtained with these models, a method is proposed for analyzing the past trajectory of an iceberg in order to determine coefficients necessary for...

How Christian religious/spiritual faith helps and hinders counsellors’ empathy towards clients

Marie Morrison
The relationship between Christian religion and spirituality and the empathy of counsellors was investigated. The study examined this relationship by using the Critical Incident Technique (CIT) to investigate how religion and spirituality helps and hinders empathy towards clients. Twelve counsellors identified 241 helping and 25 hindering incidents that formed 14. helping and 3 hindering categories. The following helping categories had the highest participation: relationship to faith leading directly/naturally to an empathic relationship with the client,...

Characteristics of tidally-forced pollutant transport in narrow channels

Michael J. B. Cole
Physical and numerical model studies have been conducted to lend insight to the subject of transport and dispersion of a neutrally buoyant effluent released instantaneously from a point source into a one-dimensional tidal body. Closedform expressions are obtained for the fluid velocity and free surface elevation due to tidal forcing in a one-dimensional channel. Physical experiments were conducted in the Hydraulics Laboratory of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of British Columbia, and...

Retrofitting beam-to-column joints for improved seismic performance microform

Thomas E. Hoffschild
Before the 1970's, most codes for the design of reinforced concrete structures did not include provisions for ductility during seismic events was not prevalent in most codes. The guidelines that did exist were minimal, and often left a fair amount of room for interpretation by the design engineer. Hence, many of the reinforced concrete structures designed during that time are suspect under today's more stringent design guidelines. Moreover, even the present designs are often deficient...

The hormonal regulation of cadherin-11 expression in the human endometrium

George Tzer-Chou Chen
The human endometrium undergoes cyclic proliferation, differentiation, and shedding in response to 17R-estradiol and progesterone. To date, the cellular mechanisms by which these gonadal steroids regulate the formation and organisation of this dynamic tissue remain poorly understood. We have recently determined that cadherin-11, a type 2 classical cadherin, is spatiotemporally expressed in the human endometrium during the menstrual cycle. In particular, cadherin-11 is first detected in the endometrial stroma during the secretory phase of the...

Optimization of pipe sizes in open-ended sprinkler irrigation systems

David R. Burkholder
A sprinkler irrigation system is typically designed by first choosing the set of operating conditions and the location for the pipe network, and then selecting the optimal pipe sizes for the network so that the system cost is minimized. An efficient optimizing technique would greatly improve this design process. This thesis examines a number of procedures for optimizing pipe sizes in open-ended (tree-like) sprinkler irrigation systems. The Linear Programming Technique was found to be by...

A neurobehavioral investigation of orienting behavior

Glenda C. Midgley
Models of the neural basis of visually guided behavior suggest that the mammalian brain has two independent visual systems: one involved in pattern vision, and the other involved in orienting to visual stimuli. Orienting was measured in this series of studies by examining both the thirsty rat's ability to disrupt licking in response to the presentation of visual and auditory displays and the animal's head and postural responses to the displays. Habituation of orienting behavior...

A comparison of the carbohydrates of the coffee bean Coffea arabica L. and those of suspension-cultured coffee cells

James Thomas Kocal
Suspension cultures of coffee cells derived from the coffee plant Coffea arabica L. were grown in three media to determine the effect of hormones on extracellular polysaccharide production and composition and on the constituent sugars of the cells. Fxtracellular polysaccharide was produced in both the logarithmic and stationary phases of cell growth. Polysaccharide production paralleled cell growth in all three media. The rate of polysaccharide production decreased at the beginning of the stationary phase, so...

Investigation of a direct methanol redox fuel cell with design simplification

Alan Bartol Ilicic
A key objective of this work is to address a number of the central issues associated with the direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) through the investigation of a redox flow battery (RFB) / DMFC hybrid fuel cell. The air cathode (Pt/carbon) of the DMFC is substituted by a Fe²⁺/Fe³⁺ redox couple cathode (carbon) with no platinum-group metal (PGM) catalyst. In this configuration, referred to as the direct liquid redox fuel cell (DLRFC), the Fe²⁺/Fe³⁺ redox...

Metabolic adaptation of the beaver (Castor canadensis Kuhl) to the Arctic energy regime

Michael Aleksiuk
The beaver (Castor canadensis Kuhl) is subjected to a widely fluctuating energy regime in the northern portion of its distribution. During the summer the animal has free access to an abundant food supply in the form of growing plant material, while during the winter the food supply is limited to a store of cached saplings. The working hypothesis of this study was that seasonal shifts occur in energy expenditure such that it is highest during...

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