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Sea-Bird SBE 52MP

The SBE 52-MP is a Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (pressure) sensor, designed for moored profiling applications in which measurements are made from from a device that travels vertically beneath a buoy, or from a buoyant package that is winched up and down from a bottom-mounted platform.

Three-View Cloud Particle Imager (3V-CPI) for HIAPER

Paul Lawson &
The Three-View Cloud Particle Imager (3V-CPI) is a combination of three imaging instruments. Two of them comprise a 2D-S instrument, in which two 2D probes image particles as they pass through beams that are oriented orthogonally to each other and the airflow. If particles also lie in the intersection of the sensitive areas of the two beams, they are seen by both 2D probes. In that case, the CPI is triggered to take a high-resolution...

GNSS Instrument System for Multi-static and Occultation Sensing (GISMOS) for HIAPER

James Garrison, Jennifer Haase &
The Purdue GPS multistatic and occultation instrument for atmospheric, land, and ocean remote sensing (GISMOS) is an instrument to measure the water vapor distribution in the troposphere by inversion of the bending angle profile produced during occultation of a GPS satellite by the limb of the Earth. The instrument also uses GPS signals reflected from land or ocean to determine properties of those surfaces (soil moisture and surface roughness, respectively). Occultation samples represent distances of...

NCAR GPS Advanced Upper-Air Sounding System (GAUS)

GAUS is a balloon-borne rawinsonde sounding system. Through GPS technology, the GAUS measures high vertical resolution of temperature, humidity and winds at locations around the world. Each system includes a meteorological observing station to record thermodynamic data at the surface and the infrastructure to provide local data processing, display and communications. Data from GAUS can be transferred by phone, Internet or the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) to scientists at universities, other research institutions and operational...

Time-of-Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (ToF-AMS) for HIAPER

Jose Jimenez &
This is a version of the Aerodyname Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS), with time-of-flight (TOF) capability, built and certified for operation on the NSF/NCAR GV (HIAPER). It is based on the original quadrupole design, but the addition of TOF capability increases the sensitivity and time (hence spatial) resolution and enables characterization of single particles. The basic measurement is size-resolved determination of the chemical composition of sub-micrometer non-refractory particles with spatial resolution typically less than 1 km.

Autonomous Airborne Ozone Photometer for HIAPER

W. Terry Rawlins, Michael Proffitt &
The HIAPER GV dual-beam, ultraviolet absorption ozone photometer is designed to measure atmospheric ozone mixing ratios in flight by ultraviolet absorption of a flowing air sample in a dual-beam, temperature-controlled sample cell. It is configured for either autonomous or interactive operation within the cabin of the HIAPER GV aircraft. Graphical user interface software provides real-time and post-flight data processing and analysis capabilities for rapid data evaluation and archival. The instrument has been fully inte grated...

MVZ:Mamm:190382 - Oligoryzomys microtis

James L. Patton

Listening with the heart : learner and facilitator perspectives on intercultural training

Rhonda L. Margolis
This study explores the effects of intercultural training from the perspectives of learners and facilitators. Three central questions are addressed: How does participation in an intercultural studies program affect the way learners approach intercultural interactions? How do learners engage learning between the educational and practice contexts? What are the implications for program planning? In-depth interviews were conducted with eleven learners and eight facilitators from a certificate program in intercultural studies at a Canadian university. The...

Learning to leave : the irony of schooling in a coastal community

Michael John Corbett
The connection between education and migration from rural areas is one that has been made since Western democracies began keeping statistics. While there has been considerable work done on the migration experiences of rural Canadians, there has been little research done on how the educational experience of rural people actually figures in migration decisions and experience. Education is typically understood as a modernising and a disembedding force facilitating the transition of societies and individuals from...

The black/white wealth gap : the transgenerational effects of post-reconstruction sharecropping and racial systems on African Americans today

Michelle Veena Chandra
The purpose of this study was to investigate how sharecropping systems, a form of racialized agriculture, instituted in the Post-Reconstruction era has had a profound impact on the inability of many African Americans to generate and pass down wealth to successive generations lending to the sizable gap in wealth between whites and blacks (as well as between blacks) in America today. Another aim was to find out how systematic anti-black racism, particularly during Jim Crow,...

Terrain drainage features and queries

Sidi Yu
Terrain drainage characteristics are of interest to a number of fields such as hydrology, hydraulic engineering, natural resources management, flood control, environmental sciences, geographic information systems, etc. The traditional way of obtaining terrain drainage characteristics information is to have human operators visually identify and delineate terrain features of interest from aerial photography or contour maps. The disadvantages of this mode of operation are obviously the tediousness, the inefficiency of the process, and the inaccuracy of...

Primary photochemical processes in hexafluorobiacetyl

William John Reid
Absolute photochemical quantum yields of hexafluoro-biacetyl vapour have been obtained at various exciting wavelengths between 250 and 440 nm over the range 0.5 - 400 torr. The yields are strongly dependent on pressure demonstrating that vibrational relaxation is the dominant process competing with unimolecular dissociation. It is found that two different states contribute to dissociation. One is identified as the excited singlet level reached on excitation. The other is attributed to the vibronic level reached...

Field relations and petrology of the Rainbow Range shield volcano, west-central British Columbia

Mary Lou Bevier
The Rainbow Range is a Late Miocene shield volcano (30 km diameter, 370 km³) whose stratiform flanks surround a complex central vent zone. Over a time span of 1-2 m.y., extrusion of highly fluid comendites and comenditic trachytes, along with minor mugearites and hawaiites, built up the gently sloping flanks. The viscosity of the peralkaline lavas was so low that their eruption produced a shield volcano rather than a composite cone. Comenditic trachytes (65.5 percent...

Solid state photochemistry and X-ray crystallography of carbonyl-containing compounds

Eugene Cheung
This thesis reports the role of the crystalline environment in influencing the solid state photochemistry of carbonyl-containing compounds. Two types of photochemical reactions were studied: electrocyclization and hydrogen atom abstraction. The structure-reactivity relationships in systems undergoing these reactions were revealed with the use of single crystal X-ray crystallography using the X-ray Structure-Solid State Reactivity Correlation Method. chiral conformations. The prospect of using this conformational chirality for studies of absolute asymmetric synthesis was explored. The effects...

Zinc phosphating on 6061-T6 aluminum alloy

Lei Shi
There is an urgent need to develop new non-chromating coating methods for the corrosion protection of aluminum alloys, and this thesis reports studies to establish optimal working conditions for forming zinc phosphate coatings on 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and corrosion tests were used to characterize the treated 6061-A1 surface, and to assess the effects of different parameters in the coating bath, as well as different pre-treatments and post-treatments....

Developable surface processing methods for three-dimensional meshes

Dan Natan Julius
Developable surfaces are of great significance in computer graphics as they play a key role in many applications involving planar surface parameterization. Industries where 3D objects are constructed from sheets of material such as fabric or metal typically employ these surfaces throughout their design processes. This work introduces a new descriptor for developable mesh surfaces, which provides the means for creating simple and robust tools for detecting, measuring, and approximating developable surface charts in meshes....

Numerical studies of some aspects with pressuremeter tests and laterally loaded piles

Li Yan
elastic material with hyperbolic stress strain relation, is employed throughout. A thin interface element and a simple tension cut-off model simulating the soil-pile interface behavior has been incorporated in the program. Results of the program and the interface simulation are in good agreement with closed form solutions. From comparison of the responses of pressuremeter and lateral pile conditions, the pressuremeter curves can be adjusted to represent the P-Y curves. However, due to features of the...

Studies on enzymes of sialic acid and pseudaminic acid biosynthesis

Wayne Kuo Wei Chou
The first two steps in the mammalian biosynthesis of sialic acid are catalyzed by a bifunctional hydrolyzing UDP-GlcNAc 2-epimerase/ManNAc kinase. The hydrolyzing epimerase domain, which catalyzes the conversion of UDP-GlcNAc to ManNAc and UDP, was studied mechanistically. Incubation of UDP-GlcNAc in deuterated buffer produced α-[2-²H]ManNAc indicating that the epimerase reaction proceeds with a net retention of configuration at C-1 and that C-2 is deprotonated and reprotonated with a solvent-derived deuterium atom. The enzymatic incubation of...

Evaluation of the effects of nonlinear soil-structure interaction on the inelastic seismic response of pile-supported bridge piers

Houman Ghalibafian
This dissertation presents an evaluation of the effects of nonlinear soil-structure interaction (SSI) on the inelastic seismic response of pile-supported bridge piers on soft soil. The research was carried out by studying the dynamic responses of prototype soil-foundation-bridge pier systems subjected to earthquake ground motions. The responses were obtained by performing nonlinear dynamic analyses using a commercial finite difference program. The nonlinearities of the soil, the structure, and the soil-structure interface were all accounted for....

Removal of oxygen demand and acute toxicity during batch biological treatment of a petroleum refinery effluent

Brihas Pathi Sarathy
This study was undertaken in order to investigate the removal of oxygen demand and acute toxicity from a petroleum refinery effluent. The results of this study provide a better understanding of the biodegradation process occurring at the Chevron refinery wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Burnaby, BC. The WWTP consists of a deep shaft bioreactor followed by a dissolved air flotation clarifier and effluent polishing biofilters. The treatment plant is able to degrade approximately 75% of...

Affordable housing through affirmative zoning

Julieta M. D. Malong
The delivery of social housing is consistently plagued with problems ranging from reduced budget allocation, scarcity of adequately zoned lands and neighborhood opposition. Though limited, provincial funding is still available in BC. However, land acquisition remains a problem. Municipal governments are recognized to have the influence to increase the amount of land for affordable housing projects through the use of zoning by-laws. This thesis argues that the exclusionary character of the municipal zoning by-law does...

Studies, experience, and reflection on the promotion of standardized outcome measures in physical therapy

Allan John Kozlowski
The use of standardized self-report questionnaires to measure outcome has been promoted in physical therapy (PT) for two decades but has not been widely adopted. Knowledge translation literature has disclosed complex and multidimensional factors associated with practice change in healthcare. Specific barriers and facilitators need to be disclosed to tailor KT interventions. The dissertation is framed with the Ottawa Model for Research Use. Chapter Two describes a comprehensive literature review of interventions to facilitate development...

Cadherin-linked molecular mechanisms governing the terminal differentiation of human trophoblastic cells in vitro

York Hunt Ng
Background: The formation of the multinucleated syncytial trophoblast of the human placenta is a critical step in pregnancy, which is prone to failure. In these studies, I have examined the role of TWIST, a transcription factor identified as a key repressor of E-cad expression in normal and cancer cells of diverse origins, in the differentiation of human trophoblastic cells in vitro. The invasion of extravillous cytotrophoblasts (EVTs) into the underlying maternal tissues and vasculature is...

How concerns of death affect scientific views : the existential underpinnings of support for intelligent design and discomfort with evolution

Jason Peter Martens
Intelligent design theory (IDT) has received support from the general public, educators, elected officials, and a minority of scientists, who advocate that it be taught alongside evolutionary theory (ET) in high school science classes. Correspondingly, ET has faced considerable opposition from these groups. Given the tremendous amount of scientific evidence supporting ET and the fact that IDT is inherently unscientific (AAAS, 2006) and lacks any empirical support, it is important to understand the underlying psychological...

Promises and challenges of internal dispute resolution in the corporate workplace

Lori Charvat
This thesis examines the promises and challenges of internal dispute resolution (IDR) in the corporate workplace of Canada and the United States. The focus of inquiry is twofold: a theoretical and socio-historical study of the corporation followed by a practical analysis of dispute resolution of human or civil rights. The examination of the role of the corporation begins with a review of the statutory and jurisprudential underpinnings of the "corporate person," which have legitimized the...

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