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Three-View Cloud Particle Imager (3V-CPI) for HIAPER

Paul Lawson &
The Three-View Cloud Particle Imager (3V-CPI) is a combination of three imaging instruments. Two of them comprise a 2D-S instrument, in which two 2D probes image particles as they pass through beams that are oriented orthogonally to each other and the airflow. If particles also lie in the intersection of the sensitive areas of the two beams, they are seen by both 2D probes. In that case, the CPI is triggered to take a high-resolution...

GNSS Instrument System for Multi-static and Occultation Sensing (GISMOS) for HIAPER

James Garrison, Jennifer Haase &
The Purdue GPS multistatic and occultation instrument for atmospheric, land, and ocean remote sensing (GISMOS) is an instrument to measure the water vapor distribution in the troposphere by inversion of the bending angle profile produced during occultation of a GPS satellite by the limb of the Earth. The instrument also uses GPS signals reflected from land or ocean to determine properties of those surfaces (soil moisture and surface roughness, respectively). Occultation samples represent distances of...

Time-of-Flight Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (ToF-AMS) for HIAPER

Jose Jimenez &
This is a version of the Aerodyname Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS), with time-of-flight (TOF) capability, built and certified for operation on the NSF/NCAR GV (HIAPER). It is based on the original quadrupole design, but the addition of TOF capability increases the sensitivity and time (hence spatial) resolution and enables characterization of single particles. The basic measurement is size-resolved determination of the chemical composition of sub-micrometer non-refractory particles with spatial resolution typically less than 1 km.

Autonomous Airborne Ozone Photometer for HIAPER

W. Terry Rawlins, Michael Proffitt &
The HIAPER GV dual-beam, ultraviolet absorption ozone photometer is designed to measure atmospheric ozone mixing ratios in flight by ultraviolet absorption of a flowing air sample in a dual-beam, temperature-controlled sample cell. It is configured for either autonomous or interactive operation within the cabin of the HIAPER GV aircraft. Graphical user interface software provides real-time and post-flight data processing and analysis capabilities for rapid data evaluation and archival. The instrument has been fully inte grated...

NCAR GPS Advanced Upper-Air Sounding System (GAUS)

GAUS is a balloon-borne rawinsonde sounding system. Through GPS technology, the GAUS measures high vertical resolution of temperature, humidity and winds at locations around the world. Each system includes a meteorological observing station to record thermodynamic data at the surface and the infrastructure to provide local data processing, display and communications. Data from GAUS can be transferred by phone, Internet or the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) to scientists at universities, other research institutions and operational...

HIAPER Cloud Radar (HCR)

The HIAPER cloud radar (HCR) is an airborne, polarimetric, millimeter-wavelength radar that will serve the atmospheric science community by providing cloud remote sensing capabilities to the NSF/NCAR G-V (HIAPER) aircraft.

National Seismic Networks of Switzerland

National Seismic Networks of Switzerland, comprising all permanent high gain (short period and broadband) and low gain strong motion stations.

Sea-Bird SBE 52MP

The SBE 52-MP is a Conductivity, Temperature, Depth (pressure) sensor, designed for moored profiling applications in which measurements are made from from a device that travels vertically beneath a buoy, or from a buoyant package that is winched up and down from a bottom-mounted platform.

MVZ:Mamm:190382 - Oligoryzomys microtis

James L. Patton

Novel genetic effects of a human endogenous retrovirus insertion

Paul Edward Kowalski
Human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) are repetitive, noninfectious chromosomal elements degenerated from exogenous retroviruses, and compose as much as 2% of the human genome. The HERV-H family numbers approximately 1000 elements dispersed throughout the human genome. HERV-H elements have been shown to affect the expression of adjacent cellular genes. For example, in teratocarcinoma cell lines, a HERV-H LTR promotes expression of, and splices into a downstream cellular transcript, PLA2L, which contains two phospholipase A₂ (PLA₂)-like domains....

Putting the cart behind the horse : using interface driven modeling to help regional stakeholders craft an understanding of sustainability

Michael Dennis Walsh
This thesis examines the theoretical underpinnings of an innovative approach used in developing a computer based educational tool. The tool itself combines two fundamental design philosophies from a previous modeling and scenario building exercise with an urgent need to more effectively engage regional stakeholders in the complexities and intricacies of sustainability. The result is a powerful learning tool aimed at stimulating dialogue and increasing understanding about regional growth and development issues. In order for this...

Genetically-engineered populus hybrids and metalliferous soil remediation

Monica A. Schmidt
With global heavy metal pollution increasing, there is a need for innovative metal decontamination processes. Plants that have the ability to sequester metal contaminants within their tissues promise to be a cost-effective soil remediation practice. A poplar hybrid clone, Populus alba x P.tremula (INRA clone 717-1B4), was selected for this soil metal remediation research due to its large biomass and extensive deep tap root system that enables it to encounter many contaminants within its surroundings....

Neutrophil elastase gene expression in health and disease

Edmond Tan-Loon Wong
Neutrophil elastase (NE) is a major protease carried by neutrophils and synthesized in the promyelocyte. A role of NE in the pathogenesis of emphysema was hypothesized over 25 years ago. Our understanding of the pathogenesis of this disease has remained obscure however, due to the lack of an accurate model for examining the causative role of proteases such as NE in the disease. The hypothesis is presented that over-expression of NE increases susceptibility to emphysema....

Cross cultural collaboration and community art practice : an autobiographical examination

Amirali B. Alibhai
A thesis is presented that utilizes phenomenological and hermeneutic methodology to explore the notion of cross-cultural collaboration and community art practice. I examine Witness, a substantive cross-cultural collaboration with First Nations, and my own practice as a cultural worker in describing denning elements of successful cross-cultural collaboration. In a final "meta-chapter", Community art practice is characterized as a contemporary cultural phenomenon, located at the forefront of cultural practice.

Investigating the survivability of an ecological, family-centered positive behaviour intervention with a family of a child with a developmental disability and problem behaviour

Stephen Chinn
The purpose of this study was to replicate the work of Lucyshyn et al. (2011) and Binnendyk (2009) by investigating the survivability of an intervention based upon an ecological, family-centered positive behaviour support approach to assessment and intervention. The approach integrates child behaviour, parent-child interaction, and family activity settings into an ecological unit of analysis aimed at improving child behaviour, parent-child relationships, and promoting meaningful changes in the functioning of the family. One family of...

Criteria-based content analysis : an experimental investigation with children

Risha D. Joffe
The aim of the present study was to experimentally test the Undeutsch Hypothesis, which holds that children's statements based on self-experienced events are qualitatively and quantitatively different from statements based on coaching. Specifically, this study tested the validity of Criteria-Based Content Analysis (CBCA, a system for assessing the credibility of eyewitness reports) for discriminating between credible and non credible eyewitness reports by children. As well, two other tests of the quantitative and qualitative differences between...

Passing the buck: federalism and Canadian environmental policy

Kathryn J. Harrison
This thesis examines how the current division of federal and provincial responsibilities for environmental policy in Canada evolved, and the implications of that arrangement for protection of the environment. At a theoretical level, the example of environmental protection is used to explore the relationship between federalism and public policy more generally. It is accepted wisdom that governments seek both to claim credit and avoid blame. However, to date, students of Canadian federalism have been much...

Three essays in real estate economics

Yuming Fu
This dissertation consists of three separate essays. The first two essays focus on real estate brokerage; one studies the conditions for efficient employment in the real estate brokerage industry under fixed commission rates and the other examines the role of real estate agents in buyer-seller bargaining. The third essay presents an integrated analysis of housing investment and consumption choices that takes into account both the uncertainty in investment returns and liquidity constraints. Essay one presents...

Consuming visions : pop art, mass culture, and the American dream, 1962-65

Sandra Elizabeth Gillespie
Between 1962 and 1965 pop art received a phenomenal amount of exposure in mass-market magazines such as Time, Life, Esquire, Ladies Home Journal, Business Week, House and Garden and Reader's Digest. While coverage of art in non-art publications was in itself not unusual, the rapidity, prevalence, extensiveness, and ambiguity of pop coverage were unique. In the writings of most pop art historians this phenomenon is either overlooked or explained away as yet another instance of...

Studies with tissue cultures of tripterygium wilfordii. Isolation of metabolites and biotransformation studies

Malcolm Roberts
In a program aimed at the identification of compounds responsible for the immunosuppressive and antifertility activities of the perennial twining vine, Tripterygium wilfordii. 5 new and 13 known compounds were isolated from the TRP-4a tissue culture cell line developed from Tripterygium wilfordii. The structures of the new compounds were determined by a combination of spectral analysis, chemical correlation and single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. 22β-Hydroxy-3-oxoolean-12-en-29-oic acid (137), 22α-hydroxy-3-oxoolean- 12- en-29-oic acid (138) and 3β, 22β-dihydroxyolean-12-en-29-oic...

Multilayer beam analysis including shear and geometric nonlinear effects

Herman Ho Ming Kwan
This thesis presents an analysis and experimental verification for a multilayer beam in bending. The formulation of the theoretical analysis includes the combined effect of shear and geometric nonlinearity. From this formulation, a finite element program (CUBES) is developed. The experimental tests were done on multilayer, corrugated paper beams. Failure deflections and loads are thus obtained. The experimental results are reasonably predicted by the numerical results. Based upon this comparison, a maximum compressive stress is...

The regulation of numbers in Tribolium confusum by means of selective migration

Ernest A Carl
A lengthy, and at times heated, debate on the regulation of animal numbers has proceeded in the literature for over half a century. A wide variety of causal agents - from sun spots to a shortage of trace elements - has been proposed to explain the observed densities, and a wide variety of mechanisms has also been proposed - from natural selection to chance. Only occasionally have any of these proposals been rigorously tested, and...

Environment and the quest motif in selected works of Canadian prairie fiction

Linda Rogers
Time and place are the media through which the eternal is manifested for the comprehension of fallible man. It is the response to environment which has determined and shaped the human attitude toward ultimate mysteries. The patterns of nature are translated by the artist and philosopher into the ritual behaviour of man. The challenge of adversity and the joy of the morning or the new season are motivation for the restless desire to overcome the...

The relationship of individual anaerobic thresholds to total, alactic, and lactic oxygen debts after a set treadmill run

James Preston Wiley
Anaerobic threshold speed (VTAM) was determined for 20 male university students using a continuous treadmill protocol. The onset of anaerobiosis was determined by analyzing excess CO₂ elimination. The following week, all subjects ran at the VTAM median speed of 7.25 miles per hour for 10 minutes. Recovery oxygen consumption was monitored after this run. Application of double exponential equations by computer and subsequent integration, calculated Total, Alactic, and Lactic Oxygen Debts. Subjects who ran above...

Electronic versus mechanical loading in the determination of peak oxygen consumption in bicycle ergometry

Mark Anthony Clarke
The purpose of the study was to determine if differences in the loading (or braking) systems of two different types of stationary bicycle ergometers (Monark and Dynavit models) influenced the performances of subjects in similar submaximal and maximal exercise. A maximal treadmill test, also performed by the subjects, was used as a criterion measure with which the maximal bicycle ergometer test results were compared. The possibility of finding differences in the performances of subjects on...

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