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The effectiveness of an arthritis self-management program on a population of persons with scleroderma

Robert Jay Lees
The purpose of this research study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the Arthritis Self-Management Program (ASMP), developed by Dr. K. Lorig, on a population of persons with scleroderma. This particular condition is a type of arthritis (also known as progressive systemic sclerosis) involving a disorder of the small blood vessels and connective tissues. It is characterized by the induration and thickening of the skin and by inflammatory, fibrotic, ischemic, and degenerative changes in the...

Greater than the sum of its parts : issues in the diagnosis and management of individuals co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C initiating antiretroviral therapy

Paula Braitstein
Objectives: To determine the prevalence of hepatitis C co-infection among previously antiretroviral naive HIV-infected individuals initiating antiretroviral treatment (ART) in a population-based program; to describe the effect of HCV co-infection on immunologic response to ART; adherence to ART; and the effect of HCV co-infection on non-accidental mortality among this population. Methods: British Columbia's HIV/AIDS Drug Treatment Program (DTP) provides antiretroviral therapy to all eligible HIV positive persons in British Columbia free of charge. Data were...

The role of ICAM-1 in myocardial dysfunction during sepsis and ischemia-reperfusion injury

Ehsan Yousefzadeh-Davani
Intramyocardial inflammation occurs in various types of cardiovascular diseases including ischemia-reperfusion, myocarditis, during orthotopic heart transplant rejection, and during sepsis-induced myocardial dysfunction. Intramyocardial inflammation results in increased expression of ICAM-1 on cardiac tissue. ICAM-1 can interact with its ligands including CD11/CD14 receptors on inflammatory cells, and fibrinogen leading to activation of intracellular signaling cascades. To test this hypothesis that ICAM-1 activation on cardiac tissue can trigger signaling which leads to decreased cardiac contractility we used...

The role of the parabrachial/Kolliker Fuse respiratory complex in the control of respiration

Joyce A. Boon
My goal was to explore the role of the parabrachial/Kölliker Fuse region (PBrKF) of the pons in the production of "state-related" changes in breathing in rats. I hypothesized that the effects of changes in cortical activation state on breathing and respiratory sensitivity are relayed from the pontine reticular formation to the respiratory centres of the medulla via the PBrKF. I found that urethane anaesthetized Sprague Dawley rats spontaneously cycled between a cortically desynchronized state (State...

Multicultural counselling self-efficacy among school counsellors in British Columbia

Cynthia Adams
Across Canada, schools are serving an increasingly multicultural student population, one with diverse and sometimes unfamiliar experiences and worldviews. Despite this fact, very little research has been conducted on school counsellor multicultural self-efficacy in Canada. To address this gap, a survey research design was used to assess the level of multicultural self-efficacy among a sample of school counsellors (N = 226) in British Columbia. This study also sought to identify the demographic and workplace variables...

Breakfast habits of adolescents : towards meaningful lessons

Lynn Engelsjord
Purpose: This study examines the influences and reasons that contribute to the breakfast habits of adolescents, aged 13-14 years. Methodology: Eighty-two boys and seventy-one girls completed a questionnaire that inquired about their breakfast eating habits. Statistical analysis was conducted to find frequency counts and cross tabulations between factors that influence eating habits. From this group of 153 students, seventeen students participated in individual taperecorded interviews that discussed their typical breakfast habits. Influences and reasons for...

Novel secondary metabolites from selected British Columbian marine invertebrates

Stephen William Ayer
Marine organisms show potential as sources for novel, biologically and pharmacologically active, secondary metabolites. Examination of three nudibranch and one bryozoan species for biologically active metabolites has led to the isolation and structural elucidation of nine new and two known secondary metabolites. The structures of all the compounds were determined by using a combination of spectral analysis, chemical interconversion, synthesis, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The British Columbian dorid nudibranch Acanthodoris nanaimoensis yielded three new...

Transport and size-separation of airborne particles in a microchannel for continuous particle monitoring

Allison Schaap Schaap
Microfluidics research and development has emerged as a novel and promising tool for the development of sensors and actuators. However, one area in which microfluidics has been only minimally employed is in the handling of airborne particles, or aerosols. The real-time monitoring of aerosols is important for protecting human health and earth’s environment. The small size of microchannels, coupled with the opportunity to integrate sensing technologies, suggests them as a promising tool for the next...

Latitudinal gradients in adaptive traits of Populus

Raju Soolanayakanahally
In an attempt to better understand adaptation to north-temperate and boreal environments, I have studied variation in phenology, ecophysiology and single nucleotide polymorphisms in an extensive range-wide collection of Populus balsamifera L. (balsam poplar) populations. Based on three years of observation, I infer that the differences in phenology between two common garden sites, with similar photoperiodic regimes but dramatically different climates, is based on differences in spring start date resulting in different dates of photoperiodic...

Prototype categorization of emotion

Beverley Anne Fehr
Psychologists have yet to agree on a definition of emotion. Attempts at a classical definition, whereby a concept is defined by a necessary and sufficient set of criterial attributes have not met with success. The purpose of this research, therefore, was to test the feasibility of an alternative to the classical view, namely prototype theory. According to the prototype view, concepts are organized in terms of prototypes, which are the clearest cases or best examples...

Regulation of immunoproteasome expression by human brain endothelium : functional significance in MHC class I expression and CD8+ T cell adhesion to the cerebral endothelium

Henry H. W. Lau
Brain inflammatory diseases are characterized by the entry of blood-borne leukocytes into the brain across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) that normally restricts their entry into the central nervous system. Recent studies indicate that infiltrating brain antigen-specific CD8+ T cells clonally expand in multiple sclerosis (MS) lesions. Previous studies from this laboratory showed that cytokines induce human brain microvessel endothelial cells (HBMEC) to express or upregulate several endothelial cell adhesion molecules (ICAM -1, VCAM-1, PECAM-1 and...

The meaning of violence : a journey of understanding through the Rift Valley of Kenya

Joshua Bicknell
On the 30th December 2007, following the disputed presidential election fought between Raila Odinga of the ODM Party and Mwai Kibaki of the PNU Party, violence erupted in the Rift Valley of Kenya. Focusing on the Kalenjin and Kikuyu ethnicities this paper takes a hermeneutical approach and argues that explanations of violence will always be incomplete without a prior understanding of what violence means for the different communities involved. It argues that this understanding comes...

Criteria-based content analysis : an experimental investigation with children

Risha D. Joffe
The aim of the present study was to experimentally test the Undeutsch Hypothesis, which holds that children's statements based on self-experienced events are qualitatively and quantitatively different from statements based on coaching. Specifically, this study tested the validity of Criteria-Based Content Analysis (CBCA, a system for assessing the credibility of eyewitness reports) for discriminating between credible and non credible eyewitness reports by children. As well, two other tests of the quantitative and qualitative differences between...

Detection and characterization of human mammary stem cells

Peter Eirew
The mammary gland of adult female mice contains undifferentiated epithelial stem cells with in vivo regenerative and self-renewal properties. A biologically similar population likely exists in the human breast but a specific and quantitative methodology to identify and characterize these cells has been lacking. In this study I show that human mammary structures are reproducibly generated when dissociated suspensions of primary human mammary cells are propagated in collagen gels that have been implanted under the...

Consuming visions : pop art, mass culture, and the American dream, 1962-65

Sandra Elizabeth Gillespie
Between 1962 and 1965 pop art received a phenomenal amount of exposure in mass-market magazines such as Time, Life, Esquire, Ladies Home Journal, Business Week, House and Garden and Reader's Digest. While coverage of art in non-art publications was in itself not unusual, the rapidity, prevalence, extensiveness, and ambiguity of pop coverage were unique. In the writings of most pop art historians this phenomenon is either overlooked or explained away as yet another instance of...

Genetically-engineered populus hybrids and metalliferous soil remediation

Monica A. Schmidt
With global heavy metal pollution increasing, there is a need for innovative metal decontamination processes. Plants that have the ability to sequester metal contaminants within their tissues promise to be a cost-effective soil remediation practice. A poplar hybrid clone, Populus alba x P.tremula (INRA clone 717-1B4), was selected for this soil metal remediation research due to its large biomass and extensive deep tap root system that enables it to encounter many contaminants within its surroundings....

Neutrophil elastase gene expression in health and disease

Edmond Tan-Loon Wong
Neutrophil elastase (NE) is a major protease carried by neutrophils and synthesized in the promyelocyte. A role of NE in the pathogenesis of emphysema was hypothesized over 25 years ago. Our understanding of the pathogenesis of this disease has remained obscure however, due to the lack of an accurate model for examining the causative role of proteases such as NE in the disease. The hypothesis is presented that over-expression of NE increases susceptibility to emphysema....

Size-selective predation by the threespine stickleback

Thomas Burko
This thesis examines some factors that limit and define size-selective predation by the threespine stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus. Behavioural? physical and energetic factors were considered. Enclosure studies in a shallow oligotrophic lake and in a small creek were used to determine the actual size limits for different prey taxa over a range of stickleback sizes. The prey organisms were the amphipods Hyallela azteca and Crangonyx richmondensis, the isopod Asellus occidentalism chironomid larvae and the cladoceran Sida...

Bonusing downtown housing: an evaluation of goals and means

Robert M. Miller
The purpose of this thesis is to examine the potential effectiveness of a relatively new zoning innovation -residential density bonuses. The investigation examines the extent to which such bonuses are likely to stimulate the development of housing in the downtown areas of large North American cities. As a prerequisite to the evaluation of density bonuses, the underlying goal, that is, the desirability of more housing in the downtown, is first considered. The likely effectiveness of...

How Christian religious/spiritual faith helps and hinders counsellors’ empathy towards clients

Marie Morrison
The relationship between Christian religion and spirituality and the empathy of counsellors was investigated. The study examined this relationship by using the Critical Incident Technique (CIT) to investigate how religion and spirituality helps and hinders empathy towards clients. Twelve counsellors identified 241 helping and 25 hindering incidents that formed 14. helping and 3 hindering categories. The following helping categories had the highest participation: relationship to faith leading directly/naturally to an empathic relationship with the client,...

A new method for obtaining long optical paths and its use in spectroscopy

James Kelso Marshall
[No abstract submitted]

Forum theatre, technology and desire : an investigation of Headlines Theatre's online broadcasts

Amanda Tamara Konkin
This thesis investigates Headlines Theatre Company’s use of simulcast online video broadcasts of their forum theatre events through two case studies, Here and Now (2005) and after homelessness... (2009). I consider the place of these broadcast’s within Headlines’ Artistic Director David Diamond’s particular practice, Theatre for Living (TfL) and its aim to create community-based dialogue. Through digital performance theorist Steve Dixon’s four categories of interactivity, I explore how the online viewer’s participation in the forum...

Third-location decompression for Canadian soldiers ending a tour of duty : a focus group

James Andrew Alexander
This study investigated the Canadian Third-Location Decompression (TLD) Program, a program in which soldiers participate immediately after their Tours of Duty in operational deployments prior to their transition home to Canada. To investigate this matter, a research focus group was run for three hours, and thematic analysis of the data gathered was completed. The orientation questions for the focus group were: “What is the experience of third-location decompression?” and “What factors in TLD would have...

Diflubenzuron: control of the codling moth, Laspeyresia pomonella L., and the obliquebanded leafroller, Choristoneura rosaceana (Harris)

Dale William Anderson
Diflubenzuron (Dimilin) was evaluated as a control agent for the codling moth, Laspeyresia pomonella L. and obiiquebanded leafroller, Choristoneura rosaceana (Harris). Laboratory tests showed codling moth eggs to be extremely sensitive to diflubenzuron, particularly when treated topically immediately after oviposi-tion. LD50 values for 0- to 2 ½ and 3-day-old eggs were 1.1 and 17.2 ppm, respectively. Diflubenzuron was more effective as an ovicide when kept in solution on egg surfaces for longer time periods. When...

A citation analysis of \"Adult education quarterly\" 1971-1986

Richard Owen Kavanagh
Adult education has long been described as an emerging discipline, but there has been little empirical study of its emergence. This study examined 'emergence' by monitoring that particular knowledge base which is unique to adult education. Studies concerned with the theory and practice of adult education are a quantifiable indicator of unique knowledge about adult education. Evidence that researchers in adult education increasingly cite the work of other researchers in adult education would support the...

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