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Mature white spruce stands in the Mid-Boreal Upland Ecoregion of Saskatchewan

Sharon Margaret Hope
A three-stage approach was used to investigate mature white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss) stand types in Saskatchewan. The approach involved: 1) identification of potential stand types in a conceptual model, 2) description and quantification of stand structure and forest floor processes in selected representative stand types and 3) simulation of two stand types using the ecosystem management model, FORECAST. The computer model explored the role of nitrogen fixation in succession patterns under different disturbance...

Multilayer beam analysis including shear and geometric nonlinear effects

Herman Ho Ming Kwan
This thesis presents an analysis and experimental verification for a multilayer beam in bending. The formulation of the theoretical analysis includes the combined effect of shear and geometric nonlinearity. From this formulation, a finite element program (CUBES) is developed. The experimental tests were done on multilayer, corrugated paper beams. Failure deflections and loads are thus obtained. The experimental results are reasonably predicted by the numerical results. Based upon this comparison, a maximum compressive stress is...

Polarized light perception and orientation by yearling sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)

Peter Arnott Dill
Conditioning experiments demonstrated a significant, repeatable and reversable capacity for groups of yearling sockeye salmon (Oncorhvnchus nerka) to discriminate between perpendicular planes of linearly polarized light. Polarized light was also shown to influence orientation behavior when compared with orientation under unpolarized light. A limited number of fish orientated at a common angle (between 22.5 and 45 to the right of) with respect to the plane of polarization. Possible analysers of polarized light are discussed.

A comparison of the carbohydrates of the coffee bean Coffea arabica L. and those of suspension-cultured coffee cells

James Thomas Kocal
Suspension cultures of coffee cells derived from the coffee plant Coffea arabica L. were grown in three media to determine the effect of hormones on extracellular polysaccharide production and composition and on the constituent sugars of the cells. Fxtracellular polysaccharide was produced in both the logarithmic and stationary phases of cell growth. Polysaccharide production paralleled cell growth in all three media. The rate of polysaccharide production decreased at the beginning of the stationary phase, so...

Low temperature specific heat of LixNbS2 intercalation compounds

Douglas Charles Dahn
This thesis describes a study of the low temperature specific heat of LiⅹNbS₂, where x is between 0 and 1. Samples were prepared by intercalating lithium into niobium disulfide in electrochemical cells. Structural data obtained by x-ray diffraction are presented. These, together with electrochemical measurements, show that staged phases exist for some values of x. The electronic specific heat of LiⅹNbS₂, is consistent with complete charge transfer from the intercalated lithium to the bands of...

Life history of marine threespine stickleback in Oyster Lagoon, British Columbia

Regina Karin Saimoto
Marine populations of three spine sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus) are possible ancestors of the many of the divergent freshwater populations of this species found along the glaciated coast of British Columbia. Until this study, the life history and reproductive behaviours of marine population along the Pacific coast of North America were unknown. Data was collected from September 1990 to August 1992 at Oyster Lagoon, Pender Harbour, British Columbia. Morphology, migration and growth, reproduction, and nesting success...

Protein tyrosine phosphatase PRL-3 expression and transcriptional regulation in cancer and metastasis

Patrick Chun Wei Wong
Elevated expression of protein tyrosine phosphatase PRL-3 is implicated in cell migration, invasion, and metastasis, although the molecular targets of this phosphatase remain unidentified. PRL-3 expression is strikingly upregulated in metastatic colon carcinoma, compared with much lower expression in primary colon tumours and virtually undetectable expression in normal colon epithelia. Increased transcriptional activity is suggested to account for increased PRL-3 expression in 75% of the metastatic samples. We used bioinformatics analyses and cell-based promoter assays...

Passing the buck: federalism and Canadian environmental policy

Kathryn J. Harrison
This thesis examines how the current division of federal and provincial responsibilities for environmental policy in Canada evolved, and the implications of that arrangement for protection of the environment. At a theoretical level, the example of environmental protection is used to explore the relationship between federalism and public policy more generally. It is accepted wisdom that governments seek both to claim credit and avoid blame. However, to date, students of Canadian federalism have been much...

Novel genetic effects of a human endogenous retrovirus insertion

Paul Edward Kowalski
Human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) are repetitive, noninfectious chromosomal elements degenerated from exogenous retroviruses, and compose as much as 2% of the human genome. The HERV-H family numbers approximately 1000 elements dispersed throughout the human genome. HERV-H elements have been shown to affect the expression of adjacent cellular genes. For example, in teratocarcinoma cell lines, a HERV-H LTR promotes expression of, and splices into a downstream cellular transcript, PLA2L, which contains two phospholipase A₂ (PLA₂)-like domains....

The wilderness theme in the Gospels

Benno Przybylski
The main purpose of this thesis is to examine the wilderness terminology of the four canonical Gospels as a means toward understanding the peculiar views of the various evangelists toward the concept of the wilderness. For the purpose of this study, the wilderness terminology is restricted to the various forms of ερημος and έρημία. The redaction critical approach is utilized to identify the evangelists' views on the concept of the wilderness. Since redaction criticism attempts...

Risk prediction models for binary response variables for the coronary bypass operation

Hongbin Zhang
The ability to predict 30 day operative mortality and complications following coronary artery bypass surgery in the individual patient has important implications clinically and for the design of clinical trials. This thesis focuses on setting up risk stratification algorithms. Utilizing the binary feature of the response variables, logistic regression analyses and classification trees (recursive partitioning) were used with the variables identified by the Health Data Research Institute in Portland, Oregon. The data set contains records...

Privacy needs of women hospitalized for gynecological surgery

Lynda May Anderson
This phenomenological study was designed to explore the privacy needs of gynecological patients, as perceived by the clients during hospitalization, for the purpose of adding to knowledge and understanding of patients' privacy. Data were collected through sixteen in-depth interviews with eight recently hospitalized patients. The interviews were tape-recorded and transcribed verbatim for each participant. Data were analyzed using Giorgi's (1975) procedure. Analysis of participants' accounts revealed that privacy was important to participants' maintenance of their...

Stochastic models of changes in population distribution among categories

Yigal Gerchak
There are very many processes in the natural and social sciences which can be represented as a set of flows of objects or people between categories of some kind. The Markov chain model has been used in the study of many of them. The basic form of the Markov chain model is, however, rarely adequate to describe social, occupational and geographical mobility processes. We shall therefore discuss a number of generalizations designed to introduce greater...

The theory of interest rate arbitrage : review and extensions

Benedikt Dolf
The theory of interest rate arbitrage is the subject of this paper. Three objectives have guided the structure of the analysis. The first concerns the literature about interest arbitrage and the determination of the forward exchange rate. The contributions are numerous and diverse; a general consensus has not yet been reached. A critical survey of the literature is therefore undertaken with the aim of putting the various contributions into perspective. It is the contention underlying...

A comparison of parents’ attitudes and locus of control between normal and specific language disabled children

Barbara Ann McWilliams
The purpose of this study was to compare locus of control of specific language disabled children and normal school-aged children, and relate this to parents' attitudes toward the achievement behavior of their children. Two questionnaires were administered to forty families in the lower mainland of British Columbia. The two main groups contained twenty ten and eleven year old girls and boys with specific language disabilities and twenty ten and eleven year old girls and boys...

Hall sensor-based locking electric differential system for BLDC motor driven electric vehicle with independent wheel drives

Milad Gougani
It is generally known that stability of vehicles under certain driving conditions may be improved by forcing the wheels to turn at the same speed and angle regardless of the available traction under individual wheels. For conventional all-terrain vehicles or sport-utility vehicles, this function can be achieved by locking the mechanical differential system. In this thesis, we propose an innovative approach for locking the electrical differential system (EDS) of electric vehicles (EV) with independent brushless...

Using forest structure to model vertical variations of canopy radiation and productivity

Martin Van Leeuwen
The productivity of autotrophic organisms affects all life on Earth; hence, gaining insight in the variability of autotrophic productivity has received significant research interest. At cell to organism level, much knowledge has been gained under controlled conditions through laboratory analysis. At the stand level and beyond, control over the driving variables is limited, and hence experiments have relied on extensive time series, and geospatial analysis to observe changes in productivity across a wide range of...

Auto-WEKA : combined selection and hyperparameter optimization of supervised machine learning algorithms

Chris Thornton
Many different machine learning algorithms exist; taking into account each algorithm's set of hyperparameters, there is a staggeringly large number of possible choices. This project considers the problem of simultaneously selecting a learning algorithm and setting its hyperparameters. Previous works attack these issues separately, but this problem can be addressed by a fully automated approach, in particular by leveraging recent innovations in Bayesian optimization. The WEKA software package provides an implementation for a number of...

Age-dependent differences in the transcriptional profile of antigen presenting cells in response to immune stimulation and infection converge on interferon response factors

Kathleen Wee
Newborns and older adults aged 65 and over have a heightened risk for severe infections, suggesting suboptimal immune responses. These two populations thus represent age-defined windows of vulnerability to infection. Antigen presenting cells (APC) are important in bridging the innate and adaptive immune systems as they express pathogen recognition receptors such as Toll-like receptors (TLR) that detect the presence of pathogens. They have been proposed to be partially responsible for the altered immunity observed at...

Expressed interest and participation in adult education.

Renee Phyllis Jackson
The study problem was to analyse the characteristics of individuals who reported interest in continuing education from data collected by means of interviews conducted in a survey of rural residents in the North Okanagan. Two hypotheses were tested to ascertain whether or not there were any significant differences between interested respondents and uninterested respondents with respect to socio-psychological characteristics; and whether or not there were any significant differences between interested participants in adult education and...

The regulation of numbers in Tribolium confusum by means of selective migration

Ernest A Carl
A lengthy, and at times heated, debate on the regulation of animal numbers has proceeded in the literature for over half a century. A wide variety of causal agents - from sun spots to a shortage of trace elements - has been proposed to explain the observed densities, and a wide variety of mechanisms has also been proposed - from natural selection to chance. Only occasionally have any of these proposals been rigorously tested, and...

Korean vowel harmony: an optimality account

Sohee Choi
This thesis examines two aspects of Korean vowel harmony: the identification of the correct harmonizing feature and neutrality in the harmony system. In this study, I investigate the hypothesis that Korean vowel harmony can be described as tongue root harmony and that the neutrality in the harmony system can be accounted for through the interaction of various constraints within the framework of Optimality Theory; the Theory of Constraint Interaction (Prince and Smolensky 1993, McCarthy and...

Two aspects of C-4 plants : 1. effects of light intensity on photosynthesis : 2. A nitrogen-fixing association

Alan Leedham Hart
Part 1 concerns the effect of light intensity on the leaves of Gomphrena globosa, a C-4 plant. Plants were grown under three light intensities. The structure and function of the photosynthetic apparatus of newly matured leaves were examined by a number of techniques. These were electron microscopy, infra-red fluorescence photomicrography, dye (TNBT) reduction and ¹⁴CO₂ feedings. Contrary to conclusions from the literature, light intensity did not affect the membrane configuration of the chioroplasts. Metabolite levels...

Effects of chronic and early goitrogenic stimulation on thyroidal metabolism in the chicken and in the progeny

Peter Chung Kwor Leung
White Leghorn pullets were fed goitrogenic rapeseed meal or soybean meal during either or both the growing period and the laying period. Rapeseed meal was fed at a level of 17.5 percent of the starter-grower diet and 19.0 percent of the layer diet. Control rations contained 11.0 and 13.1 percent of soybean meal, respectively. The responses to the dietary treatments were studied when the birds were over 90 weeks of age. Parameters measured included: weights,...

Protecting aboriginal cultural heritage in Australia: looking for solutions in the Canadian experience

Sally Peata McCausland
In recent decades Australian aboriginal paintings have become increasingly sought after as "high art" and as part of the nationalist iconography. The paintings often incorporate the communal designs of the artists' communities or clan groups, which are subject to aboriginal laws administered by traditional custodians. The popularity of the paintings has fostered increased respect for aboriginal cultures and has provided a source of income for many aboriginal communities. However, a corollary of their popularity is...

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