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Surface loading and rigid indentation of an elastic layer with surface energy effects

Xujun Zhao
With the growing interest in nanotechnology, it is becoming important to understand the nanoscale mechanics to achieve successful design and fabrication of nanoscale devices. However, the classical continuum theory is not directly applicable to the analysis of nanoscale domains due to size-dependent behavior of nanostructures. Since the surface-to-volume ratio of a nanoscale domain is relatively high compared to that of a macro-scale domain, the energy associated with atoms at or near a free surface is...

An ecological framework for regional agricultural development planning in west africa.

Emmanuel Ayeh Yirenkyi
Agricultural development involves the large scale economic production of plant and animal crops through modification and exploitation of ecosystems. Since crop species themselves are integral parts of the ecosystemic complex, any effort to raise the productivity of tropical agriculture must acknowledge ecological constraints as well as the opportunities for improved production. In the tropics this fundamental principle has been overlooked in the reduction of diversity of the ecosystem through monoculture of a very few export...

Enclosure theorems for eigenvalues of elliptic operators

John Carson Clements
Enclosure theorems for the eigenvalues and representational formulae for the eigenfunctions of a linear, elliptic, second order partial differential operator will be established for specific domain perturbations to which the classical theory cannot be applied. In particular, the perturbation of n-dimensional Euclidean space E[superscript]n to an n-disk D[subscript]a of radius a is considered in Chapter I and the perturbation of the upper half-space H[superscript]n of E[superscript]n to the upper half of D[subscript]a, S[subscript]a, is discussed...

Effect of delays on health related quality of life outcome after primary total hip arthroplasty

Min Xu
Objective The main purpose of this research is to investigate the relationship between the waiting time for elective total hip arthroplasty (THA) and changes in the health-related quality of life (HRQOL) outcomes measured at the time of registration on the wait list and one year after the operation. The primary research objective is to assess whether expedited access to THA results in a larger proportion of patients showing "better than expected" lower-extremity function 12 months...

Degradation of diethanolamine solutions by carbonyl sulphide and carbon disulphide

Olukayode Fatai Dawodu
The common industrial practice of using aqueous solutions of diethanolamine (DEA) for the removal of impurities such as carbon dioxide (CO₂), hydrogen sulphide (H₂S), carbonyl sulphide (COS) and carbon disulphide (CS₂) from natural, refinery and manufactured gases often entails irreversible reactions between the solvent and the impurities. This phenomenon is referred to as amine degradation and it not only constitutes a loss of the amine but may contribute to operational problems such as foaming, corrosion...

Music lessons : a cultural studies analysis of music's capacity for critical pedagogy and methodology

L. A. Pearl Hunt
When expressing the phrase music lessons, one often visualizes students with their musical instruments practicing scales or compositions with the intent of memorizing the music. Although music can actualize as mnemonic practice, this dissertation focuses on other lessons that music teaches us by examining how musical knowledge is produced. Building on the ideologies articulated within a framework of cultural studies, the dissertation attempts a pedagogical praxis that establishes a fluid and dynamic conversation to express...

Analytic properties of the scattering amplitude for interaction via nonlocal potentials

Ronald Stuart Davis
The derivation of a partial-wave amplitude for scattering by a separable, nonlocal potential given by MCMillan in Nuovo Cimento 29, 4153 (1963) is reviewed. Using his results, an exact expression for the amplitude is derived for a potential of the form -g V(r)V(r¹), where V(r) = ra e-μr , and its analytic properties are studied. The asymptotic behaviour of the amplitude as |ℓ| → ∞ (where ℓ is the usual angular-momentum parameter) is derived, and...

Fuel preference during exercise after altitude acclimation

Grant Bryce McClelland
At high altitude, carbohydrate (CHO) is thought to be the fuel of choice because of its higher yield of ATP per mole of O2. Alternatively, the increased use of lipids spares valuable glycogen. We used indirect calorimetry to determine total fuel oxidation rates during exercise in high-altitude acclimated (HA) and sea level (SL) rats. D-(6-³H) glucose and 1-[14C] palmitate infusions quantified circulatory glucose utilization and nonesterified fatty acid (NEFA) turnover. We hypothesized that the %...

The genetic and molecular analysis of the mfs(2)31 locus in Drosophila melanogaster : a novel suppressor of position-effect variegation

Ian P. Whitehead
Position-effect variegation (PEV) is the variable inactivation of a euchromatic gene which has been moved, by way of a chromosomal rearrangement, into a heterochromatic environment. The transcriptional repression at the variegating locus is thought to be a consequence of inappropriate packaging of the euchromatin asheterochromatin. Second site mutations which modify the PEV phenotype (Su(var)s and E(var)s), identify loci which encode non-histone chromosomal proteins. Although the majority of mutations which modify PEV exhibit a dominant phenotype,...

Dose-response analysis of the effects of Aroclor 1260 treatment on immune and endocrine endpoints in adult male rats

Herve Aloysius
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are prevalent environmental contaminants with a wide range of biological effects in wildlife, experimental animals, and humans. In order to quantify the toxicity associated with environmental PCB exposure, endocrine and immune endpoints were evaluated in a dose-response study using Aroclor 1260. Nine-week old male rats were treated with Aroclor 1260 in corn oil at dosages ranging from 0.025 to 156 mg/kg/day. Rats were treated by oral gavage for 10 consecutive days and...

Temperature and enzyme activity in poikilotherms : liver soluble NADP+-linked isocitrate dehydrogenase from trout

Thomas William Moon
The effect of temperature on the oxidative-decarboxylation of isocitrate by the soluble NADP+-linked isocitrate dehydrogenase (NADP-IDH, EC from rainbow trout (Salmo gairdnerii) liver has been investigated. A particular interest was given those properties of the enzyme which might help to explain the temperature-independent function of the Krebs cycle and the large increase in fatty acid synthesis known to occur during low temperature acclimation. Within the thermal range experienced by rainbow trout, control of catalysis...

Deformation and fracture behavior of eutectic aluminum-silicon casting alloys

Eric James Dowdle
The effect of silicon particle size and morphology on the deformation and fracture behavior of a binary aluminum silicon casting alloy was studied. Castings of eutectic composition were solidified either slowly without modifiers, or quickly with strontium modification to produce two different as-cast microstructures. Solution treatment of the castings was performed for various lengths of time at 540°C to further differentiate the structures. Quantitative image analysis was used to describe the size and shape of...

Emotion and psychopathy: a three-component analysis

Adelle E. Forth
The study was designed to examine the hypothesis that psychopathy is associated with an affective deficit. Subjects were 42 incarcerated offenders divided into nonpsychopathic and psychopathic groups based on their scores on the Hare Revised Psychopathy Checklist (Hare, 1991). Facial expressions, central and peripheral physiological activity, and subjective ratings of affective valence and arousal were measured during exposure to a series of slides and film clips designed to elicit either positive or negative affective states....

Addressing issues of competency in older adults when discharge planning : a social work perspective

Sarah Ann Torontali
An aging Canadian population suggests that social workers in hospital settings will increasingly encounter older adults whose capacity to make decisions regarding place of residence may be impaired. There is a lack of discussion in the social work literature around the issue of competency to make this decision, specifically, how competency is determined, and how the assessment process unfolds. Qualitative research was conducted in order to explore the process of discharge planning with elderly, hospitalized...

How and why a small songbird, the Oregon Junco (Juncus hyemalis oregonus), breeds over a steep elevation gradient : shifting life-histories, adaptations, and costs and benefits with elevation

Heather Bears
I used a comparative approach to examine phenotypic plasticity in morphology and life-history traits of a songbird, the Oregon Junco (Juncus hyemalis oregonus), at the lowest (1, 000 m asl; 4 sites) and highest (2, 000 m asl; 4 sites) elevational extremes of its breeding range in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. Further, I tested if juncos differ in stress levels and sensitivity to stressors ("adrenocortical sensitivity") among elevations by measuring baseline corticosterone concentration, and...

A special purpose computer to simulate a visual receptor network for pattern recognition studies

Denis John Connor
A set of equations is introduced which describes the inhibitory interaction between the receptors in the eye of the horse-shoe crab, Limulus. The terms primary inhibition field, and inhibition field are defined, and the results of a digital computer study of their interdependence with respect to size and to the type of k[subscript i,j] and t[subscript i,j] functions employed are given. It is concluded that a large receptor array can be simulated by solving the...

Ripping yarns: the narrative creation of Jack the Ripper

Christine Cecilia Ferguson
In recent years, much critical attention has focused on the impact of the serial killer figure on such established literary genres as detective and gothic fiction. The present study reverses this mode of inquiry by looking at the effect of modernist and postmodernist narrative in shaping the cultural construction of archetypal serial murderer Jack the Ripper. Texts discussed include The Whitechapel Murders Papers (1889), Adelaide Belloc-Lowndes' The Lodger (1913), Iain Sinclair's White Chappell, Scarlet Tracings...

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games: (re)framing protest

Nicolien Van Luijk
Previous research has shown that the organization of Olympic Games has had a negative impact on the civil liberties of host communities, including the right to peaceful protest (Lenskyj, 2002). The purpose of this research was to examine how individuals participating in anti-Olympic events (re)framed the right to protest in public space during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. Three research questions guided the study, (i) what are protestor perspectives on how Olympic organizers are...

Interacting foreground and middleground structures in Berg’s Altenberg Lieder, opus 4, nos. II and III

Karen Jane Dick
Although Berg's Altenberg Lieder were composed at the time when tonal boundaries were being broken and have many atonal features, they also employ tonal elements and traditional features such as Bogenform. In song JJ the tonal elements might be interpreted as middleground structures, leaving the more atonal ones as foreground structures. While such foreground materials remain more or less constant from song II to song III, it becomes evident that the middleground elements in song...

Poultry layer manure use in raspberry production : soil nitrogen processes and crop nitrogen uptake

Donna Marie Dean
Poultry manure application in excess of red raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) nitrogen (N) requirement has been suggested as a significant contributor to elevated groundwater nitrate concentrations in the Abbotsford Aquifer. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of poultry layer manure application on N processes in raspberry fields. An experiment was conducted at a site with no history of manure application in 1992 (C92) and 1993 (C93) and a site with a...

Opus 25

Benjamin Bolden
Opus 25 is a collection of compositions which I created between September 1995 and April 1997. Instrumentation varies; there are works for choirs, chamber ensembles, solo voice, solo harp, solo piano, and orchestra. All the works included in this collection have been performed at some point during this same period, and recordings of these performances can be found on the accompanying cassette.

The counselling needs of British Columbia student-athletes : a preliminary study

Greg Donald Lawley
The purpose of this study is to explore some of the counselling needs of British Columbian post-secondary student athletes and discover what services are being provided for them. Student athletes at one British Columbia institution- The University-College of the Fraser Valley (U.C.F.V.) were interviewed. Data was collected by interviewing 12 male and female student athletes, in their 1st to 4th year of eligibility. U.C.F.V. student athletes expressed the need for counselling services relating to the...

Foraging strategy of the black oystercatcher

Earl Brian Hartwick
The study was concerned with the foraging strategies of animals and, in particular, with a recent model of optimal foraging proposed by Royama in 1970. The black oyster-catcher Haematopus bachmani Audubon was chosen as a study animal because it foraged in an open habitat where it was possible to observe both the hunting of the adult and the feeding of the young. Low survival rates resulting from predation and drowning indicated that efficiency in feeding...

A comparative analysis of a selection of Hungarian folktales in English

Andrea Katalin Szilagyi
A significant body of Hungarian folktales in English exists, but these tales are difficult to locate, out of print, and/or excluded from international folktale anthologies. Critics have attributed this lack of prominence to linguistic isolation or to issues surrounding translation and economic challenges in today's publishing world. This thesis examines a selected body of Hungarian folktales in English. Specifically, it presents the findings of my extensive search for tales in translation and for scholarship on...

The beginnings of foster care in British Columbia : 1900-1930

Dorothy-Jean O’Donnell
Although much has been written in the field of family history since Phillipe Aires' Centuries of Childhood (1962), the study of foster care in its various forms has received less attention. Themes concerning orphans and foster children do, however, appear guite often in literature and dramatic works. Two academic articles from Iceland and Brazil respectively discuss historical material relating to foster children and orphans in the 19th century. Themes from these articles, about the role...

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