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[Clipping depicting a group posing with croquet equipment]

Item is not the actual clipping but a photocopy.

[Photograph depicting two women playing croquet]

Accompanying note states that this photo is a restored, later print.

[Card photograph depicting a group posing with croquet equipment]

[Card photograph depicting a game of croquet]

[Photograph album sheet depicting croquet]

More photographs on verso.

[Matted photograph depicting a game of croquet]


Illustration of a case for silks on verso.

A croquet match

Article on verso and illustration above on recto.

Idlewild, Cornwall

Illustration in mat.

[Alice at the croquet ground]

The croquet-player

Illustration accompanies the fictional story, "A Cruel Mistake".

An unfinished game

Fictional story on verso.

[Card photograph depicting a family on a croquet lawn]

[Illustration depicting children playing croquet]

Games and home amusements

Advertisement for Milton Bradley & Co. Advertisement for Miller Allen & Co.'s mammoth cloth and clothing house on verso.


Cacao Van Houten

French advertisement for Cacao Van Houten written on verso.

[Sporting memories]

Postcard is a later reproduction of the original advertisement.

[Photograph album sheet depicting a game of croquet]

Entire photograph album sheet is not intact. Segment of a photograph on verso. Accompanied by an intact photograph album sheet.

[Depiction of women playing croquet]

Depicting is surrounded by other collage elements such as floral paintings, poems, and stories. Verso contains collage, as well.

The new game of roque

Photograph taken by W. W. Griffin. Spread accompanies article by Charles Jacobus on roque, a version of croquet. Article on prayer by Margaret Bottome on verso.


Sheet music cover of a song titled, "Croquet", by C. H. Webb and J. R. Thomas, with score intact.


Copy of a photograph.

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