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Combination of recommender system and single-particle diagnosis for accelerated discovery of novel nitrides

Yukinori Koyama, Atsuto Seko, Isao Tanaka, Shiro FUNAHASHI & Naoto HIROSAKI
Discovery of new compounds from wide chemical space is attractive for materials researchers. However, theoretical prediction and validation experiments have not been systematically integrated. Here, we demonstrate that a new combined approach is powerful to accelerate the discovery rate of new compounds significantly, which should be useful for exploration of wide chemical space in general. A recommender system for chemically relevant composition is constructed by machine learning of Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD) using chemical...

SuperMat: Construction of a linked annotated dataset from superconductors-related publications

Luca Foppiano, Sae DIEB, Akira Suzuki, Pedro Baptista de Castro, Suguru Iwasaki, Azusa Uzuki, Miren Garbine Esparza Echevarria, Yan Meng, Kensei Terashima, Laurent Romary, Yoshihiko Takano & masashi ishii
A growing number of papers are published in the area of superconducting materials science. However, novel text and data mining (TDM) processes are still needed to efficiently access and exploit this accumulated knowledge, paving the way towards data-driven materials design. Herein, we present SuperMat (Superconductor Materials), an annotated corpus of linked data derived from scientific publications on superconductors, which comprises 142 articles, 16052 entities, and 1398 links that are characterised into six categories: the names,...

Bioinspired adhesive polymer coatings for efficient and versatile corrosion resistance

Debabrata Payra, Masanobu Naito, Yoshihisa Fujii, Norifumi L. Yamada, Sachiko Hiromoto & Alok Singh
The anticorrosion ability of ultrathin coatings with bio-inspired organic polymers is demonstrated. We prepared a series of catechol-containing poly(alkyl methacrylate)s by free radical polymerization. These copolymers were spin-coated on various corrosion susceptible metal/alloy substrates of magnesium, aluminum, copper and iron without any harsh pretreatment. Several key factors like molecular structure, composition ratio and processing conditions were wisely tailored to afford a transparent, firm and sub- micron polymer coating on those substrates. Corrosion resistance of the...

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  • 2021

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  • National Institute for Materials Science
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