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Prácticas educativas en la educación valores y en derechos humanos

Stephanie Washburn-Madrigal & Ana-Lupita Chaves-Salas
Objetivo. Este artículo presenta los resultados de la investigación La educación en valores y en derechos humanos en los planes de estudio para la formación de docentes en la Universidad de Costa Rica, que tenía como objetivo general analizar la incorporación de la educación en valores y de los derechos humanos en los planes de estudio para la formación de docentes de la Universidad de Costa Rica. Metodología. La investigación se desarrolló desde un enfoque...

Percepciones sobre la procrastinación académica en universitarios peruanos

Beatriz Duda-Macera & Eliana Gallardo-Echenique
Objetivo. El objetivo de esta investigación es entender la procrastinación académica en que incurren los estudiantes de Ingeniería de una universidad privada de Lima. Las bases teóricas de las que se partió fueron la teoría de las funciones ejecutivas de Barkley y la teoría de la autoeficacia de Bandura. Metodología. La metodología utilizada fue cualitativa con un diseño fenomenológico para comprender el tema de estudio desde el punto de vista del participante. Se realizaron entrevistas...

Complete Relativity: Nature of observables

Mario Ljubičić
A complete relativity of all observables with scale invariance in physical laws is postulated and discussed.

Along with definitions of new terms which may be used in follow-up articles written in the context of the theory, in order to conform to this physics, a redefinition and generalization of some terms and factors already in use has also been suggested.

In conclusion, the theory suggests that everything must be relative in order to exist...

La Motivación En El Alumnado Universitario: Una Revisión Sistemática

Lionel Sánchez-Bolívar & Asunción Martínez-Martínez
Uno de los factores más relevantes en la incorporación a una titulación universitaria, en el desempeño educativo y para el futuro profesional del alumnado universitario, es la motivación. El presente estudio tiene por objetivo el desarrollar una revisión sistemática de la literatura que estudia la motivación en este alumnado. Para esta investigación se empleó la búsqueda en las bases de datos de Web of Science y Scopus, de los términos (en español e inglés) “motivación”...

Новые приборы для исследования гипомагнитных полей и помещений

Любимов В.В.
Приведены основные технические характеристики созданных в инициативном порядке и на средства автора новых образцов научных приборов. Эти приборы предназначены для обнаружения электромагнитных полей, вредных искусственных магнитных полей и излучений в условиях городской среды обитания человека и для проведения исследований в гипомагнитных помещениях.

Knowledge-Driven Mechanistic Enrichment of the Preeclampsia Ignorome

Tiffany J Callahan
Preeclampsia is a leading cause of maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. Currently, there is no cure for preeclampsia except delivery of the placenta, which is central to the pathogenesis of the disease. Transcriptional profiling of human placenta from pregnancies complicated by preeclampsia has been extensively performed to identify differentially expressed genes (DEGs). DEGs are identified using unbiased assays, however the decisions to investigate DEGs experimentally are biased by many factors (e.g., investigator interests, available...

Hypothesis of regulation of active viral infection (lysis) of unicellular hosts in the hydrosphere

It was shown a tetranucleotide, CGCG, to inhibit infectious activities of some algal viruses by 102-104 times. This process depends on the duration of CGCG-virus contact. The results obtained seem to be interesting from the practical point of view and may be as a foundation of hypothesis of the role of DNA decay products appearing in the aquatic environment as a result of viral lysis of unicellular hosts in the smooth stop of active viral...

More than newspapers

Tim Sherratt
Preprint version. Final version published in History Australia, volume 18, number 4, November 2021. https://doi.org/10.1080/14490854.2021.1993744 For most researchers Trove means digitised newspapers, but there are many strands to both its history and its use in research.

Politiche sulla scienza aperta in Italia: solo \"bla bla bla\"

Roberto Caso
Mentre l’UNESCO si accinge ad adottare la raccomandazione sull’Open Science, la Francia ha da poco varato il secondo piano nazionale sulla scienza aperta, e l’UE non solo finalizza il progetto Horizon Europe all’apertura dei risultati della ricerca ma inserisce le pratiche dell’Open Science tra gli elementi di valutazione delle proposte progettuali, in Italia si discute molto di politiche della Scienza Aperta senza sviluppi concreti e significativi. Anzi, oggi la scienza appare nel nostro Paese meno...

A Complete representation of spacetime

The aim of this paper is to continue on the work introduced in the paper, a finite element representation of time, which discretized space-time using a method motivated from finite elements in order to uncover gravity. This paper is divided into two parts. The first part covers quantum equilibration, bell-type quantum field theory, dark matter, dark energy and the second part of the paper tries to apply the results of the first part of the...

The Solar System: Nature and mechanics

Mario Ljubičić
Origin, mechanics and properties of the Solar System are analyzed in the framework of Complete Relativity.

The analysis confirms the postulates and hypotheses of the theory with a high degree of confidence.

During the analysis, some new hypotheses have emerged. These are discussed and confirmed with various degrees of confidence. To increase confidence or refute some hypotheses, experimental verification is necessary.

Main conclusions are: Solar System is a scaled Carbon isotope with...

The Riemann Hypothesis Is Possibly True

Frank Vega
In mathematics, the Riemann hypothesis is a conjecture that the Riemann zeta function has its zeros only at the negative even integers and complex numbers with real part $\frac{1}{2}$. The Riemann hypothesis belongs to the David Hilbert's list of 23 unsolved problems and it is one of the Clay Mathematics Institute's Millennium Prize Problems. The Robin criterion states that the Riemann hypothesis is true if and only if the inequality $\sigma(n)< e^{\gamma } \times n...

Rainwater Electrolysis Using Automotive Truck

Hassan Al Maazmi, Salem AlShamsi, Hamdan AlHosni, Abdullah AlThakri, Khalifa AlAli & ahmad akkad
Many people face a lot of issues when they go out during rain time. Many solutions exist for this issue, such as sending a truck to suck these water stack on roads and streets, but it takes time and effort without community benefit. We believe we have a better solution to that, and it is by using Automotive truck electrolysis of rainwater which will produce two gases, Hydrogen and Oxygen. We believe this could be...

Holographic focusing and holographic metric fisher

Holographic metric fisher

Surface theory and entanglement string

Surface theory and string

Focusing and holographic time

Focusing and holographic time

Gravitational higgs geometry

Gravitational higgs geometry

Digital Humanities. A God of many faces

Gimena Del Rio Riande & Jennifer Millar
Report ot the prerint of Keynote, God of Many faces, at HSE April International Academic Conference, Moscow, 10-13th, April, 2018: https://conf.hse.ru/en/2018/

Leveraging a Neural-Symbolic Representation of Biomedical Knowledge to Improve Pediatric Subphenotyping

Tiffany J Callahan, Lawrence E Hunter & Michael G Kahn
Objective: Understanding the molecular drivers of disease is a vital component of personalized medicine. Unfortunately, molecular data are not currently available in most electronic health records (EHRs). To solve this problem we created Med2Mech, a joint learning framework for inferring molecular characterizations of patients from clinical data and publicly available biomedical data. Methods: Med2Mech was evaluated using pediatric EHR data from a subset of rare disease and other similarly medically complex patients. First, patient-level clinical...

Magnetar-type bursting evolution of Jupiter global magnetoactivity since 1996

M. Omerbashich
The decade-scale evolution profile of short-burst pulses, observed previously in 4U 0142+61, emerges from mean spectra of mission-integrated Galileo–Cassini–Juno 1996-2020 annual orbiting samplings of Jupiter ⪅8nT global magnetic field. The profile is obtained by temporally mapping hyperlow-frequency (<1μHz) dynamics of the magnetospheric signature of solar wind’s Rieger-resonance perturbations in ~0.2–2 zeV, here used as a proxy of magnetoactivity. The 1–6 month (385.8–64.3 nHz) mechanical resonance of solar wind is impressed onto the Jovian magnetosphere entirely...


Dalam administrasi sarana atau fasilitas prasarana sekolah butuh memaksimalkan penyediaan, pendayagunaan, perawatan serta pengendalian fasilitas serta prasarana pembelajaran, sekolah dituntut buat mempunyai kemandirian dalam mengendalikan serta mengurus kebutuhan sekolah bagi kebutuhan yang berlandaskan aspirasi serta partisipasi masyarakat sekolah dengan senantiasa mengacu pada peraturan serta perundang undangan pembelajaran nasional yang berlaku.keberadaan administrasi fasilitas serta prasarana di sekolah absolut diperlukan dalam proses pembelajaran, serta tercantum dalam komponen-komponen yang wajib dipenuhi dalam penerapan proses pembelajaran

EdgeBOL: Automating Energy-savings for Mobile Edge AI

Jose A. Ayala-Romero, Andres Garcia-Saavedra, Xavier Costa-Perez & George Iosifidis
Supporting Edge AI services is one of the most exciting features of future mobile networks. These services involve the collection and processing of voluminous data streams, right at the network edge, so as to offer real-time and accurate inferences to users. However, their widespread deployment is hampered by the energy cost they induce to the network. To overcome this obstacle, we propose a Bayesian learning framework for jointly configuring the service and the Radio Access...

Green Jobs and Climate Change

, &
A study based on the final report of the international Workshop “Green Jobs and Climate Change”, Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, from December 10 to December 13, 2012, on behalf of the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Kooperatives Lernen in der betrieblichen Berufsausbildung

BBP-Arbeitsbericht, 82

Calculations of electron inelastic mean free paths. X. Data for 41 elemental solids over the 50 eV to 200 keV range with the relativistic full Penn algorithm

Hiroshi SHINOTSUKA, Shigeo Tanuma, Cedric Powell & David R. Penn
We have calculated inelastic mean free paths (IMFPs) for 41 elemental solids (Li, Be, graphite, diamond, glassy C, Na, Mg, Al, Si, K, Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Ge, Y, Nb, Mo, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, In, Sn, Cs, Gd, Tb, Dy, Hf, Ta, W, Re, Os, Ir, Pt, Au, and Bi) for electron energies from 50 eV to 200 keV. The IMFPs were calculated from measured energy loss functions for each...

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