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Requirements and Specifications for the Orchestration of Network Intelligence in 6G

Miguel Camelo, Luca Cominardi, Marco Gramaglia, Marco Fiore, Andres Garcia-Saavedra, Lidia Fuentes, Danny De Vleeschauwer, Paola Soto, Nina Slamnik-Kriještorac, Joaquín Ballesteros, Chia-Yu Chang, Gabriele Baldoni, Johann M. Marquez-Barja, Peter Hellinckx & Steven Latré
Next-generation mobile networks are expected to flaunt highly (if not fully) automated management. Network Intelligence (NI) will be the key enabler for such a vision, empowering myriad of orchestrators and controllers across network domains. In this paper, we elaborate on the DAEMON architectural model, which proposes introducing a NI Orchestration layer for the effective end-to-end coordination of NI instances deployed across the whole mobile network infrastructure. Specifically, we first outline requirements and specifications for NI...

Relationships between geomagnetic Ар-indeх and parameters of the acupuncture points as well as neuroendocrine-immune complex in patients with its dysfunction

R.G. Tserkovniuk, A.I. Gozhenko, I.L. Popovych, T.A. Korolyshyn, M.M. Kovbasnyuk, A.S. Anchev, W. Zukow & R.I. Yanchij
Relationships between geomagnetic Ар-indeх and parameters of the acupuncture points as well as neuroendocrine-immune complex in patients with its dysfunction R.G. Tserkovniuk1, A.I. Gozhenko1, I.L. Popovych1,2, T.A. Korolyshyn1,2,3, M.M. Kovbasnyuk2, A.S. Anchev1, W. Zukow4, R.I. Yanchij2 1Ukrainian Research Institute for Medicine of Transport, Odesa, Ukraine ruslan.urology@gmail.com prof.gozhenko@gmail.com 2OO Bohomolets’ Institute of Physiology, Kyїv, Ukraine i.popovych@biph.kiev.ua janchij2014@gmail.com 3Clinical sanatorium “Moldova”, Truskavets’, Ukraine 4Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland w.zukow@wp.pl Background. Back in 1990, YuP Limansky hypothesized acupuncture...

Violences envers les femmes dans les espaces publics, au travail et dans les couples en Martinique

Stéphanie CONDON, Sandrine DAUPHIN, Justine DUPUIS &
Reconnues à l’échelle internationale comme un problème social majeur, les violences envers les femmes ont fait l’objet de nombreuses études et enquêtes statistiques au cours des vingt dernières années. En France, une première enquête nationale sur les violences envers les femmes, l’Enveff, réalisée en 2000, a marqué une étape importante dans la prise en compte politique de ces violences, ainsi que dans la légitimation du phénomène des violences de genre en tant qu’objet scientifique. Celles-ci...

A Columbus's egg: the possibility of beta -induced TRIM and adaptive immunity against COVID-19, inducing cross primary and secondary prevention for pandemic shutdown worldwide

Giuseppe R.Brera
SARS-COV 2, like HIV, induces NK-, CD4+, CD8+-based immune depression proportional to COVID-19 severity and immune anergy after the seventh day from the beginning of clinical symptoms, the principal cause of fatalities in older people affected by atherosclerosis-based comorbidities. Since the 2003 SARS-COV pandemic, this clinical evidence has not oriented WHO and anti-COVID 19 scientific committees to natural innate and adaptive active immunity boosting-based primary and secondary prevention and immune therapy in anergy. It represents...

Kochaisa Kurmi

कोचैसा कुर्मी ए वीर महान

Failure to apply standard limit-of-detection or limit-of-quantitation criteria to specialized pro-resolving mediator analysis incorrectly characterizes their presence in biological samples.

Valerie O'Donnell, Nils H Schebb, Ginger L Milne, Michael P Murphy, Christopher P Thomas, Dieter Steinhilber, Stacy G Wendell, Hartmut Kühn, , Ian Blair, Robert C Murphy, Bruce A Freeman, Alan R Brash & Garret FitzGerald
Specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPM) derived from oxygenation of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) were originally described by Serhan and colleagues and have been proposed as mediators of inflammation resolution. Families of SPM described in the literature include lipoxins, resolvins, maresins, protectins and their peptide conjugates. In this article Gomez and co-authors report that levels of plasma SPM from patients with early rheumatoid arthritis predict response to biologic therapy after 6 months. SPM were measured...

Whole-genome sequencing of Bacillus velezensis Knl15, a strain with an inhibitory behavior against Rhizoctonia solani

Ben Slimene Imen, Marzouk Takwa, Chaouachi Manel, Ben Alya Amani, Khiari Bilel, Win Joe, Kamoun Sophien & Djébali Naceur
Bacillus velezensis Knl15 is a gram-positive, endospore-forming bacterium that enhances plant growth and suppresses soil-borne plant pathogens including Rhizoctonia solani by producing secondary metabolites. The genome analysis of B. velezensis Knl15 reveals that it can serve as a potential candidate for developing new biocontrol agents

Possibility of Proving P = NP through the 3-Partition Problem

Glenn Patrick King Ang
The P versus NP problem is a very intriguing concept as it asks whether difficult problems have an alternative easier solution, but the difficulty of a problem usually only exist from the perspective of the solver. This paper details an alternative method to efficiently solve a 3-partition problem, which is considered a strongly NP-complete problem. Thus, proving that there exists an efficient method to solve a 3-partition problem might also prove P = NP. Section...

The Real Algebraic Expression of the Collatz Conjecture

Glenn Patrick King Ang
The Collatz conjecture is a very intriguing topic since a simple 3n+1 algebraic expression can create an endless 4 to 2 to 1 loop for any positive odd integer. Not surprisingly, the famous 3n+1 is not the only algebraic expression that can create an infinite loop when the same conditions for the Collatz conjecture is applied. This paper details the real algebraic expression discovered for the Collatz conjecture as well as the pattern of the...

Quantum Spatial Probability and Time Intervals in the High Energy Limit

Francesco R. Ruggeri
Linking quantum mechanics to classical mechanics seems to have been an early goal in quantum theory as represented by the correspondence principle. More recently there have been attempts to link the entropy of both a single bound quantum state and a thermal statistical system of quantum states to classical entropies (1),(2). For the former, the entropy is proportional to Integral dx density(x) ln[density(x)] where density(x)= delta t = 1 / v(x) with v(x) being...

Time-Dependent and Independent Quantum Entropy

Francesco R. Ruggeri
Entropy in quantum mechanics is often based on von Neuman’s prescription (1) which yields zero for a pure eigenstate. Some alternative approaches also yield this result (2). In other words, it seems this type of entropy deals with transitions between different energy eigenstates and excludes the intrinsic entropy of a pure energy eigenstate. There is, however, literature (3) dealing with both spatial and momentum entropy of a single energy eigenstate. In particular, Shannon’s entropy equation...

Learning to take turns together: The spontaneous emergence of rhythmic coordination

Anna Zamm, Stefan Debener & Natalie Sebanz
Turn-taking is a feature of many social interactions such as group music-making, where partners must alternate turns with high precision and accuracy. In two studies of musical rhythm coordination, we investigated how joint action partners learn to coordinate the timing of turn-taking. Musically inexperienced individuals learned to tap at the rate of a pacing cue individually or jointly (in turn with a partner), where each tap produced the next tone in a melodic sequence. In...

Identifying chemical categories for testing in in vivo / in vitro systems for reproductive and developmental effects

Dimitri Abrahamsson, Joshua F. Robinson, Juleen Lam, Julia Varshavsky, Jennifer C. Fung, Patrick Allard & Tracey J. Woodruff
With an ever-increasing production rate of industrial chemicals, the human population is exposed to multiple and varied environmental contaminants, the majority of which have no available data on toxicity. Of particular concern are exposures taking place during critical windows of development, such as in utero and early childhood, due to their unique vulnerability to environmental perturbations. In vitro approaches have advanced for screening environmental contaminants, but approaches are also needed to identify how to prioritize...

PAM 43.678 frag. 55 (IAA Plate 78, Frag 45) and 4Q5 (4QGen-e) frags. 2-3

Eibert Tigchelaar
One of the unidentified Qumran Cave 4 fragments, numbered PAM 43.678 frag. 55 in DJD volume 33, and IAA Plate 78, frag. 45 in the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library of the IAA, is a fragment of 4Q5 (4QGene) and should be placed immediately above 4Q5 frags. 2 and 3.


For Full Text is composed of three important comments . 1. STERN VOLMER EQUATION AND LINEAR REGRESSION ANALYSIS : Abstracting of an article as Indian Science Abstrct . ( ISSN : 0019-6339 , Vol 43 ). 2. ANALYSIS OF FLUORESCENCE QUENCHING RATE CONSTANT : In this note we wish to report the Photo Dynamic Application of STERN VOLMER EQUATION relating to Quenching rate constant to predict photo-dynamic therapy ( PDT ). 3. Modeled Photo Sensitized...

Πειραματικές Αποδείξεις για το Σύνδρομο Αιώρησης (Ανάρτησης)

Theofanis Kapetanakis & Andreas Papageorgiou
Απ’ ό,τι προκύπτει από τις έρευνες και τα πειράματα, μόλις κάποιος βρεθεί αναρτημένος και δεν μπορεί να κινήσει τα πόδια του, τότε ξεκινά η συσσώρευση αίματος στα κάτω άκρα λόγω του ότι το μποντριέ σφίγγει πίσω από τους μηρούς άρα εμποδίζει τη φλεβική επιστροφή. Οι μηριαίες αρτηρίες δεν εμποδίζονται, οπότε το αίμα συνεχίζει να πηγαίνει προς τα κάτω άκρα ενώ ουσιαστικά δυσκολεύεται να επιστρέψει στην καρδιά. Η καρδιά αντιλαμβάνεται άμεσα αυτό το πρόβλημα (μείωση προφορτίου)...

Biological Sciences and Physics Unified: Internal Evolution and Urging the Second Scientific Revolution

Arash Sadri
Abstract: Why are there several sciences instead of only one? Are higher “levels of organization” reducible to “the most fundamental” one, physics? Should we try to do so now that we have the required tools? How could our ancestors discover drugs that we still rely on, thousands of years ago; yet we, with incomparably advanced equipment and knowledge, are desperate to do so? Why has biology, e.g., neuroscience and genomics, failed in unraveling the workings...

PAM 43.660 frag. 81 (IAA Plate 92, frag. 63) a 4Q319 (4QOtot) Fragment

Identification of a small Qumran Cave 4 fragment as a fragment of 4Q319 - 4QOtot

Quantum Spatial Probability and Time Intervals in the High Energy Limit Part III

Francesco R. Ruggeri
Classical statistical mechanics is often derived using counting methods applied to all possible configurations a system may take subject to a total volume and a total energy constraint. Given that there are numerous configurations, there should also be an average of these configurations described by f(e) for the Maxwell-Boltzmann (MB), Fermi-Dirac (FD) and Bose-Einstein (BE) distributions. In previous notes we have argued that one may apply a dynamical constraint to the average configuration. In...

Time model

Hui Liu
This paper is a model about time, which explains the generation, meaning and nature of time, as well as the origin of time differences between different systems. Inspired by Newton's absolute space-time and Einstein's relative space-time, thank you.

Unlocking the Riddles of Imperial Greek Melodies: the 'Lydian' metamorphosis of the Classical harmonic system

T. A. C. Lynch
SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY Barker, A. (1989). Greek Musical Writings 2. Cambridge: CUP. Barker, A. (2007). The Science of Harmonics in Classical Greece. Cambridge: CUP. Barker, A. (2020). ‘Harmonics’ in Lynch, T. A.C. and Rocconi, E. (eds) A Companion to ancient Greek and Roman Music, Malden: Blackwell, 257–274. DAGM = Pöhlmann, E. and West, M.L. (2001). Documents of Ancient Greek Music: The Extant Melodies and Fragments. Oxford. dDAGM = Lynch, T.A.C. (2021). Database ‘Documents of Ancient Greek...

Incorporating a molecular antenna in diatom microalgae cells enhances photosynthesis

Gabriella Leone, De La Cruz Valbuena Gabriel, R. Cicco Stefania, Danilo Vona, , Ragni Roberta, , , , , , & M. Farinola Gianluca
Diatom microalgae have great industrial potential as next-generation sources of biomaterials and biofuels. Effective scale-up of their production can be pursued by enhancing the efficiency of their photosynthetic process in a way that increases the solar-to-biomass conversion yield. A proof-of-concept demonstration is given of the possibility of enhancing the light absorption of algae and increasing their efficiency in photosynthesis by in vivo incorporation of an organic dye which acts as an antenna and enhances cell...


Mert Yucemoz
Schumann resonan


Mert Yucemoz
Schumann resonan

In Silico Design of Specific Primer Sets for the Detection of B.1.1.529 SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern (Omicron)

Mauro Petrillo, Maddalena Querci, Philippe Corbisier, Antonio Marchini, Gerhard Buttinger & Guy Van den Eede
On 26 November 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified variant B.1.1.529, reported earlier by the South African authorities as “Variant of Concern” with the name Omicron. The decision was taken because Omicron is bearing a number of mutations with a potential impact on its transmissibility, severity of disease following infection, as well as on the effectiveness of immune protection resulting from both vaccines and natural infection. In this paper, we present an in silico...

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