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Machine-learning approaches for the empirical Schrödinger bridge problem

Francisco Vargas
The Schrödinger bridge problem is concerned with finding the most likely stochastic evolution between two probability distributions given a prior/reference stochastic evolution. This problem was posed by Schrödinger (1931, 1932) and solved to a large extent. Problems of this kind, whilst not popular in the machine learning community, have direct applications such as domain adaptation, hypothesis testing, semantic similarity, and others. Thus, the focus of this thesis is to carry out a preliminary study on...

Perceived Fairness in the Taxation of a Digital Business Model

Stefan Greil, Christian Schwarz & Stefan Stein
Forschungsberichte des Fachbereichs Wirtschaftswissenschaften der Hochschule Düsseldorf, 2018(47), 1-27

Quelles actions pour la filière vigne et vin face au changement climatique ? : Sélection de propositions issues d’une démarche participative et de la consultation d’instances professionnelles viticoles

Patrick Aigrain, Benjamin Bois, Françoise Brugière, Eric Duchene, García de Cortázar-Atauri, Jacques Gautier, Hervé Hannin, Nathalie Ollat & Jean-Marc Touzard

Pflanzenkohle in der Landwirtschaft. Hintergründe zur Düngerzulassung und Potentialabklärung für die Schaffung von Kohlenstoff-Senken

Hans-Peter Schmidt, Nikolas Hagemann, Fredy Abächerli, Jens Leifeld & Thomas Bucheli

Manual for Real-Time Quality Control of Dissolved Oxygen Observations: a Guide to Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Dissolved Oxygen Observations in Coastal Oceans. Version 2.0.

Musiktherapie bei depressiven Jugendlichen

Daniela Antony, Barbara Fröschl, Alexander Eisenmann & Isabella Röhrling
Wissenschaftlicher Hintergrund: Die Musiktherapie ist Teil der „Künstlerischen Therapien“. Sie wird in Deutschland in aktiver und rezidiver Form im intra- und extramuralen Bereich angeboten. Jugendliche gelten für Musiktherapie als besonders empfänglich, da sich die Art der Therapie mit dem besonderen Interesse Jugendlicher an Musik deckt. Die Musiktherapie wird besonders häufig bei Jugendlichen mit psychischen und Verhaltungsstörungen zusätzlich zur Standardtherapie eingesetzt. Forschungsfragen: Zur Anwendung der Musiktherapie an depressiven Jugendlichen wird deren Effektivität in Kombination mit der...

Potenzieller Einfluss soziodemografischer Faktoren auf Zugang und Erfolg einer Rehabilitation

Barbara Fröschl, Daniela Antony & Sarah Ivansits
Wissenschaftlicher Hintergrund: Das übergeordnete Ziel von Rehabilitation besteht in der Erhaltung bzw. Förderung der körperlichen, beruflichen und sozialen Leistungsfähigkeit der Patienten sowie der Förderung der individuellen Fähigkeiten und Möglichkeiten zur Krankheits- und Lebensbewältigung. In Deutschland umfasst die Rehabilitation folgende Bereiche: - Medizinische Leistungen zur Rehabilitation - Leistungen zur Teilhabe am Arbeitsleben - Unterhaltssichernde und ergänzende Leistungen - Leistungen zur Teilhabe am Leben in der Gemeinschaft. Forschungsfragen: Dieser HTA-Bericht (HTA = Health Technology Assessment) hat zwei...

The IEEE Local Area Network Standards

Alfred Weaver

An Optimal Steiner Tree Algorithm for a Net Whose Terminals Lie on the Perimeter of a Rectangle

James Cohoon, Dana Richards & J Salowe
Given a set of input points, the rectilinear Steiner tree problem is to find a minimal length tree consisting of vertical and horizontal line segments that Connects the input points, where it is possible to add new points to minimize the length of the tree. The restricted Steiner tree problem in which all the input points lie on the boundary of a rectangle frequently occurs in VLSI physical design. Since the fastest published algorithm is...

A Real-time Messaging System for Token Ring Networks

Alfred Weaver & M Colvin

Analysis of Deadline-Driven Scheduling Algorithms Using Function-Driven Techniques

W Strayer
Real-time systems must be responsive to task deadlines, hence deadlinedriven scheduling algorithms pervade real-time scheduling. Scheduling algorithms, whether for real-time system or not, often focus one or only a few of the task attributes or system characteristics for discriminating among competing tasks. The task set is comprised of tasks that either are dependent on the particular attributes or are forced to be. Expression of scheduling algorithms using function-driven techniques, in particular the importance abstraction [STRA92]...

Parallel Genetic Algorithms with Local Search

CL Huntley & DE Brown
This paper presents methods of applying local search to global optimization problems. The most common approach, multistart, selects the best solution from restarts of local search from random starting points. Partitional methods augment local search with general principles concerning the location of global optima in real space, significantly improving the effectiveness of local search in function optimization problems. Standard partitional methods, however, are not directly applicable to combinatorial optimization problems. We describe a genetic algorithm,...

Performance Analysis of a Software Implementation of the Xpress Transfer Protocol

Timothy Hartrick
In this thesis we present a survey of a group of influential Transport Layer protocols, including the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), ISO Transport Protocol Class 4 (TP4), the Versatile Message Transaction Protocol (VMTP) and the Xpress Transfer Protocol (XTP). A variety of features of each protocol are examined in detail. These features include packet formats, communication syntax, error and sequencing control and multicast capabilities. Next, we describe an implementation of XTP version 3.5 which was...

Shipboard Network Analysis

Alfred Weaver

Recognizing Shapes Via Random Chord Samplings

R Hashim & Worthy Martin
A brief introduction to various methods of two dimensional shape recognition is given. A procedure for image-plane rotation and translation invariant object recognition is described. The method is based on sampling random chords from the greylevel image of an object and using the texture information associated with these chords to recognize the object. A voting scheme based on a generalized Hough transform performs the recognition. Schemes for organizing random chord shape descriptions and for matching...

Simplifying Code Generation Through Peephole Optimizations

Jack Davidson
Producing compilers that generate good object code is difficult. The early phase of the compiler, syntactical and lexical analysis, have been automated. The latter phases, code generation and optimization, are more difficult because of the wide range of machine architectures. This dissertation describes a technique for the rapid implementation of production-quality compilers through the use of a machine-independent retargetable peephole optimizer, P0. P0 is retargeted by providing a description of the new machine. PO simplifies...

Beaver: A Computational Geometry-Based Tool for Switchbox Routing

James Cohoon & P Heck
A new fast switchbox router, BEAVER is presented. BEAVER combines a delayed layering scheme with computational geometry techniques to heuristically produce a switchbox solution that minimizes both via usage and wire length, and maximizes the use of a preferred routing layer. Other important features are its use of priority queues to determine the order that nets are routed and its prioritized control of individual track and column usage to prevent routing conflicts. BEAVER consists of...

The WM Computer Architecture Definition and Rationale

William Wulf

Gate - A Genetic Algorithm for Compacting Randomly Generated Test Sets

J Aylor, J Cohoon, E Feldhousen & B Johnson
A new technique. named GATE. is presented for the generation of compact test sets. GATE combines a previously proven method for random test pattern generation with the adaptive searching capabilities of genetic algorithms to produce very high quality test sets. A series of experiments demonstrated that our technique performed consistently better than the traditional method with respect to both fault coverage and test set size. 1‘ This research was supported in part by the Virginia...

Access Ordering Algorithms for a Multicopy Memory

Steven Moyer

A Distributed System for Analyzing Time Varying Multi-Resolution Imager

C Tan & Worthy Martin
A distributed system for analyzing time varying, mu1ti~resolution imagery is described in this paper. A pipelined pyramid structure is constructed in the system by continually converging incoming images into successive levels of decreasing resolutions. A set of processes work concurrently and asynchronously on subimages at different levels of the pyramid. These processes initially watch for interesting features in the coarsest resolution rendition of the scene. Processes working on promising areas individually but cooperatively proceed to...

Specification for a Real-Time Transport Protocol

Alfred Weaver, W Strayer & Bert Dempsey
Conventional standard transport protocols do not adequately support distributed real-time systems. An ideal protocol would ensure that at all times the communications subsystem is working on the task (message) of the most value to the overall system. In this paper we investigate how to develop a flexible and potent discrimination scheme based on importance, an abstract concept that measures the degree to which a task contributes to the overall system goal. We examine typical communication...

A Real-Time Synchronization Scheme for Replicated Data in Distributed Database Systems

Sang Son & Spiros Kouloumbis
The design and implementation of time-critical schedulers for real-time distributed replicated database systems must satisfy two major requirements: transactions must be able to meet the timing constraints associated with them, and mutual and internal consistency of replicated data must be preserved. In this paper, we propose a new replication control algorithm, which integrates real~time scheduling and replication control. The algorithm adopts a token-based scheme for replication control and attempts to balance the criticality of realtime...

Storage of Numeric Data in ADAMS

Russell Haddleton
This paper presents a scheme for the representation and storage of numeric data. The implemention of this scheme within the ADAMS Database System solves the major problem of maintaining numeric data in a bitwise ordered form, while providing the additional benefits of simplicity, expandability, portability, and compactness. 1. The Problem There are many commonly employed formats for representing numeric data. The C language provides seperate types for the representation of integer and real data, and...

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