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Technical Considerations for an Organization Identifier Registry

Martin Fenner, Laura Paglione, Tom Demeranville & Geoff Bilder
Organizational identifiers are needed to help solve the affiliation use case in scholarlycommunication, i.e., which research outputs are produced by researchers affiliated to aparticular institution. Organizations need to be involved in changes to the organization identifierand associated metadata, including splitting or merging of organizations, and information aboutsub-organizations. Organizational identifiers must follow established best practices forpersistent identifiers, including the linking to other organization identifiers and other resources inthe metadata. This paper was prepared jointly by Crossref,...

The Year in Review: Policy and Political Developments in 2020

Tasha Tan

Organisation identifiers: current provider survey

Geoffrey Bilder, Josh Brown & Tom Demeranville
This document is based on an analysis of the current landscape of Organisational Identifierprovision, conducted during the second quarter of 2016 by Geoffrey Bilder (Crossref) andaugmented by further research conducted by Josh Brown and Tom Demeranville (ORCID).This public discussion paper has been prepared as a complement to the OrganisationIdentifier requirements document published by Crossref, DataCite and ORCID in March2016. It informs our analysis of the current landscape of identifer provision, and is intendedto be read...

Organization Identifier Project: A Way Forward

Patricia Cruse, Laure Haak & Ed Pentz
There is a community need for an independent, open, non-profit organization identifier registry. This framing document, prepared by the Executive Directors of Crossref, DataCite, and ORCID, suggests a way to move forward. We propose forming a Working Group to develop a plan for the operation and governance of a registry. In developing this document we pulled from our own experiences in building and maintaining open identifier registries and recent thinking on the topic of open...

Attitudes towards institutions, politics, and policies: key findings from the world values survey

Mathew Mathews, Kay Key Teo, Melvin Tay & Alicia Wang

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