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Establishing a Net Zero Principles Framework to Support Public Policy Making

Karen Turner, Julia Race, Antonios Katris, Oluwafisayo Titilope Alabi & Jamie Stewart
Delivering Net Zero requires pathways that are not only technically, but economically, socially and politically feasible. To aid the identification of feasible pathways, CEP has developed a Net Zero Principles Framework (NZPF). The framework sets out key questions and challenges that must be addressed in identifying, designing and considering the nature and aim of public support and policy intervention for any Net Zero action. Questions around ‘who pays and who gains’ set out in this...

Meeting UK's 2035 Energy Efficiency Goals

Antonios Katris, Karen Turner & Jamie Stewart
We use an economy-wide computable general equilibrium (CGE) model – UKENVI - to investigate how the implementation of residential energy efficiency programmes over different timeframes, targeted at different low income and/or more 'able to pay' households, may impact employment and GDP across the wider economy depending on the approach to funding. The approach allows us to examine how outcomes in different timeframes are likely to be affected by responses and adjustment in all markets and...

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: Scotland 2020 Report

Samuel Mwaura, Sreevas Sahasranamam, Mark Hart, Karen Bonner, Neha Prashar, Anastasia Ri & Jonathan Levie

Energy Justice POINTs : Policies to Create a More Sustainable & Fairer Future for All

Rachel Bray & Rebecca Ford
The transition to clean energy is one of the UK’s five priority areas for COP26. Alongside the potential benefits from creating green energy jobs, transition to a net-zero energy system offers the potential for delivering broader social, political, and economic benefits (Hamilton and Akbar, 2010; Hepburn et al., 2020; Roy et al., 2018; Sovacool et al., 2020). History shows us that socio-economic disruptions associated with transitions tend to amplify inequalities (Sovacool and Brisbois, 2019). It...

Green Growth, Price Pressures and Productivity

Karen Turner
'Green growth' through the net zero transition is possible, and could deliver many benefits across multiple sectors, and the wider economy, to offset the costs of decarbonisation. Nonetheless, 'green growth' is like any other form of economic expansion: where opportunities need to be exploited particularly in the context of constrained labour markets, producer costs and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) should be expected to increase, even where we enjoy net gains in GDP, investment, and...

Digital Solutions Supporting Healthy Weight Management and the Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Framework

Ciarán Morrison
The most recent addition to Scotland’s diabetes policy environment came in July 2018, when the Scottish Government released ‘A Healthier Future – Framework for the Prevention, Early Detection and Early Intervention of type 2 diabetes’. The Framework provides guidance to delivery Public Sector partners for the implementation of new and enhanced weight management pathways. These pathways will sit within and beside integrated weight management services that will support its delivery partners in achieving the shared...

Online appendices for : \"The new Northern Ireland protocol : Can Northern Ireland enjoy the best of both worlds?\"

Geoffroy Duparc-Portier & Gioele Figus

Delivering a Just Transition to Net Zero : Whose Role is it Anyway?

Rachel Bray & Rebecca Ford
The transition to a net zero energy system provides society with an opportunity to embed energy justice principles and practices across the energy sector in order to achieve a transition which is not just ‘green’ but also ‘just’. The past decade has seen a surge of activity around the topics of energy justice and just transitions in both academic literature and policy priorities. While these investigations and activities have advanced our understanding of both concepts...

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