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Increasing Faculty Awareness of Open Access in 5 Minutes or Less

Ellen Ramsey
This paper provides ideas on increasing faculty awareness of scholarly communication issues.

Cellular Automata on the Micron Automata Processor

Ke Wang & Kevin Skadron
A cellular automaton (CA) is a well-studied and widely used time-evolving discrete model. CAs are studied in many fields of science, such as computability theory, mathematics, physics, complexity science, theoretical biology and microstructure modeling. Some CA models have been proven to be Turing Complete, such as the elementary cellular automaton (ECA) of Rule-110 and Conways Game of Life. Micron's Automata Processor (AP) is a hardware implementation of non-deterministic finite automata (NFAs). The core feature of...

Libra Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Deposits: 2014 Statistics

Ellen Ramsey
This document shows statistics tracking immediate worldwide availability and embargo choices of doctoral and masters' students depositing theses and dissertations into Libra, the University of Virginia's institutional repository, in Spring 2014.

Prefix Scan and Minimum Spanning Tree with OpenCL

Yixin Sun & Kevin Skadron
GPUs have been widely used to achieve wide data-parallelism to facilitate the execution of concurrent computations for performance and effciency. A lot of prior work have been done for CUDA, while OpenCL, as an open standard with the advantage of being able to run across multiple GPU platforms, still lacks development and effcient data primitives in its open standard libraries. This report discusses our work on constructing an effcient OpenCL implementation for parallel prefix scan...

IT – A Simple Parallel Language for Hierarchical Parallel Architectures

Muhammad Nur Yanhaona & Andrew Grimshaw
After several decades of continuous research and development of hundreds of parallel programming languages; the dominant mechanism of parallelism, unfortunately, remains to be low level threading or message passing libraries attached to sequential language cores. We are investigating an alternative parallel programming paradigm that strives to strike a balance between low-level, platform-specific programming such as in MPI, Pthreads, or CUDA; and high-level, hardware-agnostic language based approach such as in X10 or Chapel. The result is...

Prototype to Patient Treatment: Dialogue on Safety, Regulation, Privacy, Security, and Acceptability for Wearable Medical Devices — A Workshop Report

Rider Foley
Emerging technologies, such as wearable medical devices, can raise important societal concerns about regulation, privacy, safety, security, and acceptability. If left unresolved, these issues may stymie important technologies from reaching patients or result in unforeseen physical or emotional harms. It is not enough for early-stage research and development to generate fundamental knowledge and optimize technical operations without addressing societal issues, explicitly. Thus, organizations from across the medical device innovation ecosystem must work together to explore,...

MNRL and MNCaRT An Open-Source, Multi-Architecture State Machine Research and Execution Ecosystem

Westley Weimer, Kevin Angstadt, Jack Wadden & Kevin Skadron
We present MNRL, an open-source, general-purpose and extensible state machine representation language. The rep- resentation is flexible enough to support traditional finite automata (NFAs, DFAs) while also supporting more complex machines, such as those which propagate multi-bit signals between processing elements. The specification is based on JSON, a data interchange format that is supported across general-purpose programming languages. We also provide Python and C++ APIs for direct reading and writing of MNRL files. We also...

Libra Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) Deposits: 2016 Statistics

Ellen Ramsey & Sherry Lake
This document shows statistics tracking immediate worldwide availability and embargo choices of doctoral and masters' students depositing theses and dissertations into Libra, the University of Virginia's institutional repository, in 2016.

A General Algebraic Theory and Derived Software Framework for Automated Tradeoff Analysis Tools

Chong Tang, Kevin Sullivan, Hamid Bagheri & Ke Dou
This paper presents a formal, general algebraic theory of design space tradeoff analysis tools, and a map-reduce-based framework, derived mechanically from the theory, for implementing such tools. The theory is organized as a hierarchy of Coq typeclasses in a style similar to that being used elsewhere to formalize abstract mathematics. From this theory, using Coq's extraction function, we produce a polymorphic framework (in Scala) that developers specialize and extend to produce domain-specific trade-off analysis tools....

TMR: A Solution for Hardware Security Designs

Yubo Li & Kevin Skadron
Cyber-security has become an increasingly important issue in today's integrated circuit designs. The use of commercial off-the-shelf products and design outsourcing have introduced uncertainty in the supply chain and posed security threats such as an inside attacks. This paper describes the implementation of an FPGA design based on soft-core processor, and how triple modular redundancy (TMR) is applied to mitigate against the attacks in the supply chain. Four different applications are implemented and used as...

Repository Comparison Report

Ellen Ramsey, Anne Gaynor, Jill Heinze, Sherry Lake, Raymond Lubinsky & Esther Onega
In November 2014, the University of Virginia Library’s Libra Services Team submitted a Libra 2.0 Project Proposal to Library leadership for replacement of the Libra 1.x institutional repository. The key factors indicating the need to replace Libra 1.x remain: 1) to improve information flow into and out of the repository (for depositors, for administration, and for analysis); 2) to eliminate the risks and inefficiencies of further development on a platform comprised of components that are...

Libra Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) Deposits: 2015 Statistics

Ellen Ramsey & Sherry Lake
This document shows statistics tracking immediate worldwide availability and embargo choices of doctoral and masters' students depositing theses and dissertations into Libra, the University of Virginia's institutional repository, in 2015.

IT: Machine Independent Programming on Hierarchically Nested Machines

Muhammad Yanhaona & Andrew Grimshaw
Andrews in his "Concurrent Programming: Principles and Practice" expresses that "concurrent programs are to sequential programs what chess is to checkers". We believe people experienced in both kinds of programming will largely agree to his statements. But what makes parallel programming so difficult? Although there are differences of opinions, none blames the difficulty of devising a parallel algorithm, as opposed to a sequential algorithm, as the core problem. It is true that construing a parallel...


Rider Foley, Elise Barrella, Heather Kirkvold, Rodney Wilkins, Aaron Sloss, Elise Mazur, Claire Trevisan, Jacob Rogerson, Daniel Katleman, Catherine Mohan, Victoria Lindsey & Farrah Dang
The United States is in the midst of a transition in the production and distribution of energy. This transition was, in part, instigated by technological advancements and policy mechanisms that allowed for the recovery of unconventional fossil fuels from shale formations. In parallel, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are becoming increasingly competitive with fossil fuels. Furthermore, the nation’s population is moving away from the Northeast and Midwest regions to southeastern and western...

Book Traces @ UVA

Kristin Jensen, Kara McClurken, Andrew Stauffer, Jennifer Roper, Ivey Glendon & Christine Ruotolo
Book Traces @ UVA is a large-scale project to find and record historical readers’ interventions in the circulating collections of the University of Virginia Library, focusing on volumes published before 1923. Based on the ongoing Book Traces initiative (http://booktraces.org), this project aimed to develop a protocol for the discovery and cataloguing of uniquely-modified volumes in the stacks, while also gathering data regarding the nature and distribution of such modifications. Many titles in our nineteenth-century circulating...

The Partitioned Parallel Processing Spaces (PCubeS) Type Architecture

Muhammad N. Yanhaona & Andrew Grimshaw

Red State, Blue State: Demographic Change and Presidential Politics in Virginia

Dustin Cable & Michele Claibourn
Virginia is one of the most closely watched battleground states in the upcoming presidential election, with the commonwealth’s 13 electoral votes figuring prominently in the strategies of both the Republicans and Democrats. Until Barack Obama’s upset victory in Virginia four years ago, the commonwealth had not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964. Some political analysts believe demographic trends have finally, and perhaps permanently, tilted Virginia from a “red” state to a “blue” state....

Uses for Random and Stochastic Input on Micron’s Automata Processor

Jack Wadden, Ke Wang, Mircea Stan & Kevin Skadron
Micron's Automata Processor (AP) is a configurable memory-based device, purpose-built to emulate a theoretical non-deterministic finite automata (NFA). While NFAs are not particularly suited for floating point computation, they are extremely powerful and effcient pattern matchers and have been shown to provide large speedups over traditional von Neumann execution for rule-based, data-mining applications. While these kernels like associative rule mining, Brill tagging, protein motif identification have seen impressive orders of magnitude speedups, the exact capabilities...

HotSpot 6.0: Validation, Acceleration and Extension

Runjie Zhang, Mircea Stan & Kevin Skadron
The challenge of removing the heat generated by microprocessors with reasonable cost has long been identified as a critical issue. As a matter of fact, the cooling constraint (a.k.a., thermal wall) has became a major hurdle that limits the scaling of operating frequency and transistor density. As a fast and accurate thermal model, HotSpot enables early-stage evaluation of chip temperature and therefore supports architectural study of dynamic thermal management strategies, chip floorplanning, and novel cooling...

Architecture Implications of Pads as a Scarce Resource: Extended Results

Runjie Zhang, Ke Wang, Brett H. Meyer, Mircea R. Stan & Kevin Skadron
Due to non-ideal technology scaling, delivering a stable supply voltage is increasingly challenging. Furthermore, competition for limited chip interface resources (i.e., C4 pads) between power supply and I/O, and the loss of such resources to electromigration, means that constructing a power delivery network (PDN) that satisfies noise margins without compromising performance is and will remain a critical problem for architects and circuit designers alike. Simple guardbanding will no longer work, as the consequent performance penalty...

Libra: Opening Access to Alumni Theses and Dissertations, Final Grant Report

Ellen Ramsey & Lorrie Chisholm
This report details the work and accomplishments of a two-year project by the University of Virginia Library, funded by the Jefferson Trust, to show results of research across the institution, preserve access to valuable scholarship, and shepherd new and existing collections of research materials.

Subset Encoding: Increasing Pattern Density for Finite Automata

Deyuan Guo, Nathan Brunelle, Chunkun Bo, Ke Wang & Kevin Skadron
Micron's Automata Processor is an innovative reconfigurable hardware accelerator for parallel finite-automata-based regular-expression matching. While the Automata Processor has demonstrated potential for many pattern matching applications, other applications receive reduced benefit from the architecture due to capacity limitations or routing limitations. In this paper, we present an efficient input encoding method that often results in simplified automata designs and simplified routing by better exploiting the powerful character matching abilities of the Automata Processor. This enables...

Blacks in Virginia: Demographic Trends in Historical Context

Michele Claibourn
Black Virginians have shaped the history of the commonwealth – beginning in Jamestown in 1619 with “twenty and odd” Africans, through six regiments of the U.S. Colored Infantry at General Lee’s Appomattox surrender, and up to and beyond Governor L. Douglas Wilder, the first black governor elected in the nation since Reconstruction. The relationship between the Commonwealth’s past, and the future for black Virginians, is illuminated in geographic and demographic trends, examined in this report.

Revised Resolution on Open Access and Scholarship Prepared by the Senate Task Force on Scholarly Publications and Authors’ Rights

Brian Pusser & Edmund Kitch
At the February 24, 2010 University of Virginia Faculty Senate meeting, there was a vote on the Revised Resolution on Open Access and Scholarship prepared by the senate Task Force on Scholarly Publication and Authors' Rights. During the meeting, Brian Pusser explained that the goals of the resolution are: to build greater consensus in favor of open access; to enable faculty to use their own articles; and to make our own articles as widely available...

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