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Spatial Audit of Charlottesville Parks

Mikala Reiman, Chenjie Xiong, Taylor Kitchens, Sophia Woods, Mennen Middlebrooks, Rachel Moon & Xiaoxue Jiang
Charlottesville city parks provide its community members with areas of public space, outdoor recreation, and interactive play. However, the community served is primarily those of able-bodied individuals. This audit aims to identify the environmental and designed barriers of the community with limited mobility, navigating through exclusive playspaces of Charlottesville and the greater Albemarle area. A scorecard was designed to evaluate Charlottesville parks to analyze aspects of playspaces in parks that contribute to, or detract from,...

Digital Collecting in Times of Crisis: 2018 LYRASIS Catalyst Fund recipient report

Kara McClurken, Elizabeth Mitchell & Jeremy Boggs
The University of Virginia Library applied for a 2018 Catalyst Fund grant to help cultural institutions and communities of all sizes be better prepared for and able to implement digital collecting strategies during and after rapidly evolving emergencies and/or community crises (such as controversies, natural disasters and public emergencies). Digital photos, videos, and social media content are major components of these community experiences, and collecting them as well as other materials (posters, ephemera, traditional media...

Charlottesville Foster Care Study

Michele Claibourn, Charlotte McClintock, Brago Aboagye-Nyame, Hannah Adams, Kathryn Bernard, Conor Boyle, Charlotte deButts, Jacqueline Hammaker, Alex Hendel, Carolynn McElroy, Rishabh Nagpal, Carolyn Ours, Anastasia Polkovnichenko & Savannah Quick
Building on the 2018 Charlottesville Child Welfare report, this study investigates racial disproportionality – over-representation of racial groups in the child welfare system relative to their presence in the population – and racial disparity – less favorable outcomes for some racial groups compared to others – for children interacting with the Charlottesville Department of Social Services over a three year period, from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2017. We focus here on the child...

Some Conversation Starters Concerning the Problem of Online-Only Music for Libraries

Brandon Butler
In this white paper, I discuss some of the copyright-related problems libraries face as they attempt to collect digital music, as well as possible solutions. The paper was prepared as part of an IMLS-funded project led by John Vallier and Judy Tsou at the University of Washington. Their final report for the grant is: Tsou, Judy and John Vallier. "Ether Today, Gone Tomorrow: 21st Century Sound Recording Collection in Crisis." Notes, vol. 72 no. 3,...

Charlottesville Child Welfare Study

Michele Claibourn, Charlotte McClintock, Bharat Aluri, Rebecca Elder, James Mekavibul, Naifei Pan, Natalie Provost, Hannah Sullivan, Jia Ying Wang, Michael Woon & Melissa Wu
Studies throughout the United States have repeatedly shown that black children and their families are dis- proportionately represented in the child welfare system and frequently experience disparate, and less favorable, outcomes relative to white children and their families. This study assesses Charlottesville’s child welfare caseload for evidence of racial disproportionality – overrepresentation of racial groups in the child welfare system relative to their presence in the population – and racial disparity – less favorable outcomes...

The Law and Accessible Texts: Reconciling Civil Rights and Copyrights

Brandon Butler
This report is written to inform the participants in a new collaborative project to improve how accessible texts (i.e., texts in formats that meet the needs of users with disabilities)1 are created, managed, and stored. It provides a concise, up-to-date summary of the two key legal pressures that bear on the creation and sharing of accessible texts: the civil rights laws that require creation and distribution of accessible texts by IHEs to ensure equitable access...

Digital Collecting for Events and Emergencies: Survey Analysis

Kara McClurken
In the late summer and fall of 2018, the University of Virginia Library sent out a survey that focused on practices utilized in digital collecting that required a rapid response to capture information about an event or emergency. This survey of 21 questions (available in the appendix) was sent out to the cultural heritage community in mid-August primarily through listserv and Twitter solicitation to various cultural heritage communities. The survey was open for about six...

Report: Early Childhood Mapping Project 2018

Charlotte McClintock, Naomi Gaba, Julia Thompson, Isabel Coughlin, Yue Li, Margaret Cherry, Caitlen Moser & Cristalle Madray
This project aims to create a base map of services available in Charlottesville and Albemarle County for children ages 0-5 living in low-income families, at or below 200% of the federal poverty line. As a team, we inventoried child care, early childhood education, health, nutrition, special education, home visiting, and foster care prevention services available to low-income families. While we were not able to map every single service available to families in Charlottesville and Albemarle...

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