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Identifying Australian High School Intervention Programs that influence 1st year female students to choose ICT degrees

Therese Keane, Andreea Molnar & Rosemary Stockdale
There is an under-representation of female students in higher education Information and Communication Technology (ICT) degrees. For almost four decades, various intervention programs, initiatives and events have been developed to address the lack of participation. However, to date, we know very little about the success of these programs in influencing students to enrol in final year ICT units in secondary school and then into an ICT degree. This report shares the outcomes from a pilot...

Data for Good Collaboration: Research report

Kath Albury, Amir Aryani, Jane Farmer, James Kelly, Anthony McCosker, S. Sandun Silva, Julie Tucker & Jihoon Woo

Phase A Science Case for MAVIS -- The Multi-conjugate Adaptive-optics Visible Imager-Spectrograph for the VLT Adaptive Optics Facility

Richard M. McDermid, Giovanni Cresci, Francois Rigaut, Jean-Claude Bouret, Gayandhi De Silva, Marco Gullieuszik, Laura Magrini, J. Trevor Mendel, Simone Antoniucci, Giuseppe Bono, Devika Kamath, Stephanie Monty, Holger Baumgardt, Luca Cortese, Deanne Fisher, Filippo Mannucci, Alessandra Migliorini, Sarah Sweet, Eros Vanzella & Stefano Zibetti

Vanguard Laundry Evaluation Report 2020

Aurora Elmes &

Building data capacity in the not-for-profit sector: Interim report

Xiaofang Yao, Anthony McCosker, Kath Albury, Alexia Maddox & Jane Farmer

Making invisible Networks Visible: Understanding the Value of Southern Grampians Glenelg Primary Care Partnership in the Context of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Maedeh Aboutalebi Karkavandi, James Coutinho, Aneeq Sarwar, Joanne Brown & Janette Lowe

Teacher Targeted Bullying and Harassment by Students and Parents: The East Coast Project

Paulina Billett, Kristina Turner, Dona Martin & rochelle fogelgarn

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