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Fire Safety and Engineering: Technical Papers - Book 1

Vaughan Beck &

Sport and Community Sector Insights: Engaging Physically Inactive Communities

Lindsey J. Reece, Catriona L. Rose, Katherine Owen & Bridget C. Foley

Move it AUS Better Ageing Grant; A national evaluation report

Catriona Rose, Lindsey J. Reece, Bridget C. Foley & Katherine Owen

Engaging Physically Inactive Communities: Key Insights from Move It AUS Grant Programs

Lindsey J. Reece, Catriona L. Rose, Katherine Owen & Bridget C. Foley

COVID casual in the Australian public sector: Professional attire in the age of remote working

Briony Lipton & Sulagna Basu

Student social isolation: Remedying causes and impact in large business schools

Celina McEwen
Social isolation is an issue for universities because most students experience various forms of isolation during their studies. This can be a more or less persistent feeling that impacts students’ wellbeing and/or their capacity to fulfil their study potential. Whether the causes are academic, environmental, socio-cultural or health-related, social isolation can be remedied at the point of crisis or as a preventative measure throughout students’ university life. This research report examines the literature on social...

Move it AUS Better Ageing Grant; A national evaluation report

Lindsey J. Reece, Catriona L Rose, Katherine Owen & Bridget C. Foley

Facilitating men’s involvement in care work

Elizabeth Hill & Rae Cooper
Gender Equality in Working Life Research Initiative Insights Series

COVID-19 and Australia’s mental health: an overview of academic literature, policy documents, lived experience accounts, media and community reports

M. Bower, S. Smout, S. Ellsmore, A. Donohoe-Bales, P.P. Sivaprakash, C. Lim, M. Gray, A. Francis, A. Grager, J. Riches &

Covid-19, gender and work

Elizabeth Hill & Rae Cooper

Research-informed principles for a gender equitable recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic

Elizabeth Hill & Rae Cooper

What do women want from work post-pandemic? A qualitative study of women in Western Sydney.

Rae Cooper & Elizabeth Hill
This report shows that the working women of Western Sydney expect and want to work in good jobs that provide economic security for themselves and their families. They want access to high-quality flexible working options, and in 2022 they are especially interested in hybrid working arrangements. They want good care systems that are affordable, match the realities of their working lives, and allow them to meet both their economic and their family needs. Currently, they...

Facebook: Regulating Hate Speech in the Asia Pacific

Aim Sinpeng, Fiona Martin, Katharine Gelber & Kirril Shields

Move it AUS Participation Grant: A national evaluation report

Lindsey Reece, Catriona Rose, Bridget Foley & Katherine Owen

Online Privacy Bill: Exposure Draft - Submission to the Attorney General's Department

Jonathon Hutchison, Justine Humphry & Olga Boichak

Technology and skills in the future of retail work: A summary of findings

Briony Lipton, Ariadne Vromen, Serrin Rutledge-Prior, Laura Good, Rae Cooper & Meraiah Foley
Retail work is undergoing profound transformation, with rapid changes including digitisation, the collection and use of big data, and automation reshaping the industry and the skills required to work within it. These transformations have the potential to entrench and even exacerbate existing inequalities within the industry. Based on interviews with 30 senior stakeholders in retail and retail-adjacent industries, and a representative retail, fast food and warehouse worker survey (n=1160), this report examines perceptions and experiences...

Active Kids Evaluation Report 2018-2019; Executive Summary

Lindsey Reece
This summary presents evaluation findings from the SPRINTER independent evaluation of the Active Kids program. Data are presented from the first 2 years of program delivery (2018 and 2019). Active Kids, the first universal voucher program of its kind in Australia, is an innovative approach to promoting participation in structured physical activity and sport outside of school among all school-enrolled children in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. Evaluation of the program was designed to help...

Health security in the Pacific: expert perspectives to guide health system strengthening

Meru Sheel & Nicole Rendell
This report seeks to identify and prioritise health system strengthening initiatives that prevent impacts of health security threats and strengthen the ability to respond to these threats in the Pacific region. For this report, we focus on Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea and Pacific Island Countries and Areas, hereafter collectively referred to as ‘the Region’. Pacific Island Countries and Areas include the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States...

Climate Change and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

Veronica Matthews, &

COVID Casual: Refashioning Professional Work Attire in the Age of Remote Work

Briony Lipton & Sulagna Basu
The COVID- 19 crisis has transformed the world of work. Two years into the pandemic and more Australians are working from home than ever before, with 40 per cent of the workforce working remotely due to the pandemic (Productivity Commission 2021). This reflects not only government social distancing regulations, employer requirements and international trends, but also increased desires from Australians to either have access to or to use flexible working arrangements (ABS2021; Baird & Dinale...

Move it AUS Participation Grant; National Evaluation Executive Summary

Lindsey J. Reece, Catriona Rose, Katherine Owen & Bridget Foley

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