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Labour dynamics and the non-government community services workforce in NSW

Natasha Cortis, Fiona Hilferty, Sharmi Chan & Kathy Tannous
Community service agencies work independently, together, and with governments and community members to build social relationships, promote access and participation, and ensure quality of life, especially for people experiencing hardship. The quality and effectiveness of these services depends on a high quality, capable, and sustainable workforce. Around Australia, developing and sustaining the non-government sector workforce has become a shared goal of government agencies, peak bodies, unions and employers. The research contained in this report was...

Brighter Futures Early Intervention Program : Interim Report 1

K Tannous & I Katz
Brighter Futures is a voluntary program that provides targeted support tailored to meet the needs of vulnerable families with children aged under nine years or who are expecting a child. Brighter Futures provides families with the necessary services and resources to help prevent an escalation of emerging child protection issues. It aims to strengthen parenting and other skills to promote the necessary conditions for healthy child development and wellbeing. The Brighter Futures program is delivered...

A monitoring and evaluation framework for Waverly Action for Youth Services

Shannon McDermott & Catherine Spooner
Report 16/08

Changing community, changing practice? Young gay men, HIV and gay community

Suzanne Fraser
This project is a qualitative study of young gay men in Sydney. It is aimed at accessing some of the ways in which young men identify sexually, how they feel about notions of community - gay community n particular - and their perceptions of safe sex. Funded by NSW Health, the study emerged out of discussions conducted within the NSW HIV sextor. These focused on questions around the changing character of gay community.

Hepatitis C seroconversion: Using qualitative research to enhance surveillance, Phases 1 and 2 final report to NSW Health, December 2009

Rachel Deacon, Jamee Newland, Magdalena Harris, Carla Treloar & Lisa Maher
In NSW, hepatitis C has been the subject of specific surveillance and prevention programs for many years. Despite this experience and significant investment, there remain challenges both in understanding the epidemiology of this virus and in implementing effective prevention programs. This study aimed to enhance the public health surveillance program and contribute to the evidence base for hepatitis C prevention in NSW. The aim of Phase One was to develop and trial a methodology for...

Families First Outcomes Evaluation Framework

Karen Fisher, Lynn Kemp & Jacqueline Tudball
This document is the Final Draft of the Families First Outcomes Evaluation Framework, concerned with evaluating child, family and community outcomes. It is one of the evaluation activities for Families First. Others include process evaluation through Area Reviews of three Families First Areas in 2002-03, local Area evaluations and program evaluation of the projects funded through Families First. This outcome evaluation activity will inform the other evaluation activities. Overall the evaluation considers whether Families First...

Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative 1 Evaluation: Care Planning Report

A Dadich & K.R Fisher
The Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI) is a program funded by NSW Health and NSW Department of Housing, in partnership with nongovernment organisations (NGO). HASI provides a stable, consistent and integrated hospital to community care system for people with mental illness and associated psychiatric disability. This is achieved through providing practical assistance, intensive psychosocial support, clinical care and secure housing, along with opportunities, options and hope to people who have a mental illness (referred...

Identifying isolated carers: Contacting carers with unmet needs for information and support

Michael Bittman, Kimberly Fisher, Trish Hill, Denise Thompson & Cathy Thomson
This report presents the findings of an Australian Research Council (ARC) funded Linkage Project called ' Reaching isolated carers: Contacting carers with unmet needs for information and support'. The Industry Partners on this project were the New South Wales Department for Women, the NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care, the NSW Department of Community Services, NSW Health and Carers NSW. For the purposes of the project, an 'isolated' or 'hidden' carer was defined...

Methadone maintenance treatment in New South Wales and Victoria: Takeaways, diversion and other issues, key findings and recommendations

Suzanne Fraser, kylie valentine, Carla Treloar & Keren Macmillan

HIV and Sexual Health Education in Primary and Secondary Schools

Gary Smith, Susan Kippax & Peter Aggleton
This report describes and discusses primary and secondary school-based HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health education in selected countries in the Asia and Pacific region. The countries included are Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The primary aim of the work described was to explore the feasibility of monitoring sexual and reproductive health education in primary and secondary schools in selected countries in the Asia and Pacific...

UNSW-RAIA Report into Healthcare Designers 2006

Jane Carthey, Venny Chandra & Roberto Colanzi
UNSW-RAIA Report into Healthcare Designers 2006 (report), Royal Australian Institute of Architects & UNSW, August (Report issued August 2006)

Understanding the Local Service Network Project

Cathy Thomson, kylie valentine, Roger Patulny & Karen Fisher
The Social Policy and Research Centre (SPRC) at the University of New South Wales and the University of Western Sydney were commissioned by Families First to conduct the Understanding the Local Service Network Project for the South East Sydney Families First Area (hereafter South East Sydney). The project aimed to examine the impact of the network of services supporting families and children in the years prior to school, and in their transition to school. The...

Neighbourhood and Community Centres: Results for Children, Families and Communities

G Izmir, I Katz & J Bruce
This report is a critical part of the LCSA renewal strategy and it aims to review and synthesise the best evidence available nationally and internationally on how the neighbourhood centres can help improve the wellbeing of children, families and communities and provide a stronger social infrastructure for NSW. The report reviews the literature directly pertinent to neighbourhood and community centres and results, and also research which shows population results arising from neighbourhood and community interventions...

Health of lesbian, bisexual and queer women in Sydney: The 2004 Sydney Women and Sexual Health survey

Juliet Richters, Angela Song, Garrett Prestage, Stevie Clayton & Ronnie Turner
This report is based on a survey first carried out in 1996 and repeated every two years since then. A two-page self-complete questionnaire was distributed between February and May 2004 to women attending the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day and at several other gay/lesbian community venues and health services. Information was sought on sexual identitiy and other personal characteristics, sexual practices, sexual health, and drug use. The responses of 440 women who identified...

Validation of Australian Bureau of Meteorology High Resolution Wave Model (HI-WAM)

I R Coghlan
The Water Research Laboratory (WRL) of the University of New South Wales has undertaken the first national assessment of the performance of the HI-WAM wave model developed by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM). The model was validated against wave buoy measurements from 18 locations around Australia over an 11 year period 1 (1997 to 2008). This high resolution, modified version of WAM was found to generally reproduce the overall natural variability of the sea...

Potential Impacts of Climate Change Related Extreme Weather Events on NSW Healthcare Infrastructure

Jane Carthey, Venny Chandra & Martin Loosemore
Potential Impacts of Climate Change Related Extreme Weather Events on NSW Healthcare Infrastructure (report), NSW Health Environmental Health Branch & CHAA (Report issued 30 October 2007)

The Need for Moderate Income Housing in the Greater Sydney Region

B Randolph, D Holloway & Dominique Murray
This report was commissioned by Landcom to assist in the development of its Moderate Income Housing Policy. This policy aims to develop market based affordable housing options for households with moderate incomes. For the purposes of this report, Moderate Income Households (MIHs) are defined as households with incomes between the 40th and 60th percentile of household incomes, which equated to approximately $42,000 to $65,000 per year in Sydney in mid-2003. This report also aims to...

Parent Support Strategies: Final Report

Prue Warrilow, Karen Fisher & kylie valentine
The Parent Support Project aimed to develop an understanding of the support and information needs of parents. In addition, the project aimed to develop, implement and evaluate systems to improve the coordination between existing parent support services within each local government area (LGA) in the Cumberland Prospect Families First Area (Auburn, Parramatta, Holroyd, Baulkham Hills and Blacktown) to increase the access families have to these services. In this report, parent support means services to assist...

Pharmacy Needle and Syringe Survey, New South Wales 2009 : Findings from metropolitan and regional pharmacies

Joanne Bryant, Hannah Wilson & Carla Treloar
This report presents data collected as part of a periodic cross-sectional study of people who used community-based pharmacies to obtain sterile needles and syringes in 2009. Specifically, it presents data about the demographic profile of respondents, patterns of acquisition of needles and syringes, recent drug use, self-reported incidence of risk practice for transmission of hepatitis C and HIV and self-reported rates of testing for hepatitis C and HIV, and self-reported prevalence of hepatitis C and...

Effectiveness of supported living in relation to shared accommodation

Karen Fisher & Sarah Parker
The Disability Policy and Research Working Group has commissioned the UNSW Consortium to research the effectiveness of supported living in relation to shared accommodation to improve service delivery to people with disabilities. The research has two parts: improving access to housing and improving models for people with disabilities who require 24-hour support. The project is to build on the priority area of strengthening access to services, including housing. It will build on knowledge and research...

HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections in Australia: annual report of trends in behaviour 2011

John de Wit, Martin Holt, Maxwell Hopwood & Carla Treloar
Monograph 3/2011

Report of the Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network 2007

This is the 13th annual report of the Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network and presents information on the network's 2007 annual audit of high risk neonates. All level III NICUs in Australia and New Zealand participate in the network's quality assurance measure. Of the babies admitted to an NICU in Australia and New Zealand in 2007, 8,002 fulfilled the registration criteria for inclusion in the ANZNN audit. The population represents 2.4% of the 356,071...

Supporting Families Who Have A Child With A Disability

Jacqueline Tudball, Karen Fisher, Therese Sands & Leanne Dowse
Little scrutiny has been directed toward the nature of the assessment of children with a disability or what support needs families may have specific to the assessment process. A need for this analysis emerged from the responses of families who participated in a study conducted by Families First Inner West Sydney in 2001 about general support needs of families with young children. This project was conducted by the UNSW Consortium of the Social Policy Research...

Australasian Health Facility Guidelines (AusHFG) User Survey - South Australia

Jane Carthey
Australasian Health Facility Guidelines (AusHFG) User Survey - South Australia (report), Centre for Health Assets Australasia (CHAA), Faculty of the Built Environment, University of New South Wales.

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