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Attendant Care Program : Direct Funding Pilot Evaluation : Final Report

K.R Fisher & C Campbell-McLean
The Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (DADHC) is piloting a direct funding project in conjunction with the Attendant Care Program (ACP). The direct funding pilot aims to complement the objectives of the ACP, which provides support to individuals with physical disabilities with a range of tasks and activities to allow them to live and participate in their communities. The evaluation compares three ACP funding options, which differ in who employs the attendant carers,...

Australasian Health Facility Guidelines (AusHFG) User Survey - South Australia

Jane Carthey
Australasian Health Facility Guidelines (AusHFG) User Survey - South Australia (report), Centre for Health Assets Australasia (CHAA), Faculty of the Built Environment, University of New South Wales.

Methadone maintenance treatment in New South Wales and Victoria: Takeaways, diversion and other issues, key findings and recommendations

Suzanne Fraser, kylie valentine, Carla Treloar & Keren Macmillan

Families First Outcomes Evaluation Framework

Karen Fisher, Lynn Kemp & Jacqueline Tudball
This document is the Final Draft of the Families First Outcomes Evaluation Framework, concerned with evaluating child, family and community outcomes. It is one of the evaluation activities for Families First. Others include process evaluation through Area Reviews of three Families First Areas in 2002-03, local Area evaluations and program evaluation of the projects funded through Families First. This outcome evaluation activity will inform the other evaluation activities. Overall the evaluation considers whether Families First...

UNSW-RAIA Report into Healthcare Designers 2006

Jane Carthey, Venny Chandra & Roberto Colanzi
UNSW-RAIA Report into Healthcare Designers 2006 (report), Royal Australian Institute of Architects & UNSW, August (Report issued August 2006)

Review of Disability Services Queensland Referral Processes to Private Residential Facilities

Sally Robinson, Karen Fisher, Adeline Lee & Lesley Chenoweth
This report details the outcomes of a review of Disability Services Queensland’s processes of referring people with a disability to private residential facilities. The review was conducted by the UNSW Consortium and took place between July and December 2004. Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods, the review delivers several key findings and observations relating to DSQ’s current referral policies and practices, their adequacy and constraints, definitional perspectives of ‘complex support needs’ and...

Updating and Extending Indicative Budget Standards for Older Australians: Final Report

Peter Saunders, Roger Patulny & Adeline Lee
This report provides estimates of a new comfortably affluent but sustainable (CAS) budget standard for older Australians. The CAS standard reflects a standard of living among older, healthy and fully active self-funded retired Australian that allows them to engage actively with a broad range of leisure and recreational activities without having to require a rapid or substantial disbursement of assets. It represents a lifestyle that is common amongst those in the top (income) quintile of...

從華裔人士對抑鬱症的理解 透視澳洲多元文化心理衛生政策

Bibiana Chi Wing Chan
心理衛生服務不被廣泛採用﹐不單是澳洲也是全球性的現象﹐尤其是那些多元文化和語言背景 (Cultural and Linguistically Diverse)的社區。改善接觸服務的各種 門徑自然是當前急務﹐還需要考慮到服務範疇對多元文化的社區是否適切。華裔人士早於一百五十年前從中國及東南亞地區移民到澳洲﹐他們包括來自不同社會﹑政治﹑經濟背景的人士。悉尼的華人人口是澳洲近年增長最迅速的少了民族! 有見及此, 我們需要了解一下文化對情緒表現的影響. 華裔人士怎樣解釋他們的 抑鬱經歷呢? 要回答以上的問題﹐這個研究主要探討參加者怎樣尋求醫療和非醫療的服務。一般華人做這些決定時所持的病理概念就得以揭示出來! 混合式的研究設計 正好提供一個 機會去從一個垮躍多個學術領域 (公共衛生﹑ 跨文化心理學和 醫護人類學)的角度 來進行研究。這個在悉尼市區進行的研究,融合了‘數量’的問卷調查和‘質量’的社區座談會。取得的資料包括 病癥﹑病人的詮釋方法﹐求助途徑等. 問卷搜集到背 景資料, 病癥識辨﹐以往的抑鬱經歷和 曾向那些專業服務求助, 抑鬱症的量表和其 他跨文化的工具都經過嚴格測試覆核﹐其中用來量度華裔參加者的文化適應能力的量表 Suinn-Lew Self-Identity Acculturation Scale, 把參加者客觀地分成較傳統 和較澳洲化兩個組別﹑ 和澳洲人的一組作比較。 問卷調查顯示兩組華人和一組澳洲人對抑鬱症的病癥識辨能力相約﹔社區座談會的討論則引出了有關求助途徑的豐富資料。較澳洲化的華人跟澳洲人組別在很多個研究指標 (或稱變數﹐variables) 上都很接近。不過座談會資料卻指出文化上的差異對選 擇甚麼樣的服務有一定影響,很明顯這是超越語言上的障礙!參加者認為對專業人士或服務機構的信任是連接服務與病者的重要一環。研究結果呼籲澳洲心理衛生的策劃者必須正視‘建立良好關係的重要’。專業人士必需增強了解個別病者和少數民族對精神或心理病的詮釋。尊重求助者和施予援助者之間的文化差異’是踏出推動多元民化心理衛生服務的第一步.

Effectiveness of supported living in relation to shared accommodation

Karen Fisher & Sarah Parker
The Disability Policy and Research Working Group has commissioned the UNSW Consortium to research the effectiveness of supported living in relation to shared accommodation to improve service delivery to people with disabilities. The research has two parts: improving access to housing and improving models for people with disabilities who require 24-hour support. The project is to build on the priority area of strengthening access to services, including housing. It will build on knowledge and research...

Urban Growth Management in Penrith Stage 2: Planning for the Needs of Existing and Future Communities in Penrith - Executive Summary

B Randolph & D Holloway
City Futures Project Reports: Executive summary report based on research commissioned by Penrith City Council

HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections in Australia: annual report of trends in behaviour 2012

John de Wit, Martin Holt, Max Hopwood & Carla Treloar
This report reviews behavioural data relevant to the transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), viral hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections (STIs) in Australia. It also examines behavioural data relevant to the social aspects of treatment and care of those who have been infected, including those who are living with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Lessons from the UK Sure Start Programme

Ilan Katz & Kylie Valentine
The Social Policy Research Centre was commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS) to focus on the policy developments that led to the establishment of Sure Start and the move from SSLPs to Sure Start Children’s Centres. A second strand of the research focused on the Australian experience of similar initiatives. This strand investigated the influence of Sure Start and other international programs on early-years intervention in Australia, and the extent...

Neighbourhood and Community Centres: Results for Children, Families and Communities

G Izmir, I Katz & J Bruce
This report is a critical part of the LCSA renewal strategy and it aims to review and synthesise the best evidence available nationally and internationally on how the neighbourhood centres can help improve the wellbeing of children, families and communities and provide a stronger social infrastructure for NSW. The report reviews the literature directly pertinent to neighbourhood and community centres and results, and also research which shows population results arising from neighbourhood and community interventions...

Labour dynamics and the non-government community services workforce in NSW

Natasha Cortis, Fiona Hilferty, Sharmi Chan & Kathy Tannous
Community service agencies work independently, together, and with governments and community members to build social relationships, promote access and participation, and ensure quality of life, especially for people experiencing hardship. The quality and effectiveness of these services depends on a high quality, capable, and sustainable workforce. Around Australia, developing and sustaining the non-government sector workforce has become a shared goal of government agencies, peak bodies, unions and employers. The research contained in this report was...

Independent Evaluation of headspace: the National Youth Mental Health Foundation: Evaluation Plan

K Muir, S McDermott, I Katz, R Patulny, S Flaxman & S Gendera
headspace aims to promote improvements in the mental health, social well-being and economic participation of Australian young people aged 12-25 years. headspace has a particular focus on early identification and intervention for young people at risk of developing mental health problems, and those already showing early signs of mental health problems or associated drug and alcohol problems. The headspace model involves the establishment of Communities of Youth Services (CYSs), which provide integrated and coordinated psychiatric,...

Indigenous Resiliency Project Participatory Action Research Component: A report on the Research Training and Development Workshop, Townsville, February 2008

Julie Mooney-Somers, David Brockman, Wani Erick, Robert Scott & Lisa Maher

Parent Support Strategies: Final Report

Prue Warrilow, Karen Fisher & kylie valentine
The Parent Support Project aimed to develop an understanding of the support and information needs of parents. In addition, the project aimed to develop, implement and evaluate systems to improve the coordination between existing parent support services within each local government area (LGA) in the Cumberland Prospect Families First Area (Auburn, Parramatta, Holroyd, Baulkham Hills and Blacktown) to increase the access families have to these services. In this report, parent support means services to assist...

Changing community, changing practice? Young gay men, HIV and gay community

Suzanne Fraser
This project is a qualitative study of young gay men in Sydney. It is aimed at accessing some of the ways in which young men identify sexually, how they feel about notions of community - gay community n particular - and their perceptions of safe sex. Funded by NSW Health, the study emerged out of discussions conducted within the NSW HIV sextor. These focused on questions around the changing character of gay community.

Optimising skill mix in the primary health care workforce for the care of older Australians: A systematic review

N Zwar, Sarah Dennis, R Griffiths, D Perkins, J May, B Sibbald, G Caplan & Mark Harris

Linking Schools and Early Years Project Evaluation: Final Report on Data Collection Round 1

k valentine & B Dinning
The Linking Schools and Early Years Project (LSEY) is being led by the Centre for Community Child Health (CCCH), Murdoch Children’s Research Institute at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and funded by The R. E. Ross Trust. It is being implemented in three sites in Victoria. This report describes the findings from the first round of data collected for the impact/outcomes component of the evaluation, and process findings from the first full year of implementation....

Evaluation of the Integrated Services Project for Clients with Challenging Behaviour: Mid-Term Report

S McDermott, K.R Fisher & R Gleeson
The Integrated Services Project for Clients with Challenging Behaviour (ISP) aims to decrease the adverse impact of challenging behaviour on clients, the community, and the service system. The Project does this by developing intervention and support plans that better respond to the individual needs of clients with challenging behaviour, as well as improving their service access, housing, health and social conditions. The ISP is delivered through the NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care...

Validation of Australian Bureau of Meteorology High Resolution Wave Model (HI-WAM)

I R Coghlan
The Water Research Laboratory (WRL) of the University of New South Wales has undertaken the first national assessment of the performance of the HI-WAM wave model developed by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM). The model was validated against wave buoy measurements from 18 locations around Australia over an 11 year period 1 (1997 to 2008). This high resolution, modified version of WAM was found to generally reproduce the overall natural variability of the sea...

Evaluation of the New South Wales Youth Drug Court Pilot Program: Final Report

Tony Eardley, Justin McNab, Karen Fisher, Simon Kozlina, Jude Eccles & Mardi Flick
The NSW Youth Drug Court (YDC) pilot program is aimed at reducing offending and drug use amongst young people who have become entrenched in the criminal justice system. Many participants have a range of other difficulties including poor educational achievement, dysfunctional family backgrounds and psychological problems. The YDC attempts to address this wide range of young offenders’ needs and problems in a holistic way through intensive case management. The pilot program started on 31 July...

Methadone maintenance treatment in New South Wales and Victoria: Takeaways, diversion and other key issues

Suzanne Fraser, kylie valentine, Carla Treloar & Karen Macmillan
The project on which this report is based investigated the role takeaways play in MMT in New South Wales and Victoria, and looked closely at the conditions under which methadone is diverted to street sale and to other forms of sharing and circulation. In the process, it also identified a range of other issues of significance to MMT clients, service providers and policy makers in Australia today.

Indigenous Australian Content in Bachelor of Social Work Degrees: Detailed Description

Joe Nipperess & Eileen Baldry
The following report is a detailed description of the Indigenous Australian content of thirteen BSW courses offered at various Australian Universities. The content descriptions were collected and summarised by Joe Nipperess, a fourth year social work student, from information kindly sent by various staff members at those universities and was checked back with those staff members for accuracy. Most of the respondents returned the material with some changes which were incorporated; a small number did...

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