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Building an International Research Collaboration in Early Childhood Education and Care : Background Materials for a Workshop funded by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY)

D Brennan
At the conclusion of its thematic review into Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) policy and provision in 2006, the OECD called on researchers to use its findings as a springboard for research. In particular, it called for ‘further cross-national work, focusing on … critical issues and challenges’ including: the rationale for different ways of organizing ECEC policy and provision; the balance of investment between parental leave and services for infants and toddlers; responses to...

National Evaluation (2004–2008) of the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy 2004–2009

K Muir, I Katz, C Purcal, R Patulny, S Flaxman, D Abelló, N Cortis, C Thomson, I Oprea, S. Wise, B. Edwards, M. Gray & A. Hayes
The Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) contracted the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC), University of New South Wales (UNSW), and the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS), to evaluate the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy (SFCS) 2004–2009. The evaluation ran from 2004–2008. The SFCS aimed to: -help families and communities build better futures for children -build family and community capacity -support relationships between families and the communities they...

Risk for Hepatitis C: Transition and Initiation to Injecting Drug Use Among Youth in a Range of Infecting Drug User Networks

Carla Treloar, Jeanne Abelson, June Crawford, Susan Kippax, John Howard, Ingrid van Beek, Jan Copeland, Anne Maree Weatherall & Annie Madden
This project, funded by NHMRC and NSW Health, aimed to investigate and report on a number of aspects of initiation and transition to injecting drug use among young people. The report focuses on issues of: • transition to injecting – what drugs were used prior to injection, what was participants’ contact with injectors; • the initiation episode – describing the factors about the occasion (what drugs were used, where injecting equipment was accessed), as well...

Australian & New Zealand Neonatal Network 1995

Deborah Donoghue
This is the 2nd annual report of the Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network and presents information on the network's 1995 audit of high risk neonates. In 1995, all 29 level III Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) in Australia and New Zealand participated in and contributed data to the Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network (ANZNN). One part of the network's function is an audit of infants admitted to NICUs who are thought to be...

The Bonnyrigg Living Communities Baseline Survey

J Stubbs, B Randolph & B Judd
City Futures Project Reports: Report based on research commissioned by NSW Department of Housing

Brighter Futures Early Intervention Program: Interim Evaluation Report, May 2009

Kathy Tannous, Fiona Hilferty, Megan Griffiths & Marilyn Mchugh
This report presents interim findings of the longitudinal evaluation of the Brighter Futures program. Brighter Futures is a voluntary, multi-component early intervention program that provides intensive support and services to vulnerable families with young children. The aim of the program is to halt the progression of participant families through the child protection system. The interim findings presented here are based upon analysis of a range of quantitative and qualitative data sources. These include the Minimum...

Impact of Staff Ratios on Under 2 Year Olds in Children's Services

Karen Fisher & Roger Patulny
The draft children’s services regulation announced in April 2004 included a minimum standard staff child ratio of 1:5 for children aged under 2 years in centre-based and mobile children’s services. The 2002 draft regulation proposed a better staff child ratio of 1:4. This research examined the likely impact of the 1:4 staff child ratio. The PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) report commissioned by the NSW Department of Community Services found that the balance of benefits and costs supported...

Telecommunications and Community Wellbeing : A review of the literature on access and affordability for low-income and disadvantaged groups

T Eardley, J Bruce & G Goggin
There has been increasing policy concern in recent years that with rapid changes taking place in communications technologies, a ‘digital divide’ has been opening up between those able to take advantage of technological advances and those who, for a variety of reasons, cannot. This review was commissioned by Low Income Measures Assessment Committee (LIMAC) as a contribution to further debate and public policy development on access and affordability for telecommunications. The report has a specific...

\"Touch Wood, Everything Will Be Ok\": Gay Men’s Understandings of Clinical Markers in Sexual Practice

Marsha Rosengarten, Kane Race & Susan Kippax
NCHSR Monograph 7/2000

Impact of alcohol and drug use on diagnosis and management of depression in gay men attending general practice

Christy Newman
This study explores the role of alcohol and drug use on the diagnosis and management of depression among gay men attending Australian general practice clinics. The study was conducted with the goal of assisting GPs to address alcohol, drug use and depression in gay men and to add to the knowledge of these issues in the general practice setting. Three research analyses were made from the study relating to patterns of alcohol- and other drug-use...

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Sexual Health Promotion Initiatives in NSW

Gary Smith, Des Perry, Michelle Cutmore, Troy Combo, Susan Kippax, Jenny Heslop, Adrian Mindel & Malcolm Mitchell
This report is a description of Aboriginal sexual health in NSW as seen by the workers themselves. It also incorporates current understandings of sexual health promotion, especially those in the National Indigenous Australians' Sexual Health Strategy 1996/97-1998/99 (NIASH), and the National HIV/AIDS Strategy 1996-97/ 1998-99 (NHS). The workers discussed and reflected upon their everyday experiences of sexual health program delivery, selecting particular health promotion initiatives and resources to illustrate what programs they believed to be...

HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C & Related Diseases in Australia Annual Report of Behaviour 2001

UNSW National Centre in HIV Social Research - Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
This report brings together information for the period 1996 to the end of 2000 regarding the monitoring of practices which may risk transmission of HIV and practices related to the social and behavioural aspects of the treatment and care of people living with HIV/AIDS.

The 3D project: Diagnosis, disclosure, discrimination and living with hepatitis C

Max Hopwood & Carla Treloar
The report explores exigent conditions associated with living with hepatitis C infection. Intersecting these demands are the effects of stigma and social marginalisation. Many people with hepatitis C have to navigate and negotiate daily a field strewn with misinformation, conflicting identities and unequal power relations, often while labouring under significant ill-health and surviving on low incomes.

Blood awareness in hepatitis C prevention

Bridget Haire, Dean Murphy, Carla Treloar, Suzanne Fraser, Susan Kippax, Marsha Rosengarten & Cathy Waldby
The report is a summary of publications from a qualitative research project involving interviews with a range of people with different experience and exposure to blood. The researchers interviewed current and former IDU, people who donated blood, people who had received blood (including those who had acquired HCV through transfusion), people with thalassemia, people with haemophilia, ambulance officers, and people who undertake body modification. Project researchers: Carla Treloar, Suzanne Fraser, Susan Kippax, Marsha Rosengarten, Cathy...

Assertive Communication Program for Chinese Australians - Final Report

Bibiana Chi Wing Chan
Recent qualitative research conducted in Sydney suggests that there is considerable stigma attached to mental illness among low-acculturated Chinese-Australians. Under-utilisation of mental health services within Australia’s ethnic communities is well established. It is proposed that culturally-appropriate programs in “Assertive Communication Training” could help reducing acculturation stress (i.e. illness prevention) which, in turn, may open the door to accessing relevant information regarding mental health services (i.e. health promotion). Low-acculturated Chinese (N = 26) were recruited from...

An Analysis of Trends and Characteristics of the Older Workforce

Kate Norris & Bruce Bradbury
This report has been prepared for the Department of Family and Community Services to provide background analysis for the assessment of policy options to encourage employment and self-sufficiency among the older workforce (those aged 50 to retirement age). The main focus is on labour supply issues – with a particular focus on the household situation of older (potential) workers. The research here is intended to complement and provide background information for other FaCS and SPRC...

Friction loss tests on cement lined steel pipes

C. R. Dudgeon
Friction loss testa were carried out on a 287mm I.D. cement mortar lined pipeline. The test length was 81 m. consisting of 9 x 9m lengths of flanged pipe, preceded by a 36 m long approach section. The steel pipes were centrifugally lined. The results showed that over the range of Reynolds numberts from 4.7 x 10 to the fourth to 8.1 x 10 to the fifth achieved during the tests, Darcy friction factors for...

Report of the Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network 2004

Samanthi Abeywardana
This is the 10th annual report of the Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network and presents information on the network's 2004 annual audit of high risk neonates. All level III NICUs in Australia and New Zealand participate in the network's quality assurance measure. Of the babies admitted to all NICUs in Australia and New Zealand, 7399 fulfilled registration criteria for ANZNN and represent 2.37% of the 312,273 total live births in the two countries in...

Out of home care for children in Australia: a review of literature and policy

Ciara Smyth & Anthony Eardley
Report 3/08

Annual report of behaviour 2005: HIV/AIDS, hepatitis & sexually transmissible infections in Australia

Patrick Rawstorne, Carla Treloar & Juliet Richters
Monograph 3/2005

Socio-Economic Disadvantage and the Prevalence of Disability

Bruce Bradbury, Kate Norris & David Abello
What is the extent of the relationship between disability and socio-economic disadvantage? What are the implications of this relationship for estimates of the prevalence of disability in the regions of Victoria, and hence for the funding decisions of the Department of Human Services? These are the primary concerns of this report prepared for the Victorian Department of Human Services, DisAbility Services by the Social Policy Research Centre. The report draws upon a comprehensive literature review...

Protecting Australia – closing the gap in immunisation for migrants and refugees. Proceedings from a stakeholder workshop

Anita Heywood, Raina Macintyre & Elizabeth Kpozehouen
Health inequity and provision of health care to resettled refugees and new migrants are complex and critical issues worldwide. These groups often have lower rates of health care utilisation and poor access to care and preventive services. As such, refugees and migrants are at increased risk of under-immunisation compared to Australian-born residents and higher rates of many vaccine-preventable diseases are reported in migrant Australians, particularly after travel. There are numerous barriers to addressing low immunisation...

Early Childhood Teachers and Qualified Staff

Prue Warrilow, Karen Fisher, Katherine Cummings, Jennifer Sumsion, Cynthia Beckett & Jacqueline Tudball
New South Wales is experiencing a shortage of early childhood trained staff in children’s services for children under school age, for which the Government is seeking solutions. The shortage of trained staff has resulted in requests to the Minister for approvals for a less qualified person to be in the position of teacher to meet the licensing requirement for early childhood qualified teachers. Other longer-term implications may include a reduction in the quality of children’s...

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