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Guidelines for a Data Management Plan

ICAN - Best Practice Guide to Engage your Coastal Web Atlas User Community.

Kathrin Kopke & Ned Dwyer

ICES Guidelines for Biological Plankton data. (Compiled August 2001; reviewed April 2006).

A Guide to Making Climate Quality Meteorological and Flux Measurements at Sea.

F. Bradley & C. Farall

ICES Guidelines for Surface Drifting Buoy data. (Compiled March 20001; revised August 2006).

Handbook of forecasting services, Revision 2003.

Fitahirizana Ny Oviala. Azo Atao Tsara Ny Mitahiry Ny Oviala Rehefa Matoa Tsara Ny Vokatra.

Mamy Tiana Rajaonah

Agricultural practices and water quality on farms registered for derogation in 2019

R van Duijnen, PW Blokland, A Vrijhoef, D Fraters, GJ Doornewaard & CHG Daatselaar

Die Nutzung und Wirkung genormter Managementsysteme - Eine Studie im Rahmen der Initiative QI-FoKuS

Mona Mirtsch, Claudia Koch, Gabriele Dudek & K. Blind
Das Ziel der Initiative QI-FoKuS ist es, eine Datenbasis für neue wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse zu Einflussfaktoren und Effekten in der Konformitätsbewertung und Akkreditierung zu schaffen. Ende 2019 wurden in einer ersten Online-Erhebung Unternehmen verschiedener Branchen und Größenklassen in Deutschland zur Nutzung von Managementsystemen und ihren Wirkungen befragt. Diese umfasste weit verbreitete genormte Managementsysteme wie ISO 9001 und ISO 14001 genauso wie bisher wenig untersuchte Systeme wie die ISO 50001 oder ISO/IEC 27001. Es konnten 180 Fragebögen...

Les fruits et légumes dans l'alimentation : enjeux et déterminants de la consommation Résumé

Pierre Combris, Claire Sabbagh & Isabelle Savini

Guide to Storm Surge Forecasting.

Performance Verification Statement For the Sunburst SAMI-pH Sensor.

T. Johengen, G.J. Smith, D. Schar, M. Atkinson, H. Purcell, D. Loewensteiner, Z. Epperson & M. Tamburri
The Alliance for Coastal Technology (ACT) conducted a sensor verification study of in situ pH sensors during 2013 and 2014 to characterize performance measures of accuracy and reliability in a series of controlled laboratory studies and field mooring tests in diverse coastal environments. A ten week long laboratory study was conducted at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and involved week long exposures at a full range of temperature and salinity conditions. Tests were conducted...

Useful plants and fungi of Colombia : communications and engagement strategy.

Creating Value and Impact in the Digital Age Through Translational Humanities

Abby Smith Rumsey
Following the completion in July 2011 of our last planned summer session, SCI entered a new phase of work (1 January 2012 to 31 August 2013) focusing on the following program areas: • Scholarly Production • Graduate Education • The Value of the Humanities in the Digital Age SCI undertook concentrated work in these three areas, with continued generous support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Our goals for this period included fostering further development...

When Do Match-compilation Heuristics Matter?

Kevin Scott & Norman Ramsey
Modern, statically typed, functional languages define functions by pattern matching. Although pattern matching is defined in terms of sequential checking of a value against one pattern after another, real implementations translate patterns into automata that can test a value against many patterns at once. Decision trees are popular automata. The cost of using a decision tree is related to its size and shape. The only method guaranteed to produce decision trees of minimum cost requires...

Alloyed Branch History: Combining Global and Local Branch History for Robust Performance

Zhijian Lu, John Lach, Mircea Stan & Kevin Skadron
This paper introduces “alloyed” prediction, a new two-level predictor organization that combines global and local history in the same structure, combining the advantages of two-level predictors and hybrid predictors. The alloyed organization is motivated by measurements showing that “wrong-history mispredictions” are even more important than conflict-induced mispredictions. Wrong-history mispredictions arise because current two-level, history-based predictors provide only global or only local history. The contribution of wrong-history to the overall misprediction rate is substantial because most...

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