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Guidelines for a Data Management Plan

ICAN - Best Practice Guide to Engage your Coastal Web Atlas User Community.

Kathrin Kopke & Ned Dwyer

ICES Guidelines for Biological Plankton data. (Compiled August 2001; reviewed April 2006).

A Guide to Making Climate Quality Meteorological and Flux Measurements at Sea.

F. Bradley & C. Farall

ICES Guidelines for Surface Drifting Buoy data. (Compiled March 20001; revised August 2006).

Handbook of forecasting services, Revision 2003.

Fitahirizana Ny Oviala. Azo Atao Tsara Ny Mitahiry Ny Oviala Rehefa Matoa Tsara Ny Vokatra.

Mamy Tiana Rajaonah

Agricultural practices and water quality on farms registered for derogation in 2019

R van Duijnen, PW Blokland, A Vrijhoef, D Fraters, GJ Doornewaard & CHG Daatselaar

Les fruits et légumes dans l'alimentation : enjeux et déterminants de la consommation Résumé

Pierre Combris, Claire Sabbagh & Isabelle Savini

Guide to Storm Surge Forecasting.

Useful plants and fungi of Colombia : communications and engagement strategy.

What is the (social) structure? An exploration

Taro Matsuno
This project seeks to use digitized deed records as the material to construct a social graph of Locust Grove’s real estate market in order to understand the social and power structures underlying the neighborhood’s development. This quick start guide can help researchers use the platform, Graph Commons, to analyze the connections between property buyers and sellers. This was created as a part of the course, ARH8604 - Field Methods I, taught in Spring 2021 by...

Evaluation - Towards a Community Learning Network to Advance Economic Mobility

Stephanie Shipp, Joel Thurston & Cassandra Dorius
Through the pilot project – Towards a National Community Learning Network – we demonstrate that the Cooperative Extension System (CES) can be used to infuse data insights into local communities and accelerate the advancement of economic mobility across three states (Virginia, Iowa, and Oregon) through use of the Community Learning through Data Driven Discovery process. The project encompassed three bodies of work, including: (1) developing a rural community-based research culture to promote economic mobility; (2)...

UVA School of Data Science Open Access Guidelines and Recommendations

Philip Bourne, Brandon Butler, Lane Rasberry, Daniel Mietchen, Timothy Clark, Nada Basit, Aidong Zhang, Brian Wright, John Van Horn, Jonathan Kropko & Claudia Scholz
On February 3, 2021 the School of Data Science's Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) officially passed the Open Access Guidelines and Recommendations. The University of Virginia School of Data Science is guided by goals to further discovery through open, collaborative, and responsible data science research. These guidelines and recommendations are adhered to by all faculty members in their research.

ColFungi: Colombian resources for fungi made accessible

Ester Gaya

Who Polices the Police?

, Ian Scott & Masha Lisitsyna

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