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RMACC Summit Supercomputer

RMACC Summit is a heterogeneous supercomputing cluster based primarily on the Intel Xeon "Haswell" CPU, with additional NVidia Tesla K80 and high-memory nodes and an Intel Xeon Phi "knights landing" MIC component. All nodes sit on a first-generation Intel Omni-Path Architecture interconnect which also provides access to an IBM GPFS Parallel scratch file system.


The PetaLibrary is a University of Colorado Boulder Research Computing service that supports the storage, archival, and sharing of research data. It is available at a subsidized cost to any researcher affiliated with the University of Colorado Boulder.

Blanca Condo Cluster

The University of Colorado Boulder Research Computing condo computing service "Blanca" offers researchers the opportunity to purchase and own compute nodes that will be operated as part of a shared cluster. The aggregate cluster is made available to all condo partners while maintaining priority for the owner of each node.

Registration Year

  • 2021

Resource Types

  • Service


  • University of Colorado Boulder