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Cited-by shows how work has been received by the wider community; displaying the number of times it has been cited, and linking to the citing content. Researchers cite other people’s work to acknowledge the material they used when writing their own paper. It’s useful to see which articles go on to cite the paper you’re reading, and how it may have built on or challenged its ideas.

Repository Finder

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Repository Finder can help you find an appropriate repository to deposit your research data. You can find repositories by searching by keywords or using the list of repositories recommended by the Enabling FAIR Data Project or FAIRsFAIR Project.

CDS (CERN Document Server)

The CERN Document Server (CDS) is CERN's institutional repository that provides archival, search and collaborative tools to manage collections of documents produced at CERN. The collections include HEP documents, Multimedia documents, Bulletins, Administrative (Directorate, HR, Finance) documents, EU Project documents (OpenAire, EMi), Library and Project document types, among others.


DIRECTORIO GENERAL / General Directory Dirección General: direccion@cidiees.com Contabilidad: contabilidad@cidiees.com Comité Científico: comitecientifico@cidiees.com Convocatorias: convocatoria@cidiees.com Información general: informacion@cidiees.com

Editorial EIDEC

Editorial EIDEC El sello editorial EIDEC, nace por el interés de un grupo de investigadores que desean llevar los resultados de sus investigaciones a libros con un sustento de tipo científico, es por ello que nuestro catálogo reúne diferentes áreas como; Administración, Finanzas, Economía, Derecho, Psicología, Ciencias Básicas, Educación, Ingeniería, Ciencias Ambientales y Humanidades. El público de nuestras publicaciones son estudiantes, docentes y profesionales en diversas ramas. Misión Liderar los procesos de edición, publicación y...

Material and Chemical Characterisation Facility (MC²)

Our facility combines cutting-edge analytical equipment with extensive in-house expertise to provide a comprehensive material and chemical characterisation service.

SSHADE/SSTONE: Solid Spectroscopy daTabase Of NantEs

Manuel Giraud & Marion Massé
Solid state spectroscopy database of the planetary laboratory of Nantes. SSTONE is a database on “spectroscopy of solids and ices” of planetary interest. It uses various types of spectroscopic techniques: Visible and Near Infrared bidirectionnal reflectance of granular or compact surfaces, microscopy of grains, Raman scattering. Spectra are acquired directly on the field or in the laboratory in various environmental conditions: terrestrial or analogous planetary conditions (low to high temperature, low to high pressure, gas...

Besançon model of stellar population synthesis of the Galaxy

BASS2000 Solar survey archive

Jean Aboudarham & Christian Renie
BASS2000 archives and distributes ground-based solar observations provided by various instruments: the THEMIS telescope, the Nançay Radio Heliograph and Nançay Decameter Array, the Spectroheliographs of Meudon and Coimbra, the Coronograph and CLIMSO of Pic du Midi, USET at Royal Observatory of Belgium. Tools are also available, such as Solar spectrum in Visible, UV and IR, with line identification. A database of solar features (filaments, prominences, active regions, coronal holes, sunspots, type III radio bursts and...

St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center's Core and Sediment Sample Database

Heather A Schreppel, Breanna N Williams & Steven Douglas
This application contains information on coral, rock and sediment cores and samples collected by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center (SPCMSC) or in collaboration with federal, states and university partners. This application contains the geographic location where cores were collected, field survey information, storage location, and if available, associated publication, core photographs, data analyses, disposition and archival information.

SSHADE/PLUS: \"Planetary Laboratory of University of Salento\" database

Francesca Mancarella & Marcella D'Elia
The PLUS database contains spectroscopic data of various types of study of minerals of planetological and astrobiological interest. The Laboratory house a collection of minerals and rocks that includes not only different species but also different classes and varieties and increase the collection continuously. The powdered samples are measured with various spectroscopic techniques from the UltraViolet to the Far-IR ranges (transmission, directional-hemispherical reflectance, specular reflection, etc.). It provides different levels of data from simple transmission...

Insectarium de Baillarguet

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L'insectarium de Baillarguet est un outil intégré dans le Vectopole Sud, réseau montpelliérain de plateformes pour la recherche sur les arthopodes d'intérêt médical, vétérinaire et agricole et dans Emerg'in, Infrastructure Nationale de Recherche pour la lutte contre les maladies infectieuses animales émergentes ou zoonotiques par l'exploration in vivo. C'est une plateforme dédiée à la compréhension de la transmission et à la lutte anti-vectorielle, par : l'élevage d'arthropodes (tiques, glossines, culicoides et moustiques) ; le développement...


Bridge is a technology platform designed to support biomedical research studies conducted though smartphones and other sensor devices. Bridge is developed and maintained by Sage Bionetworks, a not-for profit biomedical research institute active in the design, execution, and analysis of multiple mobile health studies.

Citrus Experimental Facility

Dairy Sheep Experimental Facility

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