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WMS Adressen

Der Darstellungsdienst des BEV stellt die amtlich verfügbaren Adressdatenbestände des österreichischen Adressregisters als Punktobjekte dar. Für die Nutzung des Dienstes ist eine Registrierung erforderlich. Der Dienst wird kostenfrei zur Verfügung gestellt, d.h. für den Anwender fallen keine Kosten an.

WMS Flurstücke/Grundstücke (Katasterparzellen) INSPIRE Stichtag

Der Darstellungsdienst des BEV stellt die Flurstücke/Grundstücke (Katasterparzellen) des österreichischen Katasters dar. Für die Nutzung des Dienstes ist eine Registrierung erforderlich. Der Dienst wird kostenfrei zur Verfügung gestellt, d.h. für den Anwender fallen keine Kosten an.

AT.BEV ATOM Downloaddienst EL Höhendaten

Der ATOM Downloaddienst liefert unentgeltliche INSPIRE Höhendaten (Stichtag)

Galactic Dust Reddening and Extinction

The Galactic Dust Reddening and Extinction tool is a service that gives the Galactic dust reddening for a line of sight, returning a reddening map, the corresponding 100 micron intensity, and dust temperature, along with statistics for each. The total Galactic visual extinction is estimated and, in Single Location mode, extinctions at multiple wavelengths are estimated. The older reddening estimates are from Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis (1998), who combined results of IRAS and COBE/DIRBE, while...

Moving Object Search Tool

The Moving Object Search Tool (MOST) is a tool that computes the orbit of a solar system object and searches for images that covered the object's predicted positions in select image archives housed by IRSA. Aids to visualization include an orbit plot and links to display the FITS images. It can serve as a "precovery" tool, determining whether newly discovered objects were previously observed. This dataset or service is made available by the Infrared Science...


The WISE/NEOWISE Coadder is a tool that enables users to create custom coadds (mosaics) from single-exposure images, which are different from the pre-built "Atlas" mosaics. With this tool, one can specify the desired center position (or object), the output size (up to 3.0 x 3.0 deg), rotation angle, and output pixel scale. The input images may be filtered by observation date/time, or other properties. Some uses for this tool might be studies of time-variable sources...


HIRES is a tool that allows users to produce higher spatial resolution images from archival data of the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) by using the Maximum Correlation Method (MCM, H.H. Aumann, J.W. Fowler and M. Melnyk, 1990, AJ, 99, 1674). HIRES can be a useful tool for studying morphology, separating confused sources, and to do aperture photometry. It can produce spatial resolutions of better than an arcminute, roughly a five-fold increase over the unenhanced resolution....


Compute and storage for sensitive data for research.


Secure and cost-effective cloud computing for processing sensitive data.

Accessing biodiversity data through web services

The workshop 'Accessing biodiversity data through web services' focuses on automated ways of retrieving and processing biodiversity data from public databases.

NIRD Archive

The Research Data Archive is a repository of valuable research data. The Research Data Archive provides users opportunities to archive, publish and share their data openly.

Carpentry workshop

2-day workshops in the Nordics and Estonia

NIRD Toolkit

The NIRD Toolkit offers a self-service portal in which our scientists may choose various tools and computational capacity needed for their research.

The HSOY Catalog

M. Demleitner, S. Röser, M. Altmann, U. Bastian & E. Schilbach
HSOY is a catalog of 583'001'653 objects with precise astrometry based on PPMXL and Gaia DR1. Typical formal errors at mean epoch in proper motion are below 1 mas/yr for objects brighter than 10 mag, and about 5 mas/yr at the faint end (about 20 mag). South of -30 degrees, astrometry is significantly worse. HSOY also contains, where available, USNO-B, Gaia, and 2MASS photometry. HSOY's positions and proper motions are given for epoch J2000. The...

water use services

Jeremy K Newson

StreamStats Services

Jeremy K Newson

Web Application for Viewing Earthquake- Triggered Ground-Failure Inventories

Kate E Allstadt & Robert G Schmitt
The web application is hosted through the U.S. Geological Survey's ArcGIS Online account. It provides users the opportunity to browse availible ground-failure datasets on a global scale. The user has multiple tools to aid in the acquisition of available datasets.

SSHADE/UH-ApS: University of Helsinki Astrophysical Scattering and Spectroscopy Database

Antti Penttilä & Karri Muinonen
The University of Helsinki Astrophysical Scattering and Spectroscopy Database (UH-ApS) holds spectra and bi-directional reflectance distribution data in ultraviolet, visual and near-infrared wavelengths for solid materials with relevance to planetary sciences. These include meteorites, minerals, amorphous solids, and materials relevant to space debris or Earth observations.

Dataverse Cirad : entrepôt de données de recherche

Le Dataverse Cirad est une plateforme numérique pour préserver, gérer et diffuser les données de recherche au Cirad. Son usage est destiné aux scientifiques du Cirad et leurs partenaires dans le cadre de leurs activités de recherche, d'expertise et de formation en partenariat. Sur Internet, dataverse.cirad.fr (https://dataverse.cirad.fr/) offre un portail libre d'accès aux ressources qui ont vocation à être diffusées et citées. L'accès à ces données peut être ouvert à tous ou restreint. La plateforme...


National research infrastructure for adaptive management in forests 

Moon Mineralogy Mapper

Mikhail Minin
EPN-TAP access to rasdaman M3 database.

Rural Development Observatory

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