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ARI Catalog of Catalogs

Wielen, R.; Erbach, M.; Schwan, H.; Demleitner, M.; Et Al.
ARI katkat is a catalog of star catalogues in the spirit of G. Teleki's catalog of star catalogs (`1989BOBeo.140..131T`_ and references in there). It contains 2573 catalogs suitable for astrometric usage, starting with Flamsteed (1835) and ending in the 1970ies. For almost all of them, there is a column description file (as PDF, and unfortunately sometimes in German) and the digitized content. .. _1989BOBeo.140..131T: http://ads.g-vo.org/abs/1989BOBeo.140..131T


Mikhail Minin
CRISM data from Planet Server 2: http://access.planetserver.eu/

Population Estimation Service, Version 3 (PES-v3)

Center For International Earth Science Information Network-CIESIN-Columbia University
The Population Estimation Service is a Web-based service for estimating population totals and related statistics within a user-defined region. It enables users of a wide variety of map clients and tools to quickly obtain estimates of the number of people residing in specific areas without having to download and analyze large amounts of spatial data. The pes-v2 service accepts polygons that define areas of interest, and a string which selects a year from the set...

EnviDat Environmental Data Portal

Ionuț Iosifescu
With the Program EnviDat we develop a unified and managed access portal for WSL's rich reservoir of environmental monitoring and research data. EnviDat is designed as a portal to publish, connect and search across existing data but is not intended to become a large data centre hosting original data. While sharing of data is centrally facilitated, data management remains decentralised and the know-how and responsibility to curate research data remains with the original data providers.

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NEWA Meso-Micro Challenge for Wind Resource Assessment Phase 1: Cabauw Benchmark Data

Javier Sanz Rodrigo, Roberto Chávez Arroyo, Asier Irigoyen Indave, Jordi Garcons, Dalivor Cavar & Dries Allaerts
This repository contains data generated in the first phase of the "NEWA Meso-Micro Challenge for Wind Resource Assessment" corresponding to the Cabauw site. The benchmark results have been published in the Torque 2018 conference: Sanz Rodrigo J, Chávez Arroyo R, Gancarski P, Borbón Guillén F, Avila M, Garcons J, Folch A, Cavar D, Allaerts D, Meyers J, Dutrieux A (2018) Comparing Meso-Micro Methodologies for Annual Wind Resource Assessment and Turbine Siting at Cabauw. Journal of...

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  • 2018

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