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The ARDC IGSN Service enables Australian researchers to mint and manage International Geo Sample Number (IGSN) identifiers for their research samples

FLATSIM Data Products

The FLATSIM service (ForM@Ter LArge-scale multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 InterferoMetry) is developed as part of the ForM@Ter Solid Earth data and services center of the Data Terra French Research Infrastructure, and is operated by CNES. It allows systematic processing of interferograms from Sentinel-1 data, as well as displacement time series, over large geographic areas. It is based on the InSAR “New Small temporal and spatial BASelines” (NSBAS) processing chain. FLATSIM data can be accessed through https://flatsim.cnes.fr/doi/. The...

Sea bass catch allocation tool

Unidata Science Gateway

Mohan Ramamurthy & Julien Chastang
The Unidata Science Gateway collects Unidata-related technologies for the benefit of the academic geoscience community. Specifically, the Science Gateway provides data access to a spectrum of real-time and short-term archive geoscience data, along with visualization and analytic tools made available through the use of co-located computational notebooks and other technologies. Upon request, the Unidata Science Gateway also provides short and medium-term resources for workshop, internship, and classroom settings.


High performance computing service of national importance.


Aurora is a computational resource with an emphasis on usability and visual processing offering, for example, a graphical desktop environment for login.

CodeRefinery workshop

3-day advanced workshops


This web tool allows users to upload their own data and easily create Principal Component Analysis (PCA) plots and heatmaps. Data can be uploaded as a file or by copy-pasteing it to the text box. Data format is shown under "Help" tab.


"Open Access HPC facilities. 


HEPData is a unique open-access repository for publication-related data in the field of High-Energy Physics with a long history going back to the 1970s. It currently comprises the data points from plots and tables related to several thousand publications including those from the Large Hadron Collider. The HEPData service is operated by Durham University (UK) in partnership with CERN (Switzerland).

NARCIS - National Academic Research and Collaborations Information System

NARCIS aggregates research information metadata in the Netherlands. Within NARCIS different content types (publications, datasets, research projects, researchers and research organisations) are connected by persistent identifiers (PIDs) and by linking these items NARCIS shows research in context.

Identifiers.org Resolution Services

The Identifiers.org Resolution Service provides consistent access to life science data using Compact Identifiers. Compact Identifiers consist of an assigned unique prefix and a local provider designated accession number (prefix:accession). The resolving location of Compact Identifiers is determined using information that is stored in the Identifiers.org Registry.

DataCite Statistics

DataCite provides statistics for both DOI registrations and DOI resolutions, filtered by Member, Repository or Prefix via our DataCite Statistics service. Registration statistics relate to datasets that have been uploaded and received a DataCite DOI, while resolution statistics provide information on how often a DOI has been used to access a dataset.


ORCID provides an open registry of persistent identifiers for individuals. These identifiers can be used in all stages of the research process and interconnected with other identifiers (for research production, institutions, funders, etc.).

DOI Citation Formatter

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The DOI Citation Formatter is a service created in collaboration with Crossref, mEDRA, ISTIC, JaLC, and KISTI. It provides a simple interface to extract metadata automatically from a DOI and build a full citation. It supports more than 5,000 different citation styles in 45 different languages, using the Citation Style Language.

DataCite-ORCID Integration

DataCite Search & Link and Auto-Update services let researchers search the DataCite Metadata Store to find your research datasets, images, and other works, and link them to an ORCID record. Researchers can also give DataCite permission to automatically add newly published works with a DataCite DOI that contains their ORCID identifier to their ORCID record.


ORCID offers APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow organizations to connect with individual users’ ORCID records.

MCAS-S data download utility

Jasmine Howorth & Lucy Randall


INRAE is Europe’s top agricultural research institute and the world’s number two centre for the agricultural sciences. Data INRAE is offered by INRAE as part of its mission to open the results of its research. Data INRAE will share research data in relation to food, nutrition, agriculture and environment. It includes experimental, simulation and observation data, omics data, survey and text data. Only data produced by or in collaboration with INRAE will be hosted in...

Chiara Di Marco (a cura di) – Georges Bataille. De mots pour l’impossible

Sabrina Cardone
B@belonline vol. 5 Ernst Bloch e il principio utopico ieri e oggi

FAIR data stewards course

Training course to provide the basic skills for data stewards to the requirements to enable FAIR data for reuse of research outputs.

Garpur HPC cluster

General purpose HPC cluster run by University of Iceland


funcExplorer is a public web tool for clustering and interpreting gene expression data. The tool is designed to extract the most significant biological features of a dataset that a user can choose from our publicly available data selection or upload him/herself.

Abacus 2.0

The SDU eScience Center is a single point of reference for eScience and research e-infrastructure at SDU.


The cPouta Community Cloud service is an IaaS cloud computing service.

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