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Repository Finder can help you find an appropriate repository to deposit your research data. You can find repositories by searching by keywords or using the list of repositories recommended by the Enabling FAIR Data Project or FAIRsFAIR Project.

CDS (CERN Document Server)

The CERN Document Server (CDS) is CERN's institutional repository that provides archival, search and collaborative tools to manage collections of documents produced at CERN. The collections include HEP documents, Multimedia documents, Bulletins, Administrative (Directorate, HR, Finance) documents, EU Project documents (OpenAire, EMi), Library and Project document types, among others.


DIRECTORIO GENERAL / General Directory Dirección General: direccion@cidiees.com Contabilidad: contabilidad@cidiees.com Comité Científico: comitecientifico@cidiees.com Convocatorias: convocatoria@cidiees.com Información general: informacion@cidiees.com

Editorial EIDEC

Editorial EIDEC El sello editorial EIDEC, nace por el interés de un grupo de investigadores que desean llevar los resultados de sus investigaciones a libros con un sustento de tipo científico, es por ello que nuestro catálogo reúne diferentes áreas como; Administración, Finanzas, Economía, Derecho, Psicología, Ciencias Básicas, Educación, Ingeniería, Ciencias Ambientales y Humanidades. El público de nuestras publicaciones son estudiantes, docentes y profesionales en diversas ramas. Misión Liderar los procesos de edición, publicación y...

BASS2000 Solar survey archive

Jean Aboudarham & Christian Renie
BASS2000 archives and distributes ground-based solar observations provided by various instruments: the THEMIS telescope, the Nançay Radio Heliograph and Nançay Decameter Array, the Spectroheliographs of Meudon and Coimbra, the Coronograph and CLIMSO of Pic du Midi, USET at Royal Observatory of Belgium. Tools are also available, such as Solar spectrum in Visible, UV and IR, with line identification. A database of solar features (filaments, prominences, active regions, coronal holes, sunspots, type III radio bursts and...

Chipster Analysis Software

Chipster offers a broad range of easy-to-use analysis tools for bioscience and medical science research. 


g:Profiler is a public web server for characterising and manipulating gene lists. g:Profiler has a simple user-friendly web interface with powerful visualisations and is currently available for 400+ species, including mammals, plants, fungi, insects from Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes. g:Profiler is updated approximately in every three months and follows quarterly releases of Ensembl databases. g:Profiler tool set consists of the following tools:

DeiC National Cultural Heritage Cluster

A High Performance Computer with direct access to digitized cultural heritage data.

NIRD storage

The service offers Data Storage facilities to researchers who require a platform to store, share and manage large, active scientific datasets.

MEM - Multi Experiment Matrix

Large-scale gene expression data queries and mining

Rahti Container Cloud

Rahti is a cloud computing service that allows you to easily host applications and make them accessible over the web. It is based on OKD, which is a distribution of Kubernetes and runs end user applications in Docker containers.

UT Rocket

General purpose HPC cluster in UT HPCC.


Computing cluster for serial and parallel jobs.


dCACHE and iRODS-based storage systems distributed across the SNIC data centers.

SNIC Science Cloud (SSC)

The SNIC Science Cloud (SSC) is a community cloud and use of the resources is free of charge to Swedish PIs and their collaborators. As for other SNIC allocations you need an affiliation with a Swedish higher education institution to be eligible to apply for a project.

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