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Fish nutrition and aquaculture

SSHADE/phasma: Earth and Planetary Materials Laboratory Spectral Database

Elias Chatzitheodoridis & Eleftherios Profitis
The 'phasma' database contains Raman and FTIR spectra from minerals of terrestrial and extraterestrial materials. It also contains spectra acquired from rock powder-organic mixtures of astrobiological interest (biosignatures)

Cancer Complexity Knowledge Portal

Agritrop : archive ouverte des publications du Cirad

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Créée en 1986, la base des publications du Cirad, Agritrop (https://agritrop.cirad.fr) a évolué en 2015 en une archive ouverte institutionnelle. En 2021, avec près de 108 000 références, 49 000 documents en texte intégral dont 29 000 accessibles à tous sur internet, Agritrop offre une large visibilité aux publications du Cirad et notamment aux copublications avec ses partenaires en recherche agronomique pour le développement durable des régions tropicales et méditerranéennes. L'archive ouverte Agritrop est basée...

SSHADE/UH-ApS: University of Helsinki Astrophysical Scattering and Spectroscopy Database

Antti Penttilä & Karri Muinonen
The University of Helsinki Astrophysical Scattering and Spectroscopy Database (UH-ApS) holds spectra and bi-directional reflectance distribution data in ultraviolet, visual and near-infrared wavelengths for solid materials with relevance to planetary sciences. These include meteorites, minerals, amorphous solids, and materials relevant to space debris or Earth observations.

Dataverse Cirad : entrepôt de données de recherche

Le Dataverse Cirad est une plateforme numérique pour préserver, gérer et diffuser les données de recherche au Cirad. Son usage est destiné aux scientifiques du Cirad et leurs partenaires dans le cadre de leurs activités de recherche, d'expertise et de formation en partenariat. Sur Internet, dataverse.cirad.fr (https://dataverse.cirad.fr/) offre un portail libre d'accès aux ressources qui ont vocation à être diffusées et citées. L'accès à ces données peut être ouvert à tous ou restreint. La plateforme...

National research infrastructure for adaptive management in forests 


The EMAA database contains collisional excitation rates data calculated for astrophysically-relevant atomic and molecular systems for a range of temperatures. It covers rotational, vibrational, rovibrational and reactive excitation. It provides different levels of data taking into account rotational levels, and fine and hyperfine levels, when relevant. The collisional data are distributed combined with the spectroscopic data (energy levels, radiative transitions) in the form of a RADEX file.

Blanca Condo Cluster

The University of Colorado Boulder Research Computing condo computing service "Blanca" offers researchers the opportunity to purchase and own compute nodes that will be operated as part of a shared cluster. The aggregate cluster is made available to all condo partners while maintaining priority for the owner of each node.

Muscle Dynamic and Metabolism

IDOC Platform

Marian Douspis & Gilles Poulleau

Treat AD

SSHADE/CHIPS: Canadian Hyperspectral Integrated Planetary Spectroscopy

Edward Cloutis, Sandra Potin & Sébastien Manigand
The CHIPS database contains spectroscopic experiments of several types, such as reflectance, Raman and transmission, with spectral ranges covering from the UV to the near-infrared. The studied samples are either natural geological samples, field sites, meteorites or synthetic components.

NumBA : la bibliothèque numérique du Cirad en agronomie tropicale

NumBA est la bibliothèque numérique du Cirad consacrée à l’histoire de l’agronomie des régions tropicales et méditerranéennes à partir de la fin du 19ème siècle. NumBA donne accès à des documents, cartes, objets, iconographies rares, souvent uniques présentant un intérêt scientifique, historique, géographique, économique, social ou politique. Issus des fonds patrimoniaux du Cirad et de ses anciens instituts, ces documents éclairent le passage d’une approche économique, technique et éducative de l'agriculture dans les anciennes colonies...

Public Geological Materials Repository Directory

Michaela R. Johnson
Overview This directory was developed to provide discovery information for anyone looking for publicly accessible repositories that house geological materials in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, this resource is intended to be a tool to facilitate a community of practice. The need for the directory was identified during planning for and follow-up from a drill core repository webinar series in Spring 2020 for public repository curators and staff in the U.S. and Canada hosted...

Document for adding numbered structures into PeakForest

Cécile Canlet, Catherine Deborde, Daniel Jacob, Mounir Traïkia, Lindsay Peyriga & Patrick Giraudeau


The PetaLibrary is a University of Colorado Boulder Research Computing service that supports the storage, archival, and sharing of research data. It is available at a subsidized cost to any researcher affiliated with the University of Colorado Boulder.

Dairy nutrition and physiology

RMACC Summit Supercomputer

RMACC Summit is a heterogeneous supercomputing cluster based primarily on the Intel Xeon "Haswell" CPU, with additional NVidia Tesla K80 and high-memory nodes and an Intel Xeon Phi "knights landing" MIC component. All nodes sit on a first-generation Intel Omni-Path Architecture interconnect which also provides access to an IBM GPFS Parallel scratch file system.

SSHADE/PIG: Pigmentothèque

Emilie Chalmin & Hélène Salomon
The 'Pigmentotheque' is a database of natural ferruginous minerals, which could be used as coloring matter in rock art. Geological prospections combined with physicochemical characterization are firstly conducted in the Ardèche and Gard departments. This database @ SSHADE store the visible and near-infrared spectra of the materials.

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