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DuMuX 2.9.0

Kilian Weishaupt, Martin Beck, Beatrix Becker, Holger Class, Thomas Fetzer, Bernd Flemisch, Georg Futter, Dennis Gläser, Christoph Grüninger, Johannes Hommel, Alexander Kissinger, Timo Koch, Martin Schneider, Natalie Schröder, Nicolas Schwenck & Gabriele Seitz
Release 2.9.0 of DuMux, DUNE for Multi-{Phase, Component, Scale, Physics, ...} flow and transport in porous media. DuMux is a free and open-source simulator for flow and transport processes in porous media. It is based on the Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment DUNE.

Pytseb 1.1

Héctor Nieto &
A python Two Source Energy Balance model for estimation of evapotranspiration with remote sensing data

Pupil: Pupil Capture And Pupil Player Release

, Patrick Fürst, Will , Michael Barz, Rafael Picanço, Andrew Xia, , Pablo Prietz, , Ignacio & Evan
We are happy to (finally) release v.0.7 of the Pupil Project! (Release notes for new features introduced in v0.7 and v0.7.3. These notes serve as the offical 0.7 release notes.) Contributors We want to thank everybody that has contributed! Be it in code, bug reports or feature request and feedback! Pupil would not be possible without you! New features Pupil Detection Ported the existing detector to C++ and improved its performance. The detector CPU load...

Kripodb: V1.2.4

Stefan Verhoeven
Library to interact with Kripo fragment, fingerprint and similarity data files. KRIPO stands for Key Representation of Interaction in POckets, see reference for more information. Added Sub command to convert fpneight distance file to tsv.

Kripodb: V1.2.5

Stefan Verhoeven
Library to interact with Kripo fragment, fingerprint and similarity data files. KRIPO stands for Key Representation of Interaction in POckets, see reference for more information. Fixed fpneigh2tsv not availble as sub command

Assigner: Better Imputation Coding

Thierry Gosselin
bug fix and better coding in imputation section and method = "random" section

Corner.Py: Corner.Py V1.0.2

Dan Foreman-Mackey, Will Vousden, Adrian Price-Whelan, Matt Pitkin, Victor Zabalza, Geoffrey Ryan, Emily , Michael Smith, Gregory Ashton, , Wolfgang Kerzendorf, Thomas A Caswell, Stephan Hoyer, Kyle Barbary, Ian Czekala, David W. Hogg & Brendon J. Brewer
Renamed to corner.py and many other updates.

Cgppindel: V1.5.5 - Prevent Accidental Overwrite Of Completed Work

Keiran Raine, , David Jones &
User will encounter successful job with warning if the logs directory has already been moved to the output location.

textreuse: Detect Text Reuse and Document Similarity

Lincoln Mullen

Molecular Dynamics Showcase

Michael McLennan, Chen-Yu Li, John Stone & Aleksei Aksimentiev
View interesting features of a molecular dynamics trajectory file

Tpot: Gptp Release

Randy Olson, Nathan , Sebastian Raschka, , , Ted , Daniel , Randy Carnevale, , &
Release of TPOT for the GPTP workshop.

Eager-Cli: Eager-Cli V1.92.6

[Improvement] Ability to select a BED file for correct coverage calculations on mitochondrial capture data

Eager-Gui: Eager-Gui V1.92.6

[Improvement] Ability to select a BED file for correct coverage calculations on mitochondrial capture data

Seyiranalyzer: Seyiranalyzer V1.1.0

Sertan Senturk
seyir-analyzer Tools to analyse the seyir (melodic progression) of scores and audio recordings of makam music Introduction The repository implements the melody progression analysis methods explained in the paper. B. Bozkurt, "Computational analysis of overall melodic progression for Turkish Makam Music", in "Penser l’improvisation" edited by Mondher Ayari, pp. 289-298, ISBN: 9782752102485, 2015, Delatour France, Sampzon. Currently audio seyir analysis is implemented. The algorithm gets the predominant melody of an audio recording as the input...

Planets-Fbs: Latest Version Of Super Duper Planets

Martin Callaghan
More information on my solar system exploration.

Planets: Jrh_Planets

all my info on planets


Andy Stock

Source code of evoDisp

Fabien Laroche

Analysis with the Africa Grid Science Gateway of LEP Data from the ALEPH Collaboration year 2000 datafile ZD4000.50.AL

Roberto Barbera, Bruno Riccardo, , , &
This is the software of a JSR 286 compliant "portlet" installed on the Africa Grid Science Gateway that allows the analysis of the dataset mentioned in the title. Click on the External link below to be automatically re-directed to the execution page of the portlet on the Science Gateway.

Virtual appliance configured to mount the CODE-RADE CVMFS

R Barbera, B Becker, R Ricceri & M Torrisi
This is a VM based on CVMFS to dynamically deploy and run applications on sites belonging to the Africa & Arabia ROC. See the state of applications at http://ci.sagrid.ac.za Propose your own, or contribute to existing ones. CODE-RADE is Open.

Msmbuilder: Msmbuilder 3.4

Robert T. McGibbon, Matthew Harrigan, , Kyle Beauchamp, , Christian Schwantes, Carlos Hernández, , Brooke Husic, , Stephen Liu, Steven Kearnes, Joshua Adelman &
We're pleased to announce MSMBuilder 3.4. It contains a plethora of new features, bug fixes, and improvements. API Changes Range-based slicing on dataset objects is no longer allowed. Keys in the dataset object don't have to be continuous. The empty slice, e.g. ds[:] loads all trajectories in a list (#610). Ward clustering has been renamed AgglomerativeClustering in scikit-learn. Please use the new msmbuilder wrapper class AgglomerativeClustering. An alias for Ward has been made available (#685)....

eon: EoN: Epidemics on Networks (version epsilon)

Joel Miller
epidemics on networks

Spiceypy V0.7.0

Andrew Annex
SpiceyPy 0.7.0 SpiceyPy is a python wrapper for the NAIF C-SPICE toolkit. The library currently supports python 2.7.x and 3.X on 32bit and 64bit platforms for OS X, Linux, and Windows operating systems. SpiceyPy utilizes python idioms for error handling and vectorization with convenience functions to support a variety of python collections including NumPy arrays. The library currently supports ninety eight percent of the documented functions in C-SPICE v65.


Christian Häne

Illinois Tools: NanoGromacs_Intro

Dairui Chen, Jay Mashl, Nahil Sobh & Eric Jakobsson
Implementation of the popular molecular dynamics software suite GROMACS

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