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A case study for efficient management of high throughput primary lab data

Christian Colmsee, Steffen Flemming, Matthias Klapperstück, Matthias Lange & Uwe Scholz
Source code for the LimsLight primary data management system

Gibrat population growth simulator

Robin Cura
Production version, available here

Free Edge Approximation for the Angle-Ply Laminate

Andrew Ritchey & Johnathan Goodsell
A tool which extends the Pipes-Pagano solution to include mechanical and thermal effects in the angle-ply laminate

Nanowire Tensile Deformation Lab

Markus Buehler, Justin Riley, Joo-Hyoung Lee & Jeffrey Grossman
Simulates tensile deformation of a copper nanowire

Crack Propagation Lab

Markus Buehler, Justin Riley, Joo-Hyoung Lee & Jeffrey Grossman
Models supersonic crack propagation in a 2D triangular lattice

Release 1.0.1

Geert Jan Bex
Bug fix release.


Joona Lehtomäki
Zonation setup files for Southern Savonia

Second Release

Eric Larson, Daniel McCloy, Ross Maddox & Dean Pospisil
Summary of changes since first release (not an exhaustive list): dropped Pyo in favor of Pyglet audio expanded EyeLink support new stimulus creation, analysis and visualization methods, including convolve_hrtf, fit_sigmoid, and barplot some changes to the API of ExperimentController (most notably the replacement of flip_and_play with start_stimulus) Experiments using this release: dasCogLoad (drmccloy)

Demo 4 for Geographic Data Explorer

George Howlett
Demo for Geographic Data Explorer

Demo 1 for Geographic Data Explorer

George Howlett
Demo for geoexplorer tool


Joey Dumont
A C++ ensemble of functions to compute the Wigner 3j- and 6j- symbols. It reimplements the algorithm designed by Schulten and Gordon in C++, but also contains the original Fortran implementation. It can act either as a complelte C++ replacement to the original Fortran implementation, or a C++ interface to them. See the API docs for details. It can either compute an array of Wigner 3j or 6j symbols, or a single coefficient. It also...

Release To Backup

Jon Richter
Zenodo will provide a DOI for that.

Webplotdigitizer: Version 3.4 Of Webplotdigitizer

Ankit Rohatgi
Version 3.4 of WebPlotDigitizer - an HTML5 based online tool to extract data from plots, images and maps.

A Metropolis-Hastings MCMC implementation used to fit a bacterial growth curve

Alvaro San Millan, Rafael Pena-Miller, Macarena Toll-Riera, Zoe V Halbert, Angela R McLean, Ben S Cooper &
R scripts and source data used to fit a simple Monod model to a bacterial growth curve measured as bacterial optical densities using a Metropolis-Hastings MCMC method. It also implements a data cloning algorithm to assess the identifiability of the parameters. The data, mathematical model and the MCMC algorithm are described in the supplementary information of: Positive selection and compensatory adaptation interact to stabilize non-transmissible plasmids.
A. San Millan, R. Peña-Miller, M. Toll-Riera, Z.V. Halbert, A.R....

ANTswers Program Files s_pediatrics

Danielle Kane

Pydiq V0.1.6

Jan Pipek
Simple DICOM browser in Python


ABS-Scan Alanine binding site scanning mutagenesis for evaluting the contribution of individual residues at the binding site towards small-molecule ligand recognition. Web-server We strongly recommend user-friendly webserver available at http://proline.biochem.iisc.ernet.in/abscan Graphical output provided on webserver: Example output can be visualized by clicking here - Examples Command-line usage ./alanine_scanning.py -h usage: alanine_scanning.py [-h] [-f PDBFILE] [-n RESNO] [-d DIST] [-o OUTDIR] Arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -f PDBFILE PDB file of protein-ligand...

Release 2.2.34

An efficient python module for analysis and manipulation of graphs.

Release 2.2.33

An efficient python module for analysis and manipulation of graphs.

Knowles R Bootcamp

Jared Knowles
A Free and Open R Tutorial for Educational Data Users


Philip Chase, Mohan Das Katragadda, , Ruchi Desai, , Christopher Barnes, Andrei Sura, Nicholas Rejack &
2014-08-25 v0.11.0 Introduced Data Directories (see documentation for --datadir) Resumable RED-I (see documentation for --resume) Serialize Collection Date Summary Included Debian 7.4 installation script (see scripts/install_deb_7_4.sh) Updated settings: removed emr_log_file since it wasn't used Removed dependency on Python3 (converted csv2xml.py) Significantly sped up the data pre-processing step when getting EMR data. Changed behavior of combining --emrdata and --dryrun; will get EMR data. BUG: Fixed SQLite issue BUG: event count 15 exceeds maximum of 74 BUG:...

Homer-Idr First-Pass

Applying IDR analysis to Homer peaks.

Fasta-Parser 0.0.2

Bruno Vieira
Buffer Stream parser from FASTA to JSON.

HgCdTe Photodetector Lab

Pradyumna Muralidharan & Dragica Vasileska
Simulate IV and optical characteristics of a HgCdTe Photodetector

S4: Stanford Stratified Structure Solver

Jiarui Kang, Xufeng Wang, Peter Bermel & Chang Liu
S4 is a frequency domain code to solve layered periodic structures. Internally, it uses Rigorous Coupled Wave Analysis (RCWA; also called the Fourier Modal Method (FMM)) and the S-matrix algorithm.

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