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Stochastic simulation platform for visualization and estimation of transcriptional kinetics

Gennady Gorin
This package includes the MATLAB app GUI, source code, and search algorithm for the preprint "Stochastic simulation platform for visualization and estimation of transcriptional kinetics." The GUI simulates and visualizes RNA transcription; the source code allows implementation of more complex reaction schema; the search algorithm performs parameter estimation. The code is based on the Gillespie algorithm and implemented in MATLAB.

caltechlibrary/sidewall: Version 1.0.0

Sidewall is a package for interacting with the Dimensions search API. It provides object classes for Dimensions entities, fetches data incrementally, caches results, copes with rate limits, and more, to make working with Dimensions in Python more natural. "Sidewall" is a loose acronym for Simple Dimensions wrapper client library. Version 1.0.0 is fully functional. It lacks support for representing Dimensions policy and patent entities, and only handles simple search queries, but otherwise should work. Please...

mhucka/readmine: Release 1.0.1 – codemeta.json addition

The only change in this release is the addition of a codemeta.json file to the repository. There are no other changes.

Labview Code to Operate a ThermoFisher Helix-SFT Mass Spectrometer Version 1

This is V1.0 of Labview code to operate the Caltech Helix-SFT mass spectrometer for simultaneous helium isotope ratio measurement. Very implementation specific.

sbmlteam/libCombine: HARMONY 2019 Release

During HARMONY 2019, we discussed the possibility of one `content` element cross referencing other elements. The aim is to use that information, to find related entries to one entry. This release adds a new `crossRef` element, that can be set.

Supplementary Information for How the Avidity of Polymerase Binding to the -35/-10 Promoter Sites Affects Gene Expression

Tal Einav
A Mathematica notebook containing all the data and recreating all plots from Einav/Phillips 2019

Mathematica Notebooks for Jim Tao's Thesis Chapter II

Jim Tao
Mathematica notebooks using Mathematica's pattern language for index theory calculations

smsaladi/jetfighter v0.0.1

Fix rainbow colormaps before it's too late!

mhucka/readmine: Release 1.0.2 – add DOI

The only changes in this release is the addition of a DOI badge and link to the top of the README file, and updates to the version number shown on the README file and in the `codemeta.json` file.

davenquinn/Attitude v0.4.0

Attitude is for fitting the orientation of planes!


Jin Yang
This software is now obsolete and should be replaced by the most recent version: https://doi.org/10.22002/D1.1443 AL-DIC(Augmented Lagrangian DIC) is a fast, parallel-computing DIC algorithm, which combines advantages of Local Subset DIC (fast, compute in parallel) and Global DIC (guarantee kinematic compatibility).

caltechlibrary/holdit: Version 1.1.0 – Feature change per user request

The principal change in this release is that both "on shelf" and "lost" books are considered when looking through the list of hold requests, and not just "on shelf". This change was requested by Viet at the Circulation desk, and reflects the fact that users sometimes put hold requests on lost books. Other changes in this release include naming the application _Hold It!_ more consistently in the documentation and the code, and (in the Word...

sbmlteam/sbmlpkgspec: Version 1.7.4 – Minor support file updates

There are no code, LaTeX or licensing changes in this release; the changes are limited to metadata and support files. * Add a citation to the documentation file [`sbmlpkgspec-doc`](sbmlpkgspec-doc.pdf) to provide an example of a reference * Add [code of conduct](CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md), contributors' [guidelines](CONTRIBUTING.md), and [support info](SUPPORT.md) files * Rename file `AUTHORS.txt` to the more conventional name [`CREDITS`](CREDITS) * Add a [`codemeta.json`](codemeta.json) file * Update the [`README.md`](README.md) file contents * Provide a new DOI for the...

casics/nostril: Version 1.2.0 – Change license to LGPL

Release version 1.2.0 changes the license for Nostril to LGPL version 2.1. There are no API or behavioral changes; all changes are limited to documentation strings, the [README](README.md) file, and a new DOI. The file [NEWS](NEWS.md) contains a more complete change log that includes information about previous releases.

everthemore/krylov-cpp: v1.1

Evert Van Nieuwenburg
The latest version of the code.

davenquinn/Orienteer beta

GIS application for managing uncertain orientations

mdsmarte/ALS-Kinetic-Model: Modeling and Fitting of ALS MPIMS Kinetics

A library of Python code for modeling chemical kinetics and fitting datasets acquired with the multiplexed synchrotron photoionization mass spectrometry (MPIMS) instrument at the Advanced Light Source (ALS). The ALS.py file contains the code library. The ex_notebook_1.ipynb file is a Jupyter / IPython notebook that contains documentation for ALS.py and provides an example of its usage. The create_model_code.py file contains a utility function to help convert text-formatted kinetic models into Python code. The remaining files...

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