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sbmlteam/libCombine: Initial Release

Initial release of libCombine, a C++ API library supporting the COMBINE Archive. This release is made in order to elicit feedback on how to improve the API. This library supports: - C++ - .NET - Java - Python Examples are available online: - [Examples](https://github.com/sbmlteam/libCombine/tree/master/examples) Rudimentary documentation is online here: - [CombineArchive](https://sbmlteam.github.io/libCombine/html/class_combine_archive.html) For more information and instructions for building the library see README.md.

justinbois/bebi103: 0.1.1

Justin Bois
Minor update: removed references to `line_join` in HoloViews defaults.

drmittelstein/ultrasound_rigs v1.1

Solidworks models that may be useful in designing ultrasound experimental rigs.

caltechlibrary/commonpy: Release 1.0.0

For this 1.0.0 release, there is somewhat more documentation available, some functions have been renamed and improved, and there is now an icon!

caltechlibrary/sidetrack: Release 1.2.0

This version brings no changes to the API, but does remove a dependency on `setuptools`, and brings internal changes that solve problems in using Sidetrack inside binaries produced by [PyInstaller](https://pyinstaller.readthedocs.io). The internal changes remove a clever but problematic scheme for retrieving package metadata, and replaces it with a more conventional approach (storing version info directly into `__init__.py`) with accompanying automation in the `Makefile` to make it all work. Beneficial side-effect: the `import sidetrack` statement should...

mhucka/zowie: Release 1.0.0

This is the first public release of a completed version of Zowie. Zowie (a loose acronym of _"**Z**otero link **w**r**i**t**e**r"_) is a command-line program that scans through the files in a local Zotero database, looks up the Zotero bibliographic record corresponding to each PDF file found, and writes a [Zotero select link](https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/78053/given-the-pdf-file-of-an-article-how-can-you-find-out-its-uri#latest) into the PDF file and/or certain macOS Finder/Spotlight metadata fields (depending on the user's choice). A Zotero select link has the form `zotero://select/...`...

mhucka/zowie: Release 1.0.3

This release fixes a missing Python package import in some code files, and also protects more print statements against file names that contain `{` and/or `}` characters. (The latter have special meaning to some Python constructs.)

sbmlteam/python-libsbml: Python LibSBML 5.19.0

New version of the python packages for libSBML 5.19.

caltechlibrary/bun: Release 0.0.4

Use `antiformat` in certain places to guard against incoming strings that may have single `{` and/or `}` characters. The latter causes errors when they're passed to Python's string `format`.

mhucka/zowie: Release 1.0.2

This release fixes an important bug in regular expressions used to replace existing Zotero select links inside Finder comments and PDF Subject and Producer fields. It also includes some internal cleanup for some Pylint issues (a cleanup process that is not finished).


Manuel Bedrossian
This repository contains all code for the numerical reconstruction of DHM data as referenced in the PhD Thesis of Manuel Bedrossian. Please refer to the thesis text and appendices for more information on the code as well as instructions on its use.

sbmlteam/jsbml: JSBML 1.5

JSBML is a community-driven project to create a free, open-source, pure Java™ library for reading, writing, and manipulating SBML files (the Systems Biology Markup Language) and data streams. It is an alternative to the mixed Java/native code-based interface provided in libSBML.

drmittelstein/ultrasound_hardware_control v1.1

Scripts that allow the user to conduct ultrasound experiments

drmittelstein/ultrasound_rigs v1.2

Solidworks models that may be useful in designing ultrasound experimental rigs.

mhucka/readmine: Release 1.0.4 – Update codemeta.json & release number badge

Update codemeta.json. Also, update the release num badge to use the shields.io dynamic version number service.

pquinter/ctd_paper: CTDpaper2020

This repository contains all the code used for data analysis in the paper "RNA Pol II Length and Disorder Enable Cooperative Scaling of Transcriptional Bursting" by Porfirio Quintero-Cadena, Tineke L. Lenstra and Paul W. Sternberg.

caltechlibrary/sidetrack: Release 1.0.0

This is the first complete release of Sidetrack, a simple debug tracing package for Python. Please see the [front page of the GitHub project repository](https://github.com/caltechlibrary/sidetrack) for more information about Sidetrack and how to use it.

caltechlibrary/commonpy: Release 0.0.6

Changes in this release: * Add a new module, `network_utils`. * Start a collection of exceptions that may be returned by this package. * Add additional dependency requirements to `requirements.txt`.

caltechlibrary/bun: Release 0.0.3

This release renames the project from Quiche to Bun, to avoid a name conflict on PyPI.

caltechlibrary/commonpy: Release 0.0.3

This release adds the module `interrupt`. This module includes `wait(...)`, a replacement for `sleep(...)` that is interruptible and works with multiple threads. It also provides methods to cause an interruption (including doing it by issuing a ^C to the program), check whether an interruption occurred, and other related operations.

mhucka/zowie: Release 1.0.1

This release fixes a bug in the installation configuration that caused the shell interface script (`zowie`) to fail to be installed.

mhucka/zowie: Release 1.0.6

This update limits the parts of the [PyObjC](https://pypi.org/project/pyobjc/) package that are required in `requirements.txt`, to improve installation time as well as avoid a conflict between `pyobjc-framework-PubSub` and the Python [PyPubSub](https://pypi.org/project/PyPubSub/) package used by [Bun](https://pypi.org/project/bun/).

caltechlibrary/quiche: Release 0.0.2

This release adds basic GUI code originally developed for other programs. It is almost functional.

jyang526843/2D_ALDIC: 2D_ALDIC

AL-DIC(Augmented Lagrangian DIC) is a fast, parallel-computing DIC algorithm, which combines advantages of Local Subset DIC (fast, compute in parallel) and Global DIC (guarantee kinematic compatibility).

mhucka/readmine: Release 1.0.3 – Fix some TOC links

This release fixes a couple of incorrect internal cross-links in the README file. There are no other changes.

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