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caltechlibrary/topi: Release 0.0.2

Renamed the project to Topi (TIND Object Python Interface) to avoid a name clash on PyPI for the name "Potion".

caltechlibrary/commonpy: Release 1.3.0

Changes in this release: * Fixed issue #2: httpx Timeout needs a default value. * Bump the required version of [httpx](https://www.python-httpx.org) to 0.16. * Changed name `filter_by_extension(...)` to `filtered_by_extension(...)` to follow the style of other functions that return values. * Made trivial changes to the Makefile

anahlobo/IO: Initial release

Icy Worlds Ocean Model

caltechlibrary/trinomial: Release 0.0.1

First working version.

jyang526843/2D_FE_Global_DIC: Finite element based global digital image correlation (2D_FE_Global_DIC)

jyang526843/2D_FE_Global_DIC: Finite element based global digital image correlation (2D_FE_Global_DIC)

dbagherian/neural-sys-id: Preliminary release

Code for Bagherian et al 2021 KDD paper "Fine-grained system identification of nonlinear neural circuits." Data files and examples of trained models can be found at DOI: 10.22002/D1.1989.

caltechlibrary/trinomial: Release 0.0.2

This release adds doc strings to functions and adds warnings about limitations of the approach.

sbmlteam/libCombine: libCOMBINE 0.2.11

This release contains a number of fixes from the last couple of months: * cmake scripts now use the gnu install dirs, and so libraries should be in the right place after installation on linux x64 * the modification date will not automatically be added every time * the library compiles with latest c++ standard

justinbois/iqplot: 0.2.3

Quick fix removing deprecation of use of `np.float`.

mhucka/readmine: Release 1.0.5 – Fix typo and bad link in codemeta.json

This release fixes a typo in the `README.md` file and a bad URL in the `codemeta.json` file.


BayGrav3D is a Bayesian linear gravity inverse modeling program that inverts gravity data to determine the best-fitting densities of spatially discretized 3D subsurface prisms in a least-squares sense. We use a Bayesian approach to incorporate both data uncertainty and prior geophysical constraints, such as seismic data. Gaussian priors are applied to the model parameters as absolute equality constraints. BayGrav3D utilizes Tikhonov regularization as a relative equality constraint that smooths and stabilizes the inversion solution. Given...

caltechlibrary/pairtree: Stable Release

This is a Golang package providing an implementation of a pairtree. It is currently used in the dataset project developed at Caltech Library but is generally useful for any type of library or archival project where you need to turn an ID into a path for storing lots of objects on disk.

fhalab/MLDE: Release to Make DOI for Record Keeping

This is the same as v0.0.0. This release is being made to link the repository to a permanent archive.

sbmlteam/libCombine: libCombine 0.2.14

This version fixes an issue where KnownFormats would not return purl.org URLs. Additionally the cmake files have been updated, so the cmake scripts will install into the correct lib directory. **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/sbmlteam/libCombine/compare/v0.2.13...v0.2.14

mhucka/urial: Release 1.0.0

First public release. This version improves parsing of URIs in Finder comments, and the release now includes ready-to-run binary executables for macOS.

mhucka/urial: Release 0.0.4

This release updates `requirements.txt` for some missing dependencies.

mhucka/zowie: Release 1.2.0

The following are the changes in this release: * Add new `-s` option. Please see the section on [special-case behavior](https://github.com/mhucka/zowie#special-case-behavior) for an explanation. * Fix issue #9: version incompatibility with Sidetrack version 2.0 package. * Use lazy imports of Python packages for faster application startup. * Add script to create zipapp version of Zowie. * Overhaul Makefile. * Update versions of all Python packages dependencies, and make `requirements.txt` pin the exact version of the packages...

caltechlibrary/commonpy: Release 1.6.1

This release fixes a bug in version 1.6.0.

justinbois/iqplot: 0.2.2

- Fixed a bug in how outliers were detected and displayed in bar graphs.

Schnitzcells: Software for Quantitative Analysis of Time-Lapse Movies

Jonathan Young & Michael Elowitz
Schnitzcells is a MATLAB analysis package that enables quantitative analysis of fluorescence time-lapse movies. Schnitzcells.zip includes the code as well as a user's manual for running the software. TestSchnitzImgs.zip provides example data to test the analysis system. Tutorials.zip contains video tutorials illustrating how to use the code. See also related publication.

justinbois/bebi103: 0.1.6

Justin Bois
Hot fix of a bug in covariance matrix generation in Gaussian processes submodule.

caltechlibrary/commonpy: Release 1.4.0

Changes in this version: * In `net(...)`, in case of a connection error, don't do exponential back-off and retry. Retry only once and then give up, because connection errors often mean the server is not available and long waits are unhelpful to callers. * Change `net(...)` to not test if a network is available if the given destination address is on the local host. This prevents incorrectly returning `NetworkFailure` when the current host is detached...

justinbois/serial-dashboard: 0.1.1

- Bug fix on setting baud rate widget.

CoffeeandMath/SimpleDER: Code for Simple DER

This release has the code for simple DER including an example of how to run the code. Release Update.

justinbois/serial-dashboard: v0.0.3

Another release to get DOI from Caltech Data.

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