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mhucka/zoinks: Release 0.0.4

This release fixes a missing requirement in `requirements.txt`.

sbmlteam/python-libsbml: Release 5.19.3

This release is essentially the same as 5.19.2, the main difference is that the `distrib` package is now enabled by default for `python-libsbml`. Thanks to Matthias for pointing this out.

RMpolski/TBG_Data: Releasing the data/Binder

Releasing the data and analysis and saving on the Caltech Data server

bubbletracking_koe: Application of Object Tracking to Track Bubbles in Flow

Andrew Ylitalo
Python code for tracking objects in a video using the CvVidProc library, which speeds up image segmentation by performing computations with OpenCV in C++ and parallelizing computations (thanks to UkoeHB!). While the code can be used to track any objects, it was created for high-speed microscopy of objects in a microfluidic stream traveling upwards of 1 m/s. In such applications where the object speed is much faster than the frame rate, prior knowledge of the...

sbmlteam/libCombine: Release 0.2.17

This release installs a find script for libCombine. Additionally, the binaries have been updated to use the latest version of Expat.

caltechlibrary/dataset: Code reorganization

My "sub module" approach to developing dataset is getting too painful. I've moved texts and cli back into the main package.

sbmlteam/libsbml: Release 5.19.6

This release solves a number of issues: ## What's Changed * User lowercase name for Windows library by @giordano in https://github.com/sbmlteam/libsbml/pull/225 * Fix typo in docstring of `ASTNode_isLogical` by @giordano in https://github.com/sbmlteam/libsbml/pull/230 * improve thread safety of UnitFormulaFormatter, PowerUnitsCheck by @lkeegan in https://github.com/sbmlteam/libsbml/pull/233 * Fix signature of `SBase_getNumPlugins` in prototype by @giordano in https://github.com/sbmlteam/libsbml/pull/237 * Ensure Translate/OutputSBML work on Octave and Matlab by @fbergmann in https://github.com/sbmlteam/libsbml/pull/175 * - add whitespace by @fbergmann in https://github.com/sbmlteam/libsbml/pull/239 *...

caltechlibrary/dataset: Code reorganization

This is part of the v2.0.0 code reorganization backing off of the sub-package approach, folding everything back into the dataset root package to ease bug fixes.

Leaping Liquid Crystal Elastomers

Kevin Korner
Repository of code for leaping liquid crystal elastomers

CliMA Land code archive

Yujie Wang
CliMA Land core code: Land-A6.zip CliMA Land v0.1 with a version tag A6+ (till new features and bug fixes) CliMA Land simulation code: Land-A6-Global.zip Code to run CliMA Land v0.1 version A6+ at the global scale (till new features and bug fixes)

PRIMELT3P: Pressure for Primary Magmas

Claude Herzberg, Paul D Asimow & Juan David Hernandez-Montenegro
The Meaning of Pressure for Primary Magmas: New Insights from PRIMELT3-P; Herzberg et al. (2022) This GUI is an interactive program of the macro-enabled excel version of PRIMELT3-P, also known as MEGA (Herzberg et al., 2022). It calculates the pressure, temperature, and composition of primary magmas of basalts that formed by adiabatic decompression fractional melting of fertile mantle peridotite. The GUI uses a python script that is entirely based on the primary magma calculations in...

caltechlibrary/commonpy: Release 1.8.2

This version merely changes a version dependency in `requirements.txt`. No other changes.

sbmlteam/jsbml: JSBML 1.2-β1

# JSBML-1.2-beta1 We are pleased to announce the release of JSBML-1.2-beta1, which is now available for download from [github below](#downloads) and from [sourceforge](https://sourceforge.net/projects/jsbml/files/jsbml/1.2-beta1). JSBML is a community-driven project to create a free, open-source, pure Java library for reading, writing, and manipulating SBML files and data streams. It is an alternative to the mixed Java/native code-based interface provided in libSBML. For more details, please visit http://sbml.org/Software/JSBML The main new feature in this release is the support...

caltechlibrary/commonpy: Release 1.9.0

Collection of common Python utility functions and classes used in other Caltech Library programs.

caltechlibrary/commonpy: Release 1.9.4

This release merely changes the version of httpx required by `requirements.txt`. No other changes.

sbmlteam/libSBML-dependencies: Release 1.0.1

Release of all dependencies needed for all potential build options for libSBML. This version includes current versions for expat, libxml and xerces-c.

sbmlteam/libCombine: Release 0.2.16

This release now uses cmake imported targets for linking, that way the cmake scripts generated are relocatable. For people consuming the library, we provide find scripts for all dependencies, that are being installed into `share/cmake/Modules`.

sbmlteam/libCombine: Release 0.2.18

This release updates the zipper dependency to a newer version, that resolves several memory leaks. Additionally a leak of a content variable was resolved. This resolves issue #51, thanks to alan for filing the issue.

caltechlibrary/template: Release 1.17 – remove LICENSE.html

Turns out the `LICENSE.html` file confuses GitHub's license finder. I can't remember why I thought it was useful in the first place, so let's remove it and be done with it.

First steps for presentation and analysis of calcium imaging data

Calcium imaging is a widely used tool in neuroscience, and our community now has access to multiple computational tools to process and analyze these data. However, significant portion of work with imaging data relies on much simpler approaches than offered in these software packages. Correlation with stimuli or behavior, detection of periodic activity, dimensionality reduction, and other basic approaches can be straight-forward for researchers seasoned in data analysis, but unfamiliar to larger community of experimental...

Supporting data and codes for The 2020 Westmorland, California earthquake swarm as aftershocks of a slow slip event sustained by fluid flow

Krittanon Sirorattanakul, Zachary E. Ross, Mostafa Khoshmanesh, Elizabeth S. Cochran, Mateo Acosta & Jean-Philippe Avouac
These data and software supplement the following publication: Sirorattanakul, K., Ross, Z. E., Khoshmanesh, M., Cochran, E. S., Acosta, M. A., & Avouac, J.- P. (2022). The 2020 Westmorland, California earthquake swarm as aftershocks of a slow slip event sustained by fluid flow, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, e2022JB024693. https://doi.org/10.1029/2022JB024693 Any questions can be directed to Krittanon Sirorattanakul (Pond) at ksirorat@caltech.edu.

caltechlibrary/dataset: Code reorganization

This release is re-organizing code and flattening the sub-modules and the pain this inflicts on bug fixes.

christinasu/PromiSys: PromiSys v0.0.1

This release contains all code needed to reproduce the analysis and figures of the associated paper, "Ligand-receptor promiscuity enables cellular addressing." Data are available [here](https://doi.org/10.22002/D1.1692).

caltechlibrary/commonpy: Release 1.9.5

The main functional change in this release is that error objects returned by `net(...)` will have error message bodies returned by network services, where possible. Internally, there has been some refactoring of the Makefile and addition of things like GitHub template files.

justinbois/iqplot: v0.3.1

Hot fix of bug involved with using `swarm_kwargs` in strip plots.

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