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Cajal: Cajal V1.8.0 Release Candidate 1

Alex Baden, Joshua Vogelstein, The Gitter Badger & William Gray
WARNING: This release is still very much in development! Do not use if you are running Open Connectome v0.6 or earlier. If you are unsure, use CAJAL v1.7.1. CAJAL v1.8.0-RC1 incorporates changes coming to the next release of Open Connectome. The major changes are detailed below. This release is intended for those who wish to test existing applications against the next release of Open Connectome. CAJAL v1.7.1 is still the current, supported version. Channel Support...

Carajas: Zonation Input Data Creation

This repository holds all scripts used to organize and generate the input raster data to run Zonation. Scripts available adequacao_bd: This script makes clear all processes used during the database preparation and rectification in order to document all procedures executed; input_creation: This is the core script for generating all Zonation raster data. Plase note that in this script we make use of PostGIS tools ('pgsql2shp'), GDAL and some loops in bash. Some procedures may not...

Cgpcavemanwrapper: V1.7.2 - Fix Error In Wrapper Code

David Jones, Keiran Raine &
Changes to command line args in underlying code were missed.

Acado Last_1_1_0_Beta

Milan Vukov, , Rory Yorke, , , , Greg Horn, Torstein I. Bø, Rafael Saback & Francesco Romano

Zsetup-Esmk: Pone Publication

Joona Lehtomäki
Zonation setup files for ESMK

Colour 0.3.6

Thomas Mansencal, Michael Mauderer, Michael Parsons & Luke Canavan
Colour Science for Python Colour is a Python colour science package implementing a comprehensive number of colour theory transformations and algorithms. It is open source and freely available and under the New BSD License terms: http://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-3-Clause Features Colour features a rich dataset and collection of objects, please see the highlights page for more information: http://colour-science.org/features.php Installation The installation procedure is described in the Installation Guide: http://colour-science.org/installation.php Usage The two main references for Colour usage are...

Khmer: Khmer/ The Khmer Software Package: Enabling Efficient Nucleotide Sequence Analysis

, Michael R. Crusoe, Jake Fenton, Eric McDonald, Camille Scott, , Kevin Murray, , Tamer Mansour, , Jordan , Daniel Standage, Rhys Kidd, , Scott A. Fay, Michael Wright, Sarah Guermond, Elmar Bucher, Justin Lippi, , Ram Srinivasan, Andreas Härpfer, , Ben Taylor, Phillip Garland … & Alex Hyer
Welcome to khmer: k-mer counting, filtering and graph traversal FTW! Documentation Status PyPI Package Downloads Counter License http://ci.ged.msu.edu/job/khmer-master/badge/icon Coverity Scan Build Status The official repository is at https://github.com/dib-lab/khmer and you can read the docs online here: http://khmer.readthedocs.org/ There are two mailing lists dedicated to khmer, an announcements-only list and a discussion list. To search their archives and sign-up for them, please visit the following URLs: Discussion: http://lists.idyll.org/listinfo/khmer Announcements: http://lists.idyll.org/listinfo/khmer-announce We chat at https://gitter.im/dib-lab/khmer and the...

Octave Networks Toolbox

Gergana Bounova
Second release of the octave-networks-toolbox. August 2 2015

Pymatgen: V3.1.5

, Michiel Van Setten, , Will Richards, Geoffroy Hautier, , Stephen Dacek, Bharat Medasani, , , Richard Tran, Michael , Sai Jayaraman, Wei Chen, , Dan Gunter, , Germain Salvato Vallverdu, , , , Patrick Huck, Guido Petretto, , … & Alan Dozier
Move vasp.vaspput to vasp.puts. Also, maintain backwards compatibility with vaspio.vasp_*put

Pyam: Version 0.2.0-Alpha

David R. Pugh
Version 0.2.0-alpha contains a number of stability improvements for the solver. Algorithms for computing the initial guess for the solver have improved. Improved tools for visualizing model solution.

Eos (\"Tensorop\" Release)

Danny van Dyk, Frederik Beaujean, Christoph Bobeth & Stephan Jahn
EOS is a suite of libraries and programs for calculations in the field of High Energy Physics. For more information we refer to the homepage of the EOS project at http://project.het.physik.tu-dortmund.de/eos/.

Cgpcavemanpostprocessing: V1.3.0 - Vcf Version Tag And Test Cleanup

David Jones & Keiran Raine
Release VCF version fix and test cleanup. Also corrects some dependency docs.

Qcmd: Submission

Tom McNamara
The first upload of the functions and code ready for peer review

Ba-Dua: Ba-Dua-0.0.5

Roberto Araujo
Non-functional Update to asm-defuse 0.0.3* Using class CRC64 checksum as id* Counting probe for methods that are not instrumented* *Makes this version not compatible with previous versions.

Twarc: V0.3.3

Ed Summers, Hugo Van Kemenade, Peter Binkley, Nick Ruest, , Stefano Costa, Eric Phetteplace, The Gitter Badger, , Lukas Blakk, Dan Chudnov & Chad Nelson
Now handles weird 404s from Twitter API that have been noticed.

Cmssw: Cmssw_7_4_8_Patch1

Chris Jones, Giulio Eulisse, , , David Lange, Vincenzo Innocente, Evan K. Friis, David Mendez, Matti Kortelainen, Martin Grunewald, Lindsey Gray, , Malik Shahzad Muzaffar, , , , Giovanni Franzoni, , Dinko Ferencek, , Federico De Guio, Jim B, , Alja Mrak-Tadel, Patrick Gartung … & Ricky Egeland
cms-bot is going to build this release

Arch: Point Release

Kevin Sheppard, Stanislav Khrapov, , &
Added a small number of features, primarily the fix method which allows models to be "fit" using user-specified parameters.

Weighted-Modularity-Lpawbplus: Release1

Stephen Beckett
First release! Will allow access to a DOI

Replication-Files: First Release

Danilo Freire
Replication files for my published and forthcoming research.

Warbler: Fix Xcmaps

Marcelo Araya-Salas
added maps package to dependencies

Warbler: Fix Xcmaps

Marcelo Araya-Salas
added maps package to dependencies

Matlab Script For Data Sorting

Michael S. Inkpen, Mario Lemmer, Nathan Fitzpatrick, David Costa-Milan, Richard J. Nichols, Nicholas J. Long & Tim Albrecht
Supporting information associated with the publication "New insights into single-molecule junctions using a robust, unsupervised approach to data collection and analysis", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2015, DOI: 10.1021/jacs.5b05693. This MATLAB script is a representative example of that used to objectively sort I(s) traces obtained from 1,8-ODT-coated and blank (uncoated) Au substrates. A short 'Guide to...' document is also included to introduce the user.

Allelecount: V2.1.1 - Bugfix Release

David Jones, Keiran Raine &
Corrects failure to capture -q option in alleleCounter.pl - please note the C version (alleleCounter) is equivalent but much more efficient.

Sbluh-Py: V1.0.0: We Did It, Guys.

v1.0.0 We Did It // It's Been Too Long // All That You Saw Before And More SBLUH.py has reached the point where I can declare it as officialy released at v1.0.0. Now is that point. It has every command seen in the original product, including: aspect bloodCalc sweepCalc playerData displayPlayerData Sure, Aspect calculating is a bit off, but hey. Rome wasn't built in a day Future me: something less cheesy DONT BLAME ME C++...

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