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BlueBrain/NeuroM: All checks should return list of points (#807)

Juan Palacios, Lidakanari, Eleftherios Zisis, MikeG, Benoit Coste, Liesbeth Vanherpe, Jdcourcol, Arseny V. Povolotsky, Haleepfl, Asanin-Epfl, Oren Amsalem & Alexis Arnaudon
Neuronal Morphology Analysis Tool

sckott/serrano: serrano v0.6.0

Scott Chamberlain, Matt & Katrin Leinweber
query.title (query_title query filter as used here) has been removed; use query_bibliographic instead (#111) bump faraday to version 0.17.1 from 0.17.0 (via dependabot) (#107) bump json to version 2.3 from 2.2 (via dependabot) (#109) bump thor minimum version (via dependabot) (#110) better checking of filters; always check filters for proper formatting and acceptable types; improve filter tests; link to information on filters (#105) via PR from @beechnut

QCoDeS/Qcodes: QCoDeS 0.11.0 (February 2020)

Jens Hedegaard Nielsen, Mikhail Astafev, William H.P. Nielsen, Dominik Vogel, Alexcjohnson, Sohail Chatoor, AUC Hardal, Lakhotiaharshit, Giulio Ungaretti, Adriaan , Sebastian Pauka, QSaevar, Liang , Pieter Eendebak, Pieter Eendebak, Stefan Droege, Ruben Van Gulik, Natalie Pearson, Damazter, Andrea Corna, Damazter2, ThorvaldLarsen, GeneralSarsby, Victor Hartong, Alan Geller … & Mltls
New Instrument drivers: Keithley 7510 digital multimeter (#1912) Improved drivers: New features for Keithley 2450 (#1906) Keysight B1500: Add units to current/voltage parameters to B1571A SMU module (#1920) Keysight 344xx (#1918) Yokogawa GS200 (#1901) Agilent instruments' drivers (#1904) Rohde Schwarz instruments' drivers (#1911) Improved: Allow passing database connection object to experiments() function (#1894) Documentation: Add notes to instrument driver example about Windows-specific drivers (#1902) Fix links to issues in contributing.rst (#1919) Remove unused imports in...

fMRIPrep: a robust preprocessing pipeline for functional MRI

Oscar Esteban, Christopher J. Markiewicz, Elizabeth DuPre, James D. Kent, Mathias Goncalves, Rastko Ciric, Ross W. Blair, Russell A. Poldrack & Krzysztof J. Gorgolewski
fMRIPrep is a robust and easy-to-use pipeline for preprocessing of diverse fMRI data. The transparent workflow dispenses of manual intervention, thereby ensuring the reproducibility of the results.

shenwei356/seqkit: SeqKit v0.12.0

Wei Shen, Botond Sipos, Amblina & Chris Tava
Changes SeqKit v0.12.0 seqkit: fix checking input file existence. new global flag --infile-list for long list of input files, if given, they are appended to files from cli arguments. seqkit faidx: supporting "truncated" (no ending newline charactor) file. seqkit seq: do not force switching on -g when using -m/-M. show recommendation if flag -t/--seq-type is not DNA/RNA when computing complement sequence. #103 seqkit translate: supporting multiple frames. #96 seqkit grep/locate: add detection and warning for...

atmoschem/vein v0.8.7

Sergio Ibarra Espinosa, Daniel Schuch, Pedro R. Andrade, Amanda Rehbein & Edzer Pebesma
CRAN relase

MosquitoAlert/Data: v1.049.2020

Agustí Escobar Rubies & Mosquito Alert
Release of version 1.049.2020

Chaste/Chaste: Chaste 2019.1

Joe Pitt-Francis, Gary Mirams, Jonathan Cooper, Fergus Cooper, Martin Robinson, Alex Fletcher, Rafel Bordas, Jochen Kursawe, Alberto , MauriceHendrix, Saradutta, Louise Bowler, Miguel O. Bernabeu, Michael Clerx, Jmosborne, Shifletab, Beth McMillan, WXGopher, Thomas Pak, Sridhar2020, Minsuok Kim, Pints Bot, Claire Miller, Adaly & Pras Pathmanathan
Chaste - Cancer Heart And Soft Tissue Environment - main public repository

speckleworks/SpeckleCore: SpeckleCore

Dimitrie Stefanescu, Matteo Cominetti, Luis E. Fraguada, Mishael Nuh, Paul Poinet, Jon Mirtschin, Matthew Swaidan, Nicolaas Burgers, Will Pearson, Sebastianlindholm & Ken Goulding
Adds object derive endpoint. See https://github.com/speckleworks/SpeckleCore/issues/141

gagolews/stringi: stringi_1.4.6

Marek Gagolewski, Bartlomiej Tartanus, Marcin Pawel Bujarski, Katrin Leinweber, Mikko Korpela, Hiroaki Yutani, Salim B, Jeroen Ooms, Brett Bialer & Avraham Adler
CRAN release v1.4.5 [NEW FEATURE] #369: stri_c() now returns an empty string when input is empty and collapse is set. [BUGFIX] #370: fixed an issue in stri_prepare_arg_POSIXct() reported by rchk. [BUGFIX] #372: documented arguments not in \usage in documentation object stri_datetime_format: ...

newville/wxmplot 0.9.40

Matt Newville, Yanikou19, Astyl, Rbaumert, Tobias Gehring & Jkbgbr
wxPython plotting widgets using matplotlib

jgm/pandoc: pandoc 2.9.2

John MacFarlane, Jesse Rosenthal, Albert Krewinkel, Alexander Krotov, Matthew Pickering, Mauro Bieg, Andrew Dunning, Nikolay Yakimov, Kolen Cheung, Yan Pashkovsky, Václav Haisman, Marc Schreiber, Nathan Gass, Fedor Sheremetyev, Brian Leung, Thomas Hodgson, Mark Wright, Francesco Occhipinti, Joseph C. Sible, Ophir Lifshitz, Hubert Plociniczak, Pascal Wagler, Daniel Bergey, Aditya Mahajan, Jose Luis Duran … & Henry De Valence
Add csv as an input format (#6100). The CSV table is converted into a pandoc simple table. A new module Text.Pandoc.Readers.CSV exports readCSV [API change]. Introduce new format variants for JATS writer (#6014, Albert Krewinkel): jats_archiving for the "Archiving and Interchange Tag Set", jats_publishing for the "Journal Publishing Tag Set", and jats_articleauthoring for the "Article Authoring Tag Set." The jats output format is now an alias for jats_archiving. The module Text.Pandoc.Writers.JATS now exports writeJatsArchiving, writeJatsPublishing,...

empymod/empymod: Positive z down- or upwards

Dieter Werthmüller
New examples: empymod can handle positive z down- or upwards (left-handed or right-handed coordinate systems; it was always possible, but not known nor documented). Adjusted documentation, docstrings, and added an example. Example how to calculate the responses for the WalkTEM system. Minor things and bug fixes: Change from relative to absolute imports. Simplified releasing (no badges). Python 3.8 is tested. Fix: numpy now throws an error if the third argument of logspace is not an...

bjodah/pyodesys: pyodesys-0.13.0

Björn Dahlgren, Sean P. Cornelius, Stephweissm & Shyam Saladi
∫ Straightforward numerical integration of systems of ordinary differential equations

LukasCBossert/biblatex-archaeologie: v2.4.4 (2020-02-15)

Moewew & Giovannotti
v2.4.4 (2020-02-15) Fixed corrected the use of the maintitlepunct in the bibmacro maintitle+title+volumes

vdenotaris/spring-boot-security-saml-sample: 2.3.1.RELEASE

Vincenzo De Notaris, Tom Scott, Rustem Zhunussov & Alex Panchenko
About the project: Project Version: 2.3.1.RELEASE Date: February 2020 Dependencies: Spring Boot: 2.2.4.RELEASE Spring Security SAML Extension: 1.0.10.RELEASE

nco/nco: Delirium

Charlie Zender, Pedro Vicente, Hmb1, Daniel L. Wang, Wenshanw, JeromeMao, Dywei, Filipe , Isuru Fernando, Bas Couwenberg, Jedwards4b, Jan Hegewald, Orion Poplawski, Joe Hamman & Hugo Oliveira
We have re-licensed NCO source code from GPL3 to 3-Clause BSD starting with Version 4.9.2. Why? To encourage wider adoption and support. Without institutional (i.e., federal agency) support, NCO development would crawl to a standstill. We are acceding to the preferences of our occasional sponsors (DOE, NASA, NSF) for permissive OpenSource licenses. Version 4.9.2 contains many regridding fixes and features: Improved adoption has made the NCO weight-generator more robust. Its signature strengths are speed and...

nipy/nipype: 1.4.2

Oscar Esteban, Christopher J. Markiewicz, Hans Johnson, Erik Ziegler, Alexandre Manhães-Savio, Dorota Jarecka, Christopher Burns, David Gage Ellis, Carlo Hamalainen, Michael Philipp Notter, Benjamin Yvernault, Taylor Salo, Michael Waskom, Mathias Goncalves, Kesshi Jordan, Jason Wong, Blake E Dewey, Cindee Madison, Erin Benderoff, Daniel Clark, Fred Loney, Dav Clark, Anisha Keshavan, Michael Joseph, Dylan M. Nielson … & Satrajit Ghosh
1.4.2 (February 14, 2020) Bug-fix release in the 1.4.x series. Contains patches to accommodate API changes in Traits 6.0. Full changelog FIX: Allow fsl.MultipleRegressDesign to create multiple F-tests (https://github.com/nipy/nipype/pull/3166) FIX: Reliably parse SGE job IDs in the presence of warnings (https://github.com/nipy/nipype/pull/3168) FIX: Move TraitType import, handle API change for NoDefaultSpecified (https://github.com/nipy/nipype/pull/3159)

cmbant/CAMB: 1.1.1

Antony Lewis, Dr. Andre Vehreschild, Alexander Mead, Jesús Torrado, Marius Millea, Zé, Tilman Troester, Simeon Bird, Luciano Casarini, Joezuntz, Matthew R. Becker, He Jia & C. Kreisch
Support setting zrei from set_cosmology Splined initial power spectrum now uses end values when out of range Add transfer function time sources examples to notebook Removed Python 2 support, code updates for Python 3.6+ (see python2 branch for old Python 2 version)

virgesmith/humanleague: v2.1.2

Andrew Smith, Tom Russell, Robin & Codacy Badger
R-only, no functional change update maintainer info for R package fix compiler warnings

althonos/pronto: 2.0.0

Martin Larralde & Tatsu
Added TermSet.subclasses and TermSet.superclasses methods to query all
the subclasses / superclasses of all Term. TermSet class to the top-level pronto module. Dynamic management of subclassing cache for the Ontology class. Setters for Term.consider, Term.union_of and Term.intersection_of. ### Removed cache keyword argument for the Ontology. ### Fixed SuperclassesIterator.to_set being named to_self because of a typo. Several bugs affecting the fastobo-backed serializer.

Codes supporting 'Block-proximal methods with spatially adapted acceleration'

Tuomo Valkonen
These are Matlab supporting the manuscript `Block-proximal methods with spatially adapted acceleration', available at https://arxiv.org/abs/1609.07373, http://dx.doi.org/10.1553/etna_vol51s15 (Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis 51 (2019), 15–49).

Codes supporting 'Block-proximal methods with spatially adapted acceleration'

Tuomo Valkonen
These are Matlab supporting the manuscript `Block-proximal methods with spatially adapted acceleration', available at https://arxiv.org/abs/1609.07373, http://dx.doi.org/10.1553/etna_vol51s15 (Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis 51 (2019), 15–49).

chemreac/chemreac: chemreac-0.9.0

Björn Dahlgren
Library for chemical kinetics in homogeneous or isotropically symmetric inhomogenous systems.

bjodah/pycvodes: pycvodes-0.12.0

Björn Dahlgren, Sean P. Cornelius & Shyam Saladi
Python wrapper around cvodes (from the sundials library)

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