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METE - Software for Analyzing the Maximum Entropy Theory of Ecology

Ethan P. White, Katherine Thibault, Xiao Xiao, Daniel McGlinn & Sarah Supp
Code for working with John Harte and colleagues' Maximum Entropy Theory of Ecology. This code is currently maintained on GitHub at https://github.com/weecology/mete. Releases are archived here (on figshare) to ensure their persistence.

A SVM-MCS Classifier for PCG Signals Processed by the LPC Algorithm

Aleksander Palkowski
A supervised classifier for phonocardiography signals processed by the Linear Predictive Coding algorithm. It is build upon combining a Support Vector Machine classifier and a Modified Cuckoo Search optimization algorithm. It has shown very promising results in classification of many types of heart tones at once.

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  • 2013

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