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Probability-weighted ensembles of U.S. county-level climate projections for climate risk analysis: Source Code

D. J. Rasmussen, Malte Meinshausen & Robert E. Kopp
Source code for the study as represented by the following abstract:Quantitative assessment of climate change risk requires a method for constructing probabilistic time series of changes in physical climate parameters. Here, we develop two such methods, Surrogate/Model Mixed Ensemble (SMME) and Monte Carlo Pattern/Residual (MCPR), and apply them to construct joint probability density functions (PDFs) of temperature and precipitation change over the 21st century for every county in the United States. Both methods produce likely...

In Festivitate: Rutgers Wind Ensemble: CT-12

Robert Moevs

Probabilistic 21st and 22nd Century Sea-level Projections at a Global Network of Tide-gauge Sites: Source Code

Robert E. Kopp
Two software zip files (ProjectSLRCode.zip & LocalizeSLCode.zip) are included here:[ProjectSLRCode.zip]This code contains two directories, slr and lib. slr contains code for analyzing tide gauge data and generating sea-level rise projections. lib contains supporting files.This code requires MATLAB to run. It uses the Optimization and Mapping toolkits, though some of the functionality should be available without those toolkits.The code directory does not include some needed input files, which go in the IFILES directory (specified in configureSLRProjections)....

Interactive Topic Model for the Signs Journal: Source Code

Andrew Goldstone, Susana Galán, C. Laura Lovin, Andrew Mazzaschi & Lindsey Whitmore
The browser code was used to model all of the articles from the Signs journal (1975-2014), resulting in a 70-topic model. Each article is described as a mixture of verbal patterns or topics. Every topic is a family of words that tend to occur together in articles—as, for example, world, global, and states do. Every article is in turn divided into multiple topics. Words, too, may belong to more than one topic. For example, the...

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