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Crystal Viewer Tool

Abhijeet Paul


Steven Clark
MEDICI (Synopsys)

Crystal Viewer Tool

Saumitra Mehrotra

NCAR Command Language (NCL)

Dave Brown, Richard Brownrigg, Mary Haley & Wei Huang
NCL is a scripting language designed for the analysis and visualization of geoscientific data. It supports a wide range of data formats, has hundreds of computational functions that are tailored for climate science, and its visualizations are publication quality and highly customizable.

Demuxipy - software for demultiplexing hierarchically tagged 454 reads

Brant C. Faircloth

Modeling the Roman Bazaar

Shawn Graham
Netlogo v5 code for a simulation of the Roman economy, conceived as a kind of bazaar, following the ideas of P. Bang. Draft of an article is included on the 'info' tab when opened in Netlogo. The model is an extension of Wilensky's 'Wealth Distribution' model. Netlogo may be downloaded at http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/. Please do extend or improve this model. The accompanying article, 'The Equifinality of Archaeological Networks', may be found at http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10816-014-9230-y

Illumiprocessor - software for Illumina read quality filtering

Brant C. Faircloth


S Clark

IDPredictor: predict database links in biomedical database

Matthias Lange, Hendrik Mehlhorn, Uwe Scholz & Falk Schreiber
Abstract: Knowledge found in biomedical databases, in particular in Web information systems, is a major bioinformatics resource. In general, this biological knowledge is worldwide represented in a network of databases. These data are spread among thousands of databases, which overlap in content, but differ substantially with respect to content detail, interface, formats and data structure. To support a functional annotation of lab data, such as protein sequences, metabolites or DNA sequences as well as a...

Phylogenetic data set construction and inference from ultraconserved element loci

Brant Faircloth

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