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Bimodal Polymer Nano Brush

Rikkert Nap, Fritzlaine Roche & Marcelo Carignano
Structure and Thermodynamics of Bimodal Polymer Nano Brushes

PN Junction: Long-Base Depletion Approximation

Nahil Sobh & Mohamed Mohamed
Depletion Approximation for a PN Junction

Berkeley Computational Nanoscience Class Tools

Daniel Richards, Elif Ertekin, Jeffrey Grossman, David Strubbe & Justin Riley
Tools for UC Berkeley Computational Nanoscience course, Spring 2008

OMEN Nanowire

SungGeun Kim, Mathieu Luisier, Benjamin Haley, Abhijeet Paul, Saumitra Mehrotra & Gerhard Klimeck
Full-band 3D quantum transport simulation in nanowire structure

Carrier Statistics Lab

Saumitra Mehrotra, Abhijeet Paul & Gerhard Klimeck
This tool calculates the electron and hole density in semiconductors.

Resonant Tunneling Diode Simulation with NEGF

Hong-Hyun Park, Zhengping Jiang, Arun Akkala, Sebastian Steiger, Michael Povolotskyi, Tillmann Kubis, Jean Sellier, Yaohua Tan, SungGeun Kim, Mathieu Luisier, Samarth Agarwal, Michael McLennan, Gerhard Klimeck & Junzhe Geng
Simulate 1D RTDs using NEGF.

Thermoelectric Power Factor Calculator for Nanocrystalline Composites

Terence Musho & Greg Walker
Quantum Simulation of the Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Conductivity in a 2D Nanocrystalline Composite Structure using Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions

Q-factor calculator with Uncertainty Quantification

Sruti Chigullapalli, Xiaohui Guo & Alina Alexeenko
Calculates squeeze-film damping Q-factors of microcantilevers for arbitrary ambient pressures

Illinois Solid State Electronic Devices Classes Tools

Mohamed Mohamed & Nahil Sobh
Tools to complement Illinois Solid State Electronic Devices Classes

PN Junction Lab

Dragica Vasileska, Matteo Mannino, Michael McLennan, Xufeng Wang, Gerhard Klimeck, Saumitra Mehrotra & Benjamin Haley
This tool enables users to explore and teach the basic concepts of P-N junction devices.

Dynamic Approach Curves: Multimode

John Melcher, Daniel Kiracofe, Shuiqing Hu & Arvind Raman
There is a new version of this tool which can be found here: https://nanohub.org/tools/veda . Please use that tool instead


Prabhakar Marepalli & Jason Clark
A homework tool for ECE201


Steven Clark
TSUPREM-4 is a computer program for simulating the processing steps used in the manufacture of silicon integrated circuits and discrete devices.

UV/Vis Spectra simulator

Baudilio Tejerina
This tool computes molecular electronic spectra.

Process Lab : Defect-coupled diffusion

Shuqing Cao, Yang Liu & Peter Griffin
Integrated Circuit Fabrication Process Simulation : Simulates dopant diffusion coupled with point defects

Thermoelectric Generator Module with Convective Heat Transfer

Yuefeng Wang, Guoheng Chen, Michael McLennan & Timothy Fisher
Electrical power density and efficiency of a thermoelectric generator with convective heat transfer on hot side and cold side is calculated.


Shaikh Ahmed & Dragica Vasileska
Quantum-corrected Monte-Carlo transport simulator for two-dimensional MOSFET devices.

nicktest title update23

Alissa Nedossekina, Xufeng Wang, Steven Clark, Arun Akkala & Nicholas Kisseberth
testing contribtool

Periodic Potential Lab

Abhijeet Paul, Junzhe Geng & Gerhard Klimeck
Solve time independent schrodinger eqn. for arbitrary periodic potential

Nanosphere Optics Lab Field Simulator

Baudilio Tejerina, Tyler Takeshita, Logan Ausman & George Schatz
Study of the Electric field induced by Light-Nanoparticle interaction.


Saumitra Mehrotra, Abhijeet Paul, Gerhard Klimeck, Dragica Vasileska & Gloria Budiman
Simulate Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) using a 2D mesh. Powered by PADRE.


Neophytos Neophytou, Shaikh Ahmed, POLIZZI ERIC, Gerhard Klimeck & Mark Lundstrom
Simulates ballistic transport properties in 3D Carbon NanoTube Field Effect Transistor (CNTFET) devices

Drift-Diffusion Lab

Saumitra Mehrotra, Abhijeet Paul, Gerhard Klimeck & Gloria Budiman
This tool simulates single semiconductor characteristics.


Yang Xu & Narayan Aluru
Compute the charge density distribution and potential variation inside a MOS structure

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