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Simulation and Admittance Analysis for Advanced Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Characterization

Alex Grede
Non-parabolic DOS simulation of III-V MISCAPs with impurity ionization effects and ability to view components of channel capacitance.

yt pull request notebook

Nathan Goldbaum
A notebook that determines the number of pull requests authored by Nathan Goldbaum in various yt repositories. View this notebook on nbviewer: http://nbviewer.ipython.org/url/files.figshare.com/1843195/ytprs.ipynb


Michael Cummings, Richard Joh & Mo Motamedi
File S1. primer.py File S2. readme.txt


Victoria Butler, Robyn Branicky, , Jana Liewald, Alexander Gottschalk, Rex Kerr, Dmitri Chklovskii & William Schafer
Matlab scripts to analyze summary data, estimate calcium handling kinetics, compute phases, and compare results to predictions from Fang-Yen et al. PNAS 107:20323-8 (2010).

Reverse Hefe Filter

Corey Hoard
Removed the Hefe filter from an image


Paul Conn
Code and data to implement spatio-temporal abundance analyses, as described in the Conn et al. paper "Using spatio-temporal statistical models to estimate animal abundance and infer ecological dynamics from survey counts" (accepted by Ecological Monographs 10/2014).

Polyphemus v0.1

Anthony Scopatz, Matthew Gidden & Zach Welch
Polyphemus is a continuous integration tool that front-ends to GitHub et al. and backends to BaTLaB. This fills a similar role to that of Travis-CI or the GitHub plugin for Jenkins. However, BaTLab has a wider vareity of machines than Travis-CI and is cheaper (free) than running your own machines with Jenkins.

Head Start

Peter Kraker & Philipp Wei├čensteiner
Head Start presents you with the main areas in the field, and lets you zoom into the most important publications within each area. It is intended to give researchers that are new to a field a head start on their literature review (hence the name). Licensed under LGPL v3.

Quantum-Classical Hybrid Transport Simulations

Ying Li
It is the code to generate the results in the paper http://arxiv.org/abs/1405.7914

Cycamore v1.0.0

Robert W. Carlsen, Matthew Gidden, Kathryn Huff, , Olzhas Rakhimov, Anthony M. Scopatz & Paul Wilson
Additional module for Cyclus, the nuclear fuel cycle simulator developed at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, supporting the modeling of innovative fuel cycles.


Implementation in C#

BEAST input file for Dataset 1

, Ana Lazar, Hector N. Seuanez &
BEAST input file for Bayesian phylogenetic analysis for capuchin monkey species that simultaneously estimates the gene tree, the species tree and phylogeographic reconstructions. For more information regarding the different Datasets see Nascimento et al. Journal of Biogeography (under review).

DNA sequence alignment for capuchin monkeys using Dataset 1

, Ana Lazar, Hector N. Seuanez &
DNA sequence alignment in nexus format for the cytochrome b using Dataset 1. For more information see Nascimento et al. Journal of Biogeography (under review).

Cyclus v1.0.0

Robert W. Carlsen, Matthew Gidden, Kathryn Huff, , Olzhas Rakhimov, Anthony M. Scopatz, Zach Welch & Paul Wilson
Cyclus is the next-generation agent-based nuclear fuel cycle simulator, providing flexibility to users and developers through adynamic resource exchange solver and plug-in, user-developed agent framework. The goal of Cyclus is to enable a broad spectrum of fuel cycle simulation while providing a low barrier to entry for new users and agent developers. Cyclus engages with potential module developers and encourages them to join a vibrant community in anexpanding ecosystem. Users and developers are always welcome...


Daniel Garrigan & Anthony J Geneva
A modified version of Hudson's (2002) coalescent simulator ms allowing for finer control and tracking of migrant genealogies.


Transform to Polar filter GUi designer.cs


MedianFilter GUI designer.cs


LinearYCbCr GUI Designer.cs


The filter represents binarization filter, which is based on error diffusion dithering with Jarvis-Judice-Ninke coefficients. The filter accepts 8 bpp grayscale images for processing.


The filter operates in RGB color space and adjusts pixels' contrast value by increasing RGB values of bright pixel and decreasing RGB values of dark pixels. The filter accepts 8 bpp grayscale and 24/32 bpp color images for processing.


ColorYCbCr GUI designer.cs


The filter operates in YCbCr color space and filters pixels, which color is inside/outside of the specified YCbCr range - it keeps pixels with colors inside/outside of the specified range and fills the rest with specified color. The filter accepts 24 and 32 bpp color images for processing.

Image Enhancer Solution File

Visual Studio Solution file for Image Enhancer 1.0.0 Release Candidate.


Adaptive Smoothing Designer.cs

PyMKS: Materials Knowledge System in Python

Daniel Wheeler, David Brough, Tony Fast, Surya Kalidindi & Andrew Reid
Materials Knowledge System Repository

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