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droglenc/FSA: Released v0.8.28 to CRAN

Derek Ogle, Powell Wheeler & Cédric Briand
FSA (Fisheries Stock Assessment) package provides R functions to conduct typical introductory fisheries analyses.

AIDASoft/DD4hep: v01-12

Markus Frank, Frank Gaede, Marko Petric & Andre Sailer
v01-12 2020-02-26 Andre Sailer (PR#637) LcioEventReader: fix setting of color flow, second coordinate was never set 2020-02-25 Markus Frank (PR#633) Added basic implementation for CAD interface to load shapes from CAD files. There is an open issue how to best embed the volume/shape loading from CAD files into the existing infrastructure. See for presentation. This feature is only available if build against ROOT 6.22 or higher. DDCAD used the assimp librray to interprete the CAD...

fMRIPrep: a robust preprocessing pipeline for functional MRI

Oscar Esteban, Christopher J. Markiewicz, Elizabeth DuPre, Mathias Goncalves, James D. Kent, Rastko Ciric, Ross W. Blair, Russell A. Poldrack & Krzysztof J. Gorgolewski
fMRIPrep is a robust and easy-to-use pipeline for preprocessing of diverse fMRI data. The transparent workflow dispenses of manual intervention, thereby ensuring the reproducibility of the results.

digitallinguistics/javascript: v0.1.4

Daniel W. Hieber
This is a patch release to trigger the release process.

gplepage/gvar: gvar version 11.0

Peter Lepage, Christoph Gohlke & Daniel Hackett
Much improved gvar.dump and gvar.load for serializing dictionaries, arrays, etc. containing GVar objects. Objects that contain other types of data, in addition to GVar objects, are now allowed, and the data can be stored in nested dictionaries, lists, arrays, tuples, etc. These new functions are meant to operate similarly to the corresponding functions in Python's pickle module.


Martin R. Smith
An R Package to Generate Ternary Plots

thetisproject/thetis: Thetis coastal ocean model

Tuomas Kärnä, Stephan Kramer, Lawrence Mitchell, Tpkarna-Cmop, Athanasios Angeloudis, David A. Ham, Joe , Nicolas Barral, Swarder, Mc4117 & Andrew T. T. McRae
This version is used in paper "Goal-Oriented Error Estimation and Mesh Adaptation for Shallow Water Modelling." This release is specifically created to document the version of Thetis used in a particular set of experiments. Please do not cite this as a general source for Thetis. See https://thetisproject.org/publications.html for how to cite Thetis in your work.

buddhi1980/mandelbulber2: Continuous build

Krzysztof Marczak, Mclarekin, Sebastian Jennen, Coast77777777777, Rikard Falkeborn, Adrian Meyer, Bernardo Martelli, Orbitcowboy, Biberino, Jeroen Rijckaert, Bruno Duyé, Luchansky, Kovacsics Robert, Psyriccio, Probonopd, Danuni, Valera Rozuvan, The Gitter Badger, Martin Herkt & KnifeOfPi
Travis CI build log: https://travis-ci.org/buddhi1980/mandelbulber2/builds/655805040

architecture-building-systems/CityEnergyAnalyst: CityEnergyAnalyst v2.31.1

Jimeno Fonseca, Daren Thomas, Bhargava Krishna Sreepathi, Shanshan Hsieh, Martín Mosteiro-Romero, Reynold Mok, Gabriel Happle, Lennart Rogenhofer, Jack-Hawthorne, Fazel Khayatian, Zhongming Shi, Bo Lie Ong, Orenkiwi, Thanh H, Paulneitzel, Emanuel Riegelbauer, Amr Elesawy, Matthias Sulzer, JOSE ANTONIO BELLO ACOSTA, Strusoftsawen, Prakharmehta95, VMarty & AlexJew
This is a bugfix update to the M2.31 sprint. We restructured the databases shipped with CEA and fixed some bugs. NOTE: This version uses a scenario format that is incompatible with the one in 2.29.0 (the databases were restructured). If you have an existing scenario, please wait for the next release which will include a migration script to convert it to the new format. To install it on windows, download and run the attached Setup_CityEnergyAnalyst_2.31.1.exe....

proycon/clam: v3.0.11

Maarten Van Gompel, Jelke Bloem & Arne Neumann
Bugfix release: Username was not passed properly for actions #88 Reworked optional authentication for actions (was inconsistent and implemented too inelegantly)

bootphon/phonemizer: phonemizer-2.2

Mathieu Bernard, Hadware, Rachid Riad, Isn0gud & Juan Benjumea
ChangeLog new features New option --list-languages to list the available languages for a given backend from the command line. The --sampa option of the espeak backend has been replaced by a new backend espeak-mbrola. The former --sampa option (introduced in phonemizer-2.0) outputs phones that are not standard SAMPA but are adapted to the espeak TTS front-end. On the other hand the espeak-mbrola backend allows espeak to output phones in standard SAMPA (adapted to the mbrola...

ElucidataInc/ElMaven: v0.10.0-beta

Shubhra Agrawal, Saiful B. Khan, Sahil, Rishabh Gupta, GeorgeSabu, Kailash Yadav, Naman Gupta, Raghav Sehgal, Kiranvarghese2, Navdeep Singh, Rkdahmiwal, Bora Raghu Ram Reddy, Giridhari Lal Gupta, Victor Chubukov, Mayank Mohindra, Tanmay Goyal, Sakshikukreja14, Omkar Pande, Tushar-Chhabra, Sininagp, Lance Parsons, Omkar Pande & Abhishek Sharma
LC-MS data processing engine for large-scale metabolomic experiments.

ganga-devs/ganga: 8.2.2

Robert Currie, Mark Smith, Mark Slater, Matt Williams, Alexander Richards, Moscicki, Johannes Ebke, Mityinzer, Ulrik Egede, Patrick Owen, Nick Hastings, JacekHoleczek, Chris Burr, Ubeda, Ishan Rai, Fstagni, VanyaBelyaev, Matt Mottram, Aman Pratap Singh, Jplews17, Manoj Kumar Jha, Rquaglia90, Datty, Olli Lupton, Adam Morris … & Ayush Songra
ganga/ganga/GangaCore Alter printPrepTree to printTree. #1586 Python3 bugfix. #1585 ganga/ganga/GangaLHCb Bugfix for GaudiExec to take options from the sharedir when the application has been prepared. Previously a prepared application took the options from the original location. #1589

quanteda/quanteda: CRAN v2.0.0

Kenneth Benoit, Kohei Watanabe, Haiyan Wang, Paul Nulty, Adam Obeng, Stefan Müller, Jiong Wei Lua, Aki Matsuo, Christian Mueller, Will Lowe, Pablo Barberá, Tyler Rinker, Mark Padgham, Christopher Gandrud, José Tomás Atria, Tom Paskhalis, Nicmer, Lindbrook, Hofaichan, Etienne-S, Chung-Hong Chan, Hotzeplotz, Thomas J. Leeper, Stas Malavin, Michael W. Kearney … & Johannes Gruber
quanteda 2.0 introduces some major changes, detailed here. What's new in v2.0 New corpus object structure. The internals of the corpus object have been redesigned, and now are based around a character vector with meta- and system-data in attributes. These are all updated to work with the existing extractor and replacement functions. If you were using these before, then you should not even notice the change. Docvars are now handled separately from the texts, in...

urschrei/lonlat_bng: v0.6.5

Stephan Hügel, Ms2ger & Joshua Nunn

datajoint/datajoint-python: Release 0.12.5

Dimitri Yatsenko, Edgar Y. Walker, Fabian Sinz, Raphael Guzman, Chris Turner, Austin Hilberg, Kevin Mehta, Martin Spacek, Synicix, Mahos, Florian Franzen, Edgera, Tom Davidson & The Gitter Badger
Minor Changes: Rename module dj.schema into dj.schemas. dj.schema remains an alias for class dj.Schema. (#731) PR #732 dj.create_virtual_module is now called dj.VirtualModule (#731) PR #732 Bugfix - SSL KeyError on failed connection (#716) PR #725 Bugfix - Unable to run unit tests using nosetests (#723) PR #724 Bugfix - suppress_errors does not suppress loss of connection error (#720) PR #721

oborel/obo-relations: 2020-02-26 release

Chris Mungall, David Osumi-Sutherland, James A. Overton, Jim Balhoff, Matthew Brush, Vasundra Touré, Michael Sinclair, Damion Dooley, Melissa Haendel, Scott Cain, Anthony Bretaudeau, Nico Matentzoglu, Martin Larralde, Mark Jensen, Marie-Angélique Laporte & DiatomsRcool
Highlights: Tidying namespaces and errors reported by ROBOT Adding causal relations between material entities (Vasundra Toure)

grunwaldlab/poppr: Poppr version 2.8.5

Zhian N. Kamvar, Brookjon, Javier F. Tabima, Jonah Brooks, Brian Knaus, Zachary Foster, Niklaus Grunwald, Jim Hester, Frédéric Chevalier, Robin , Katrin Leinweber & Darío Hereñú
This version of poppr will change the behavior of the poppr() function slightly. It will return the "Pop" and "File" columns as characters, not factors (discussed in #212). If you have been relying on this output to be a factor, it is possible to retain the old method by using: res <- poppr(data, ...) res$Pop <- factor(res$Pop) res$File <- factor(res$File)

fawda123/rStrava: v1.1.3

Marcus W Beck, Daniel Padfield, Lorenzo Gaborini, Pedro Villarroel, Niklas Von Maltzahn, Chris Woods & Darío Hereñú
Fixed a bug with athlind_fun() to correctly parse XML attribute for the athlete data Check added to get_activity_streams() that exits function if manual entries are requested from the user Added an optional id argument to compile_activities(), get_activity_streams(), get_elev_prof(), get_heat_map(), and plot_spdsplits() to request results for an activity using the id value, rather than the index value

Exploratory analysis for spatio-temporal epidemiological data WEB app (spatial)

Machteld Varewyck, Tobias Verbeke & Jose Cortinas Abrahantes
The web application is implemented in R This online application implements statistical methods to analyse spatio-temporal data considering lattice data to describe the space. It allows the user to create the data for analysis based on spatial files (shape files zipped), which could contain potential information on risk factors/covariates, temporal information based for example on, outbreak data or surveillance reports as well as data containing potential risk factors that have been recorded. Once the different...

pybel/pybel v0.14.5

Charles Tapley Hoyt, Andrej Konotopez, Scott Colby, Daniel Domingo-Fernández, Benjamin M. Gyori, ChristianEbeling, Tehw0lf, Steffen Möller & Nicola Soranzo
Added Gzip variant of umbrella nodelink exporter More entry points for exporting Fixed OBO-style export was broken if name and identifier weren't available. This works with whatever is available now If CURIE is requested and both identifier and name are available, defaults to identifier.

devitocodes/devito: Devito-4.1

Fabio Luporini, Mathias Louboutin, Michael Lange, Navjot Kukreja, Rhodrin, George Bisbas, Vincenzo Pandolfo, Lucas Cavalcante, Tjb900, Gerard Gorman, VItor Mickus, Maelso Bruno, Paulius Kazakas, Gabriel Sebastian Von Conta, Tim Greaves, SSHz, Jan , Tarek , BlockSprintZIf, Gamdow, VkrGitHub, Pp1336, Jaime Freire De Souza, Thibaut Astic, Rajat Rasal … & ArthurGiannotta
GPUs Support for more Operators -- isotropic acoustic, TTI, elastic, viscoelastic, ... Support for reductions Fixed several bugs concerning code generation DSL Fixed minor bugs related to derivatives and finite-differences MPI Fixed several bugs arising in presence of SubDomains and/or SubDimensions Fixed code generation in full mode (compute-communication overlap), when the same symbol (e.g. comm) was appearing twice in the signature of elemental functions Documentation Updated user API Additional tutorials in the form of Jupyter...

BenLangmead/bowtie2: v2.4.0

Val , Ben , Ch4rr0, ChristopherWilks, Daehwan Kim, Jason Travis, Nicola Soranzo, Jun Aruga, Valentin Quiedeville, Shaun Jackman, Nathan Weeks, Jeff Hussmann, Jim , Florian Plaza Oñate, ♫ Christian Krause ♫, Christian Brueffer, Brad Langhorst, Peter Hickey, Marcin Tojek & Bernhard M. Wiedemann
* Fixed an issue in BAM pattern source where one thread would prematurely close the read file pointer resulting in other threads crashing because of "Bad file descriptor" errors. * Fixed an issue that would cause bowtie2 to crash with `--no-1mm-upfront` specified * Modified bowtie2-build script to better handle of flags and positional parameters * Migrated all python scripts to python3. * Added support for wildcards in input files to bowtie2 wrapper script e.g. `bowtie2...

mavlink/qgroundcontrol v4.0.0

Don Gagne, Lorenz Meier, Gus Grubba, Daniel Agar, PX4 Build Bot, Michael Carpenter, Todd Stellanova, Patrick José Pereira, Thomas Gubler, Jacob Walser, Tomaz Canabrava, Nate Weibley, Mariano Lizarraga, Pixhawk-Students, Beat Küng, Pierre.Tilak, Willian Galvani, Rustom Jehangir, Matej Frančeškin, Oberion, Tecnosapiens, Andreas Bircher, Gregory D, John Tapsell, Andrew Voznytsa … & Pritam Ghanghas
Cross-platform ground control station for drones (Android, iOS, Mac OS, Linux, Windows)

dafer45/TBTK: TBTK v2.1.0

Kristofer Björnson, Andreas Theiler & Randolf Richardson
New: CArray, Array, and AnnotatedArray are now Serializable.

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