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IRIS DMC (2010), Data Services Products: GMV, The Ground Motion Visualization

A more Pragmatic Implementation of the Lock-free, Ordered, Linked List

Jesper Larsson Träff & Manuel Pöter

AmirDJV/hormones_and_attachments: Hormone and attachments

Amir Djalovski
Main data for the article

chtheodoro/habfuzz: HABFUZZ 2.8.1

Christos Theodoropoulos &
Added more command-line comments and help. Bug fixes.

scikit-hep/iminuit: v2.2.0

Hans Dembinski, , Christoph Deil, David Menéndez Hurtado, Henry Schreiner, Matthew Feickert, Andrew , Chris Burr, Fabian Rost, Alex Pearce, Lukas Geiger, Bernhard M. Wiedemann, Gonzalo , Marco Gorelli & Omar Zapata
See changelog on RTD.

Scifabric/pybossa: v3.3.0

Daniel Lombraña González, , , Martin Keegan, Alexander Mendes, Rufus Pollock, Nigel Babu, Francesco Fiordalisi, , Kristoffer Andersson, Gregor Aisch, , , Friedrich Lindenberg, Yurii Biurher, , Fede , , , Daniel Pett, , Michael Unterkalmsteiner, Pablo Castellano, Pedro Ferreira, Stefano Costa … &
3.3.0 (2020-12-20) Features json: use sqlalchemy_json lib. (#2004) (cb9febc) Bug Fixes move inactive users query to settings file. (#2005) (7cf0f49)

chakravala/Geophysics.jl v0.3.3

implemented Planet ellipsoidal geophysics

chakravala/Geophysics.jl v0.3.3

implemented Planet ellipsoidal geophysics

salvage: tools for the California Delta Fish Salvage Database

Juniper L. Simonis
Tools for interacting with the publicly available California Delta Fish Salvage Database, including continuous deployment of data access, analysis, and presentation.

JuliaPlots/AbstractPlotting.jl: v0.14.3

Simon , , , Anthony Wang, Pietro Vertechi, Frederic Freyer, George Datseris, Michael Krabbe Borregaard, Tim Holy, Ian Butterworth, Jan Weidner, , Logan Kilpatrick, Roger Herikstad, Moritz Schauer, , , Vilim Štih, Graham Smith, Gustavo Goretkin, Zachary P Christensen, Sebastian Micluța-Câmpeanu, Ali Ramadhan, Chris Foster, Erik Schnetter … & Louis Ponet
AbstractPlotting v0.14.3 Diff since v0.14.2 Merged pull requests: append rectzoom plots to the same array, so there can't be any plot o… (#575) (@jkrumbiegel) cleanup display system (#577) (@SimonDanisch)

NREL-SIIP/PowerSystems.jl: v1.0.7

Jose Daniel Lara, , Daniel Thom, , , Rodrigo Henríquez-Auba, , Andrew David Werner Rosemberg, , Jonathan Stickel, , Raphael Saavedra, C. Chris & Julia TagBot
PowerSystems v1.0.7 Diff since v1.0.6 Merged pull requests: Reverting PWL cost parsing to return $-MW from $-p.u (#679) (@sourabhdalvi) Cb/parser updates (#680) (@claytonpbarrows)

digital-forest-lab/MEE-20-06-504: First release

Data and code for "Mapping forest leaf area density from multiview terrestrial lidar" paper

ag105020/Patagonia_C_chemistry: pCO2 added

No description provided.

plaresmedima/PMI-0.4-TRISTAN-RATS: TRISTAN RATS v3.1

Steven Sourbron
Software used to analyse the data from the TRISTAN rat studies. SOPs are included in the distribution.

OpenChemistry/stempy: stable version

Chris Harris, Patrick Avery, Peter Ercius, Alessandro Genova, Marcus D. Hanwell &
This is the initial stable release of stempy.

LS4P-I evaluation datasets for the paper Organization and Experimental design

Yongkang Xue & Ismaila Diallo
The various data used for the paper "Impact of Initialized Land Surface Temperature and Snowpack on Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project, Phase I (LS4P-I): Organization and Experimental design" sibmited to Geoscientific Model Development for publication are shared here.


Ujwal Chaudhary
NIRS lab software

ebenjaminrandall/Randall_GSA_VM: Time-varying Global sensitivity analysis software

Version 2.1 of this code has been updated to simplify the model's symbolism for publication.


Qi Wang & Katelyn King
This is the first release of code that accompanies the manuscript and data for the LAGOS_US_NETWOKS module

astrojoanna/pebble-predictor: Pebble predictor v1.0

Joanna Drazkowska
This version of pebble predictor was used in Drążkowska, Stammler, & Birnstiel (2021). Pebble predictor is a python script that lets you quickly estimate the pebble flux and the flux-averaged Stokes number of pebbles in an arbitrary protoplanetary disk without substructure. Before using the code, please check its license. When using this version of the code, cite the relevant paper and the Zenodo DOI.

An asynchronous BACnet logger written in Python

Timothy Middelkoop
An asynchronous BACnet logger written in Python

FourierFlows/FourierFlows.jl: v0.6.7

Navid C. Constantinou, Gregory L. Wagner, André Palóczy, Julia TagBot & Morten Piibeleht
FourierFlows v0.6.7 Diff since v0.6.6 Closed issues: Add clarification in Docs (#226) Merged pull requests: Friendlier Docs (#227) (@navidcy) Enhance docstrings + some code formatting (#230) (@navidcy) Docs: mp4-->gif + replace dollar signs for LaTeX rendering with double quotes (#233) (@navidcy) Minor typo in Docs/GPU section (#237) (@navidcy)

quantlaw Package Release

Coding utilities for quantitative legal studies

AusFarm Decision Support Software

, Neville Herrmann, Eric Zurcher & Andrew Moore
AusFarm modelling tool built using the Common Modelling Protocol.

Brick Layout for C++ (PPoPP)

Tuowen Zhao

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  • 2020

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