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bioinfo GUI scripts: python scripts that can be easily trasformed to gui programs for wet lab scientists to use

Olga Tsiouri
python scripts that can be easily trasformed to gui programs for wet lab scientists to use

climate-processes/poc-detection: v1.0.0

Duncan Watson-Parris & Sam Sutherland
This is the first public release and contains the code used to generate data and figures for the paper.

EliabT/bayestack: Paper and thesis

, Imogen Whittam &
This is the version used for the COSMOS radio luminosity functions in the paper http://arxiv.org/abs/2012.09797 and my thesis

efantnu/pwrsys-matlab: Initial release

Erick F. Alves
Initial release of the library to the world.

Sensitivity of asymmetric Oxygen Minimum Zones to remineralization rate and mixing intensity in the tropical Pacific using a basin-scale model (OGCM-DMEC V1.2)

Wang Kai, Wang Xiujun, Murtugudde Raghu, Zhang Dongxiao & Zhang Rong-Hua
This code is the exact code that was used in our oceanic oxygen cycle model: OGCM-DMEC V1.2. Main.f is the main program for our model. Bio_sub.f is the subroutine for the calculaton of biological processes and oxygen cycle.

ukaea/paramak: v0.2.0

Jonathan Shimwell, John Billingsley, Rémi Delaporte-Mathurin, Patrick Shriwise, &
This is the first release of the Paramak. This release allows the production of parametric CAD geometry for fusion reactor components and more complete reactors. Further details can be found in the associated paper entitled "The Paramak, automated parametric geometry construction for fusion reactor designs."

schumanlab/Subcellular-scRNAseq: Subcellular-scRNA-seq Source Code

Source code for analysis of Subcellular scRNA-seq data generated in Perez JD. et al. 2020 "Subcellular sequencing of single neurons reveals the dendritic transcriptome of GABAergic interneurons"

cthoyt/pystow v0.0.6

Charles Tapley Hoyt
👜 Easily pick a place to store data for your python package.

gdepiper/Summer_Flounder_Conceptual_Models: Final Summer Flounder Conceptual Model Management Support Version

Sarah Gaichas &
This is the final version of the Summer Flounder Conceptual Model used in support of the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council's Ecosystem Approach to Fishery Management transition.

gdepiper/Summer_Flounder_Conceptual_Models: Final Summer Flounder Conceptual Model Management Support Version

Sarah Gaichas &
This is the final version of the Summer Flounder Conceptual Model used in support of the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council's Ecosystem Approach to Fishery Management transition.

Max-Lovell/Mindfulness-of-Mental-States: MMS_release_v1

Max Lovell
Initial upload for citation in submission to PCI

Static Analysis Techniques for Efficient Consistency Checking of Real-Time-Aware DSPL Specifications

Göttmann Hendrik, Bacher Isabelle, Gottwald Nicolas & Lochau Malte
Dynamic Software Product Lines (DSPL) have recently gained momentum as integrated engineering methodology for (self-)adaptive software. DSPL enhance statically configurable software by enabling runtime reconfiguration to facilitate continuous adaptations to changing environmental contexts. In a previous work, we presented a model-based methodology for specifying and automatically analyzing real-time constraints of reconfiguration decisions in a feature-oriented and compositional way. Internally, we translate real-time-aware DSPL specifications into timed automata serving as input for off-the-shelf model-checkers like Uppaal...

DanySK/Experiment-2020-LMCS-TimeFluid: Release 0.1.0-2020-12-23T180710

Danilo Pianini
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gugarosa/learnergy: v1.1.1

Gustavo Rosa & Mateus Roder
Changelog Description Welcome to v1.1.1 release. In this release, we added the DropConnectRBM and fixed some nasty bugs, as well as improved some unitary tests. Please read the docs at: learnergy.readthedocs.io Also, stay tuned for our next updates! Includes (or changes) models.bernoulli.dropout_rbm

pavlohrab/rRNADif: Initial pre-release

Pavlo Hrab & Bohdan Ostash
The program is initially ready. No critical bugs are found.

lauinger/a-general-theory-for-stock-dynamics: First Release of the Code and Data for the Paper: \"A General Framework for Stock Dynamics of Populations and Built and Natural Environments\"

Dirk Lauinger, Romain G. Billy, Felipe Vásquez & Daniel B. Müller
Code and data for the paper "A general framework for stock dynamics of populations and built and natural environments" by D. Lauinger, R. G. Billy, F. Vasquéz, and D. B. Müller.

Data and code for the publication \"Day-to-day temperature variability reduces economic growth\"

Maximilian Kotz
This repository contains code and data for the reproduction of analysis and figures from: Kotz, Wenz, Stechemesser, Kalkuhl and Levermann (2020). ~ Data included: GADM (https://gadm.org/data.html) dataset of regional shapefiles: gadm36_levels.gpkg Calculated regional climate variables: T.5_???_measure.npy and P.5_???_measure.npy, contained in ZIPPED folders T5_measures.zip & P5_measures.zip (??? denotes three letter country code). World bank GDP and population data: WB_GDP.csv Economic and regional climate data: T_econ.dta. Economic data is provided by Matthias Kalkuhl and is documented at...

earthobservations/wetterdienst: Move functionality to core components, use timezones for dates

Benjamin Gutzmann, Andreas Motl, Daniel Lassahn, Ilya Kamenshchikov & Michael Schrammel
Move more functionality into core classes Add more attributes to the core e.g. source and timezone Make dates of internal data timezone aware, set start date and end date to UTC Add issue date to Mosmix class that actually refers to the Mosmix run instead of start date and end date Use Result object for every data related return In accordance with typical naming conventions, DWDObservationSites is renamed to DWDObservationStations, the same is applied to...

andrewbwogi/metameta: A Meta-Metaprogramming Approach for Java

Andrew Bwogi
This project transforms a subset of metaprograms using Spoon to equivalent metaprograms using ASM and evaluates the transformation. Spoon and ASM are Java libraries used for metaprogramming Java source code and Java bytecode respectively.

mobizt/Firebase-ESP8266: 3.0.4

& Sergey Smirnov
December 24, 2020 v 3.0.4 stable release Updates: Add support for more authentication methods. Remove the domain name checking for the host name parsing. Update examples and documents for new authentication support.

coreytcallaghan/BIOC-D-20-00567R1: Fixing a minor bug in figures and updating to the correct appendices

Corey Callaghan
Article Title : How to build a biodiverse city: environmental determinants of bird diversity within and among 1581 cities (DOI : 10.1007/s10531-020-02088-1)

Knowledge Hub - Home Energy Assessment and Energy Performance gap tools

Igor Panchevski & Zhanina Stamenkova
A questioner is a tool that can help you to realize the areas in your home that influence the consumption and the costs of energy. It is meant to be answered by inhabitants without having professional knowledge of energy efficiency. Answering the questions, you will receive a Report indicating the potential savings of energy in your home and the need for interventions for increasing energy efficiency, with improving the comfort...

apeltzer/DeDup: DeDup v0.12.8

Alexander Peltzer & James A. Fellows Yates
Minor bugfix release. No new functionality, bugfix for division by zero issue for extremely low coverage data with zero mapped reads.

OSHDB - OpenStreetMap History Data Analysis

Martin Raifer, Rafael Troilo, Franz-Benjamin Mocnik & Moritz Schott
A high-performance framework for spatio-temporal data analysis of OpenStreetMap full-history data. Developed by HeiGIT as part of the ohsome project. Code is hosted on github: https://github.com/giscience/oshdb. The OSHDB allows to investigate the evolution of the amount of data and the contributions to the OpenStreetMap project. It combines easy access to the historical OSM data with high querying performance. Use cases of the OSHDB include data quality analysis, computing of aggregated data statistics and OSM data...

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